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Announcement of the confirmed bands of the summer 20th edition of MASTERS OF ROCK

...and the start of the sale of festival tickets at the best price, already this Saturday, at the WINTER "Masters" in ZLÍN!

WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – Saturday, 2.12.2023, 11:30 a.m., ZLÍN, Hall Datart

WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK is here! It starts this Saturday, December 2nd, and with it also ends your waiting for the confirmed bands of the jubilee, 20th edition of your favorite 4-day international rock open air MASTERS OF ROCK, which will take place on 11. - 14. 7. 2024 in the traditional area of R. Jelinek´s distillery in VIZOVICE!

Already this Saturday, December 2nd, in Zlín's Datart hall, we will reveal the stars who will perform at this spectacular anniversary of the festival! And ATTENTION! You´ll find out all the names that will perform on the Ronnie James Dio Stage next year!
In the ticket office near the hall, which opens on Saturday already at 10 am, the sale of permanent festival tickets for MASTERS OF ROCK 2024 will begin, at the very best price of CZK 3,000 valid only on this day, at the Datart hall!

For the 20th anniversary of MASTERS OF ROCK, we are also preparing a number of improvements in the area and better services for you!

One of the novelties is that we will set up three stands with comfortable seats!

We offer you a novelty in the form of a limited number of VIP tickets for sitting in three different stands!

PLATINUM tribune for 10,000 CZK (closest to the stage and with the best view), GOLD tribune for 6,000 CZK (at the back of the main festival area with a frontal view of the stage) and SILVER tribune for 5,000 CZK (side view of the stage). (approximate location of the stands on the main festival area, see picture)
By purchasing VIP tickets for one of the stands, you will secure your fixed and permanent seat for the entire duration of the festival and the very best view on the stage!

As owners of VIP tickets to the PLATINUM tribune, you will receive your own personal anniversary t-shirt for free (in the notes to the order, just write the size and your name or nickname, which we will then apply on the sleeve of the t-shirt), DVD Masters of Rock 2023, you will have your own refreshment tent at the festival next to the tribune (you will pay for it yourself, but you will have it very close and avoid the queues) and you will also have your fixed toilets with running water in close proximity for free.

The GOLD tribune means, in addition to a permanent place to sit, also your own catering tent with seating (you will pay, but again very close and without queues) and there will also be fixed toilets with running water nearby, just for you and free of charge.

The SILVER tribune means a permanent place to sit and the possibility of free use of fixed toilets with running water in the zone with sanitary facilities, under the stairs leading from the main area down to the relaxation zone.

VIP tickets will bring you a number of advantages, and above all the certainty of a permanent seat, because the seat you purchased will not be occupied by anyone else!

ATTENTION! The purchase of all types of tickets at the ticket office at the WINTER "Masters" will be possible only in cash (CZK), be prepared for this!

Coming to WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK is definitely worth it! December 2nd belongs to rock and metal in ZLÍN! Be part of it!

Tickets for the WINTER "Masters" are still available at thgís website or in the Ticketportal network. They will also be on sale on Saturday, at the ticket office near the hall! Come,..we are looking forward to seeing you there!

The tickets can be purchased at the following resellers: