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The long wait is over. Finally, what you've been wanting for a long time is here. We are introducing the possibility of purchasing electronic tickets. After successfully completing all the technical challenges, we are ready to launch this long-awaited ticketing option from today. How to do it? To purchase an e-ticket, simply select the desired event (if the e-ticket option is available for that event). After selecting the event, you will be able to choose the delivery method "Electronic ticket (print@home)". Then fill in the registration details and make the payment online....

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSENThe legendary TESTAMENT are preparing a massive, uncompromising thrash-metal storm for this Sunday, 4.6. to PILSEN, Lochotín Amphitheater! It will be the last, third day of this year's METALFEST, but you have no right to rest!

TESTAMENT have supplemented their traditional and powerful thrash metal with new, brilliant, progressive ingredients, and their latest music carry even more layers and moods. Get ready for a devastating flood of modern and slightly violent thrash sounds, but also for the g...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

Friends, the 12th METALFEST OPEN AIR festival is here! Already the day after tomorrow, the surroundings of the Pilsen amphitheater will begin to fill up with metal fans from all over the world, and on Friday 2.6. at 11:30 the entire festival program starts!

Festival and one-day tickets are still available, they just cannot be ordered through our e-shop for logistical reasons. However, there is an option to reserve tickets at a pre-sale price and pick them up at the festival ticket office.

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

As in previous years, this year we also ask visitors of the METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 festival, which starts this Friday, June 2nd, in the Lochotín amphitheater in Pilsen, to strictly observe the ban on taking pictures and filming with professional cameras and video cameras!Photography and filming is allowed only from compact cameras without an additional lens and from phones.

It is not allowed to bring professional photo and video equipment into the festival area, except for accredited pho...

... the MASTERS OF ROCK and ROCK CASTLE 2023 festivals!

The end of May is here, and with it comes the increase the price of festival and one-day tickets for MASTERS OF ROCK (July 13th – 16th, 202, R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICE) and festival tickets for ROCK CASTLE 2023 (August 17th -19th, 2023, castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV). Take advantage of the last few days and order tickets more cheaply. On Thursday 1.6. prices will rise again!

The festival summer starts already this Friday in PILSEN, at METALFEST, let´s make this year's rock-metal summer unforgettable!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

Dear fans, we are getting a lot of questions about parking and camping at METALFEST in PILSEN this year. On Friday (May 26th), we published a detailed article full of important information and instructions on this issue. Today we would like to add that if you have not purchased a "Blue" or "Green" camp for camping, which is in the immediate vicinity of the festival area and which is not intended for parking (!) and if you have not purchased parking at the "Na Jíkalka" parking lot " (near the festival s...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSENNext week, by this time, metal rule over PILSEN, the Lochotín amphitheater! Take a look at all the parking and camping options.The paid campsites and parking lots near the area are already completely full and it is no longer possible to get a place for your tent or car there!Parking lot “Na Jíkalce”If you have a parking ticket purchased through the festival website, park in the large "Na Jíkalce" parking lot. Access to the parking will be possible via a one-way road from Křimická Stree...

...a brand new Christmas album accompanied by the Moravian Philharmonic Orchestra Olomouc in 3 cities!

TARJA - Dark Christmas - 19.12. OLOMOUC - Flora, 20.12. Brno - Sono Centrum, 21.12. OSTRAVA - Gong

The charming Finnish singer TARJA TURUNEN prepared for her fans an unique, special and very popular Christmas concerts this year again. After last year's traditionally absolutely breathtaking concerts in 5 Czech cities, TARJA has prepared a brand new show for you! She will present her new record "Dark Christmas 2", this time accompanied by one of the largest philharmonics in o...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

Metalheads, the 12th edition of 3-day international metal festival is here! The Pilsen´s METALFEST OPEN AIR will start next week on Friday, June 2nd, and we have one more news to share with you! More new festival merchandising waiting for you in the festival shop!

Imagine the morning with a festival mug of fragrant and strong festival coffee, or the evening with a warm mug of tasty tea in your hands...or just imagine both, because festival merchandising will offer you this year both, coffees ...

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13. – 16. 7. 2023, VIZOVICE, R. Jelínek´s distillery – SECOND STAGE

The list of bands for this year's SECOND STAGE of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 festival is very rich and varied. Today we are adding 3 more bands and we are nearing the end of introducing the bands that will play there this year. Today we add 3 more confirmed bands to this list: THE REVOLT, SCABBARD, MANUAL

THE REVOLT - The band was formed in December 2007 and from the beginning was based on the spontaneity of live performances. In terms of genre, it is on the border between MetalCore/...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

The countdown has begun! In 8 days, METALFEST starts in PILSEN and the tension and excitement is growing. METALFEST starts on Friday, June 2nd at 11:30 and the festival grounds will open at 10:30. All important and essential information can be found on the festival website, which is now updated almost daily.

Today we have added the opening hours of important places of the festival, such as: campsites, wristband exchange container, ticket office, safe deposit boxes, stand for ... ZLÍN in November!

PAIN, Ensiferum – 5. 11. 2023 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

The Swedish metal group around master Peter Tägtgren, PAIN will go on the "I AM Tour 2023" this  fall and bring their mega intense party to 17 countries! One stop belongs to us, Czech Republic! November 5th at the Masters of Rock Café in ZLÍN! That will be a blast!PAIN are known for their energetic shows and this tour promises an absolutely unforgettable experience for everyone involved! Get ready to be completely absorbed by their raw energy and bone-chilling intensity…get ready for ...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSENAt our festivals, we offer you the SAFEBOX service, i.e. a locker, which you can find at the main entrance to the festival grounds. The sale of individual lockers online has already started and since there is a lot of interest in them, there is now a newly expanded capacity for the METALFEST OPEN AIR festival! The lockers are great. They are under the supervision of cameras and staff and also offer phone CHARGING and ALCOHOL TEST as separate services! It is a 50x30x30cm storage locker to which you get a k...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

The 12th edition of the international metal open air METALFEST OPEN AIR will start in PILSEN, Lochotín Amphitheater soon! Only one week and few days separates us from the first notes that will be heard on the stage! METALFEST starts on Friday, June 2nd at 11:30! Be there on time! The entrance to the festival grounds will open for you on Friday, June 2nd, one hour before the start of the program, i.e. at 10:30 a.m.!

Last year's innovation in the form of cashless payment in the area and in its ...

Shuttle service to the festival area is arranged!

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 is in sight and this year's camping and parking capacities around the festival grounds are completely SOLD OUT! But we have a great solution for you! Autocamp OSTENDE BOLEVÁK! There is still a lot of space, for tents and cars, and even caravans or campers incl. electricity connection! The autocamp is located in a quiet place on the bank of the big pond in Bolevec, not far from the amphitheater.

It is a large, clos...

METALFEST OPEN AIR 2023 – 2nd – 4th of June 2023, Amphitheater Lochotín, PILSEN

Dear fans, please note that we have released rooms in hotel Central and in hotel Courtyard Marriot in PILSEN from the reserved hotel capacities that we kept for the festival production! Free rooms are now available for you, so if you are still looking for accommodation in PILSEN, do not hesitate, the rooms will be sold soon!We look forward to seeing you in PILSEN!

You can order festival and one-day tickets until next Monday at this website. They will also be sold by the Ticketportal, Tick... OSTRAVA in June!

EXODUS – 6. 6. 2023 – OSTRAVA, Garage – CANCELED!

The American masters of thrash metal EXODUS were supposed to go on their European tour every day, and on June 6th they supposed to play in OSTRAVA, at the Garage club. But, it won't happen! The European tour is CANCELED! As some of you may already know, guitarist Gary Holt's brother was hit by a taxi in Italy and is currently awaiting surgery. His condition is serious, so Gary and his wife immediately flew to see him so that he would not be there alone. Concern for a family is beautiful and understandab...!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13th – 16th of July 2023 – R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICEThe list of bands on the main Ronnie James Dio stage of the 19th edition of the international open-air rock festival MASTERS OF ROCK in VIZOVICE is complete, so this year we are publishing the exact program of the festival in advance! From now on, you can start planning your stay in this picturesque Wallachian town. At the same time, we are opening the sale of a limited number of one-day tickets to give the opportunity to those of you who cannot participate in this entire 4-day rock-...


WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 2.12.2023 – ZLÍN, Datart sports hall

Famous all-star rock band THE DEAD DAISIES are celebrating their 10th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, they've prepared a new "Best Of" album and concert series for you, not forgetting, the fans in the Czech Republic! THE DEAD DAISIES are preparing a big rock party for you on December 2nd, in ZLÍN, Datart hall, at WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK!

The mission of THE DEAD DAISIES is to create good old 70's rock style, bring together some of the best musicians i...

We are starting ticket sales!

AMORPHIS, Sólstafir, Lost Society – 12.11.2023, ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

AMORPHIS have announced a "Halo European Tour" for Fall 2023 with special guests SÓLSTAFIR and LOST SOCIETY. After the last extensive joint tour with ELUVEITIE in Europe last year, Finnish metal icons AMORPHIS are ready to hit the road again, and ZLÍN has once again stood in their way. This time they will play at the Masters of Rock Café, exactly on November 12th!

AMORPHIS’s Esa Holopainen states: "We are happy to announce the 2nd leg of the Amorphis »Halo« E...

...invite you to participate!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13th – 16th of July 2023 – R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICETo spend eternity in the realms of the gods is the highest honor for all brave and courageous warriors. Odin himself chooses warriors worthy of entering his halls. And so there was a very unlikely meeting of four war heroes: a Roman tribune, a fierce Nordic warrior, a determined crusader and a deadly Spartan. They named themselves WARKINGS and for the very first time they will come to show you in VIZOVICE, at MASTERS OF ROCK!

Pure and unadulterated metal i...

...released a new video!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13th – 16th of July 2023 – R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICEFolk-metallers FEUERSCHWANZ will release their new record "Fegefeuer" on July 7th, i.e. just before the start of this year's "Masters", where they will arrive, fresh, with energy and wit to introduce it! But you can heat up the form now, with their second single "Berzerkermode" and official music video. This catchy Viking party anthem invites you to join the celebration and "have a Viking party". It's a fun, action-packed music video that features elements ...

...DARK GAMBALLE, released a new single!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13th – 16th of July 2023 – R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICEEven the domestic rock-metal scene does not stagnate and something is still happening on it...for example, our old friends, cult band DARK GAMBALLE released a new single "Špatné věci" with an interesting video. The guys are working on a new album and we will definitely see some news on "Masters"!

The band on the single: "How does it happen that a normal person turns into a demon? We can argue about how to specify a "normal person", but...

AMORPHIS, Sólstafir, Lost Society – 12.11.2023, ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

The melancholic, darkly melodic songs of the Finnish national metal gem AMORPHIS have been capturing hearts for more than 30 years. Last year they released their 14th album "Halo", which received a huge wave of enthusiasm, including from you, the fans in the Czech Republic! Their music is a safe and pleasant haven for everyone who likes big stories that hide strong emotions. AMORPHIS can shout them out into the world in their unmistakable way. In his very warm, sometimes aggressive, but mostly passio...

WIND ROSE, ALL FOR METAL, Seven Kingdoms – 22. 9. 2023, ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

And here's a new challenge! Metal warriors get ready! An unforgettable musical experience awaits you! Dwarf masters of heavy metal WIND ROSE will go on their much-anticipated first headline tour this autumn, and one of their stops belongs to you, fans in the Czech Republic!On September 22nd, 2023, they will arrive to ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and tickets, in an introductory price, valid until the end of August, are on sale from now on!

WIND ROSE will bring you a brand new setlist, jus...

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