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... in January 2023!

ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER, WIND ROSE, RUMAHOY – European Tour 2023 – 11.01.2023, BRNO – Sono Centrum

Attention! Attention! The upcoming New Year celebrations may last a little longer! The unrestrained, wild and colorful party continues on January 11th, 2023 in BRNO, Sono Center! Well-known drunk Scots ALESTORM will dock their ship here for one night with their catchy pirate party! Splines will have no power over you, ALESTORM will kick them to a distant galaxy, where they will be paraded by intergalactic metal warriors GLORYHAMMER and with the power of ...

...expect Master UDO in PILSEN, ZLÍN and OSTRAVA!

U.D.O., EXISTANCE – 10.11.2022 PILSEN, KD Šeříkovka, 11.11.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and 12.11.2022 OSTRAVA, GarageMaster of metal, indestructible metal worker and pusher UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER is already testing the strength and condition of the vocal cords of his fans across Europe! The first leg of his band U.D.O.'s "Game Over European Tour". is in full swing! The second part of the tour, which starts in November, already concerns us, the fans in the Czech Republic! U.D.O. will arrive to introduce the new album "Game Ove...

LORD OF THE LOST, NACHTBLUT, SCARLET DORN, Homecoming Tour 2022, 28.10.2022, PRAGUE, Klub Storm

October 28 this year falls on a Friday, and it won't be just any ordinary public holiday, and thus a day of doing nothing. In addition to remembering the creation of the independent Czechoslovak state (1918), you can also go to a concert in the evening! On October 28th, 2022, the German gothic-metal band LORD OF THE LOST will arrive in PRAGUE, at the Storm club!Music has been and still is a solace to many, and LORD OF THE LOST's upcoming tour is more than "just" a tour for the album...

They will not arrive in PRAGUE!

Hard times hit everyone. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that after long discussions, the symphonic-metal band LEAVES' EYES and their management have decided to CANCEL the European tour planned for November and December of this year. The band explains why they came to such a conclusion in their statement below.

Statement from the band: „Dear all, with broken hearts and deep sadness we write this message to you.  As we are facing major logistical issues, concert and support band cancellations for the upcoming tour, insanely rising high...

BRAINSTORM, RAGE, TRI STATE CORNER – 21.10.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café a 23.10.2022 PRAGUE, Rock Café

The metal veterans RAGE did not forget about PRAGUE, Rock Café either, and filmed a video invitation to their October concert here, as part of the "BrainRage Over Europe Tour" with the bands and their long-time friends BRAINSTORM and TRI STATE CORNER. "Brainrage Over Europe Tour 2022" is a sensational combination of the bands BRAINSTORM, RAGE and TRI STATE CORNER with their new music! Live soon!21.10.2022 in ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and 23.10.2022 in PRAGUE, Rock Caf...

RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Glory For Salvation Tour 2023 – 21.04.2023 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

On November 26th, 2021, Italian symphonic metal kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE released their critically acclaimed 13th studio album "Glory For Salvation". However, thanks to the pandemic that stopped the world for 2 years, they didn't have a chance to present the album live. Just right now!Finally, the new epic compositions of these metal symphonists can be heard live, RHAPSODY OF FIRE will visit us as a part of their European tour "Glory For Salvation Tour 2023", in ZLÍN, the Masters of...

Dear friends, we are very sorry, but the concerts of RAY WILSON, which were supposed to take place on 13.10. in BRNO, Sono Center and 15.10. 2022 in OSTRAVA, Hall Gong were cancelled. The reason is logistical and personal complications on the part of the artist.We are very sorry to all the fans for any complications. You can return tickets at the points of purchase, till the end of November latest!Thank you for your understanding and we are looking forward to seeing you at some other concerts organized by our agency Pragokoncert.

They will perform live in Brno in March 2023!

AVATAR, VEIL OF MAYA, KASSOGHTA – 19.3.2023 – BRNO, Sono Centrum

Swedish dark metal visionaries AVATAR are crazy, you know it, they know it, the fans know it, we all know it, so it's no surprise that they suddenly decided, as one man, to rebrand their upcoming tour and finally announce the two bands that will be traveling with them as special guests!Fortunately, nothing else changes, so the date of the newly renamed "Dance Devil Dance Tour" for the Czech Republic remains and BRNO, Sono Centrum can prepare for their danger... one month in ZLÍN and PRAGUE! RAGE made a video invitation for you!

BRAINSTORM, RAGE, TRI STATE CORNER – 21.10.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and 23.10.2022 PRAGUE, Storm

An extraordinary metal package of well-known and popular power-metal bands has come together! RAGE and BRAINSTORM. Both bands had to cancel their own tours during the pandemic, both bands released some of their absolute most successful and arguably best records ever and reached their highest points in the sales charts with them. Both bands are celebrating success with their new records. Both bands kn...

We have the evening's program for you!


The prediction of a big storm named "Reborn" by EKTOMORF is finally coming true! The band opens a new thrash-metal chapter of its existence already this Friday, September 23rd in PRAGUE, Klub Storm and we have the program for you!

Concert program:18:30 doors open19:20 – 19:50 Corbian20:05 – 20:45 Nox Sinister21:00 – 21:45 Systemhouse3322:00 – 23:20 EKTOMORFGet ready for a 100% powerful and unique musical exper...

APOCALYPTICA, EPICA, WHEEL – 24. 3. 2023, BRNO, hala Vodova

The cat is finally out of the bag: on November 11th, Dutch symphonic-metal band EPICA will release seven brand new songs to close out their 20th anniversary celebrations! This mini-album is called "The Alchemy Project" and it is a very diverse work. Each of the tracks features a guest, internationally renowned musician(s) with whom each song was written and recorded.The result is an album that slightly questions but on the other hand also confirms what EPICA really is, while maintaining its typical sound. In ad...

We have a video invitation for you!

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, XANDRIA, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERSFriday 16.09.2022 – PRAGUE, Storm clubSaturday 17.09.2022 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock CaféNot in a few days, but already tomorrow, Friday 16.9. the symphonic-metal pirates VISIONS OF ATLANTIS with their friends XANDRIA and YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS come to PRAGUE, the Storm club, and you will experience an unforgettable and fantastic night there! On Saturday 17th of September, we will welcome this great metal trio in ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café! It's going to be a stormy night, get ready fo...

Take a look at the concert program!

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, XANDRIA, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS16.09.2022 – PRAGUE, Storm17.09.2022 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock CaféFinally! After several delays, the stormy seas calmed down and the long-prepared VISIONS OF ATLANTIS pirate fleet was able to set off on its adventurous voyage around Europe! The "Symphonic Metal Nights" tour has started and already this Friday 16.9. will anchor in PRAGUE, at the Storm club and on Saturday in ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café!They are joined by the reborn symphonic-metal Germans XANDRIA, the Swedish b...

AXEL RUDI PELL, MADMAX - Wednesday 14.09.2022, PRAGUE, MeetFactory

The German guitar master AXEL RUDI PELL and his band played an absolutely perfect and very enjoyable concert in ZLÍN on Saturday, which transported everyone at least for a moment to a carefree rock world! The band's singer Johnny Gioeli gave a sensational performance and his wild energy and joy of playing live was very catching! The fans left the concert with smiles on their faces and in a great mood!

The day after tomorrow, on Wednesday 14.9. you have the opportunity to experience this concert in the Cze...


Hey Headbangers! Do you already have your tickets for this year's MTV Headbangers Ball Tour 2022? No fan of sharp thrash-metal should miss this great event! Surely many of you remember the legendary metal show "MTV Headbanger's Ball", which was broadcast every Sunday night in Germany. Everything that had power, name and hair gathered here... And this great brand of the 80s is now entering its fourth round in its live version. This year, get ready for a really heavy lin... is confirmed as a special guest again!

LORDI, ALMANAC – PLZEŇ, KD Šeříkovka - 17.10.2022, ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café - 19.10.2022 and PRAGUE, Roxy - 20.10.2022 (Sold out!)

The embodiment of bizarre metal ideas... they could still be called the Finnish LORDI, who go in a month on their big "Lordiversity Tour 2022", which will take them to three Czech cities!

17.10.2022 PILSEN, KD Šeříkovka19.10.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café20.10.2022 PRAGUE, Roxy - SOLD OUT!This band, as the very first in music history, released an incredible seven studio a...

WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2022 – 3rd of December 2022, ZLÍN, Datart sports hall

The list of confirmed bands for this year's 17th edition of the one-day winter version of the biggest international rock festival in our country, MASTERS OF ROCK, is still growing! Another confirmed band that will be performing in ZLÍN in the Datart sports hall this year, on December 3rd, is the Greek progressive-power-metal band FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE.

The band was formed in 1992, after the breakup of the traditional heavy metal band GLADIATORS. However, the beginnings were not easy, many musicia... Wednesday to PRAGUE! We have a concert program for you!

AXEL RUDI PELL, MADMAX – Saturday 10.09.2022, ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and Wednesday 14.09.2022, PRAGUE, MeetFactory

German guitar hard worker AXEL RUDI PELL has already jumped on the long-awaited and postponed tour with his band. In 2020 he released the album "Sign Of The Times", but he didn't get a chance to present it live anymore, so he threw himself into work and released his second album of covers "Diamonds Unlocked II" (2021) and finally (the concert break was long and Axel can't be bored)...

AMON AMARTH, MACHINE HEAD, THE HALO EFFECT – 16.10.2022, PRAGUE, Fortuna sports hall

Bay Area metal icons MACHINE HEAD recently released their smashing new 10th studio album, „ØF KINGDØM AND CRØWN“.To celebrate the release of the new album, the band released a brand new video for the album track, "NØ GØDS, NØ MASTERS"

Speaking about the new track, MACHINE HEAD founder and visionary Robb Flynn shares, "We're really proud of the video for 'NØ GØDS, NØ MASTERS'. It was an incredible collaboration between three different creative teams working on two dif...

VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, XANDRIA, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS16.09.2022 – PRAGUE, Storm17.09.2022 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock CaféFinally! After several delays, the stormy seas have calmed down and the long-prepared VISIONS OF ATLANTIS pirate fleet can leave the shore and embark on their European adventure! The "Symphonic Metal Nights" tour kicks off tomorrow and will visit a number of ports until October 15th, including countries they have never been before.The strong winds of change that have been blowing since 2020 have blown AD INFINITUM off their deck, however the reborn symphon... will not perform in PRAGUE in October!

Bad news fans... the singer of the legendary band UFO, Phil Mogg, unfortunately suffered a heart attack and although he is already after the surgery and fortunately quite fine, he still has a long treatment and recovery course ahead of him. Doctors have issued a strict travel and concert ban for Mogg until further notice. Therefore, their entire farewell tour "Last Orders", which was supposed to lead across Europe from October 15th to 29th, 2022, must be cancelled. In the Czech republic, the band UFO was supposed to appear in PRAGUE, Akropo...

Here is the continuation of the series of interviews from this year's "Masters" and one of the headliners of this year's festival comes next! NIGHTWISH!

NIGHTWISJ is a legend, a phenomenon and a symbol of the symphonic metal scene! More than one musician or listener was brought to metal music by this band. Tuomas Holopainen, the founder of the band (founded in 1996), went on a huge tour together with the other members of the band after a forced break, and they shined as one of the headliners at Masters of Rock this year as well! In the interview he talked about his creative proces...


The invincible Swedish metal band SABATON are continuing their postponed „The Tour To End All Tours“ across Europe next spring. Most of the concerts they managed to play this year were hopelessly sold out, incl. the largest hall in the Czech republic, Prague's O2 arena! However, SABATON are preparing a brand new show for the spring and will be back with it once more! This time, SABATON will come to OSTRAVA, OSTRAVAR ARENA, on May 10, 2023!

Ticket sales for this concert start right now!

Orders at this website or in th...

... in ZLIN and PRAGUE!

Real rock'n'roll is back and pleasantly warms the heart. The tireless and intelligent nice guy AXEL RUDI PELL can make exactly that kind of cool music and he will play live in the Czech republic very soon! In September 2022!

10.09.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café14.09.2022 PRAGUE, MeetFactoryAXEL RUDI PELL is a living metal legend! He has sold more than 1.7 million albums worldwide, 2.6 million streams, all for the top 10 predecessor of the record "Knights Call" (2018). He already released 18 studio albums with his band. The alb...

So freaks, bad news. HÄMATOM will not arrive on st. Martin´s day (11.11.) to PRAGUE!

The band statement: „Dear Freaks! We are very sorry to tell you that we have to cancel our LIEBE & HASS-shows in France, Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary. The main reason is that our singer NORD is very sick. He's suffering from massive earaches that also caused a very serious surgery. He is recovering very slowly. We hope to bring the HÄMATOM Circus to your country soon. See you then! Yours, Hämatom“

You can return all purchased tickets at the place where you bought them, ...

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