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ALESTORM and GLORYHAMMER will conquer together Europe! They will play in BRNO

... in January 2023!

ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER, WIND ROSE, RUMAHOY – European Tour 2023 – 11.01.2023, BRNO – Sono Centrum

Attention! Attention! The upcoming New Year celebrations may last a little longer! The unrestrained, wild and colorful party continues on January 11th, 2023 in BRNO, Sono Center! Well-known drunk Scots ALESTORM will dock their ship here for one night with their catchy pirate party! Splines will have no power over you, ALESTORM will kick them to a distant g...

U.D.O. already touring Europe on their "Game Over European Tour"! In November,

...expect Master UDO in PILSEN, ZLÍN and OSTRAVA!

U.D.O., EXISTANCE – 10.11.2022 PILSEN, KD Šeříkovka, 11.11.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café and 12.11.2022 OSTRAVA, GarageMaster of metal, indestructible metal worker and pusher UDO DIRKSCHNEIDER is already testing the strength and condition of the vocal cords of his fans across Europe! The first leg of his band U.D.O.'s "Game Over European Tour". is in full swing! The second part of the tour, which starts in November, already con...

The German gothic-metal band LORD OF THE LOST will play in PRAGUE in October!

LORD OF THE LOST, NACHTBLUT, SCARLET DORN, Homecoming Tour 2022, 28.10.2022, PRAGUE, Klub Storm

October 28 this year falls on a Friday, and it won't be just any ordinary public holiday, and thus a day of doing nothing. In addition to remembering the creation of the independent Czechoslovak state (1918), you can also go to a concert in the evening! On October 28th, 2022, the German gothic-metal band LORD OF THE LOST will arrive in PRAGUE, at the Storm club!Music has been and stil...

LEAVES EYES are canceling their planned "The Last Viking European Tour 2022"!

They will not arrive in PRAGUE!

Hard times hit everyone. Unfortunately, we have to inform you that after long discussions, the symphonic-metal band LEAVES' EYES and their management have decided to CANCEL the European tour planned for November and December of this year. The band explains why they came to such a conclusion in their statement below.

Statement from the band: „Dear all, with broken hearts and deep sadness we write this message to you.  As we are facing major l...

The video invitation to the Prague concert of BRAINSTORM and RAGE is online!

BRAINSTORM, RAGE, TRI STATE CORNER – 21.10.2022 ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café a 23.10.2022 PRAGUE, Rock Café

The metal veterans RAGE did not forget about PRAGUE, Rock Café either, and filmed a video invitation to their October concert here, as part of the "BrainRage Over Europe Tour" with the bands and their long-time friends BRAINSTORM and TRI STATE CORNER. "Brainrage Over Europe Tour 2022" is a sensational combination of the bands BRAINSTORM, RAGE and TRI STATE CORNER with their new ...

RHAPSODY OF FIRE returns to the Czech Republic! They will play in ZLÍN in April 2023!

RHAPSODY OF FIRE – Glory For Salvation Tour 2023 – 21.04.2023 – ZLÍN, Masters of Rock Café

On November 26th, 2021, Italian symphonic metal kings RHAPSODY OF FIRE released their critically acclaimed 13th studio album "Glory For Salvation". However, thanks to the pandemic that stopped the world for 2 years, they didn't have a chance to present the album live. Just right now!Finally, the new epic compositions of these metal symphonists can be heard live, RHAPSODY OF FIRE wil...

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