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AXXIS appears on the list of confirmed bands of this year's ROCK CASTLE festival MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV! Changes in a program!

Good news! The German power metal band AXXIS, led by the unmistakable Bernhard Weiss, is announcing a return to the stages! The band, which entered music history 32 years ago with its debut album "Kingdom Of The Night", which is still one of the most important national rock albums, will perform on the stage of the ROCK CASTLE festival in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV (August 19th -21st, 2021). Expect a great concert set full of classic rock'n ´rol...

Italian folk-metal star ELVENKING confirmed at WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2021!

The Italian band ELVENKING is undeniably one of the most important and unique bands of the metal scene. Founded in 1997, the musicians soon made their way and established themselves among the leading acts of Europe when it comes to powerful Metal music with Folk and Pagan influences.   In 2019, the band released their tenth masterpiece: “Reader Of The Runes – Divination” and planned a tour, which was unfortunately stopped by the coronavirus. The story of this new album re...

Another video invitation to the ROCK CASTLE festival is here! This time from the Russian band


The enthusiasm for the opportunity to organize at least one big international rock festival this summer is really huge! Preparations for ROCK CASTLE are at full speed, ticket sales are growing and bands compete who will shoot you sooner and better video invitation, to show you that not only you are looking forward to the festival, but they too! Another video invitation arrived from Russia from the band NEVER OPENED DOORS. Their work has various forms, from alternativ...

The ROCK CASTLE festival announces a change on the position of headliner of the third day!

Preparations for this year's international rock festival ROCK CASTLE, which will take place in August, 19th – 21st, 2021 in the chateau gardens in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, accelerate, not only in the organizing agency, but also bands sterted after a long break to negotiate again and pack everything they need to make their live show, for you, the fans, the very best. However, during the preparations and communication with the bands, it come out that the planned headliner on the third day of the festi...

Frontman SABATON, Joakim Brodén, is sending a video invitation to the ROCK CASTLE festival!

Great news about the big international rock festival ROCK CASTLE in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, which takes place this summer, exactly 19th – 21st of August 2021, is spreading fast and enthusiasm and excitement are rising as well as summer temperatures. Many are already looking forward to packing and training the vocal cords and liver. Bands are in a similar situation. Even the main headliner of the whole festival, the Swedish metal band SABATON, can't wait to give you their metal lessons of the art of...

Ticket sales for the February IMMINENCE concert in PRAGUE started!

The young Swedish metal band IMMINENCE is ready to present you their new musicial art. They are planning a big headline tour "IMMINENCE: LIVE IN CONCERT - EUROPE 2022", where they will play 19 concerts in much larger halls than usually! In our country, in PRAGUE, MeetFactory will they play on February 20th, 2022!The guys from IMMINENCE are constantly proving that they are not afraid of any restrictions, that the world of metal simply does not have to have borders and that there it is stil...

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