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Apocalyptica, Epica

26.10.2020 20:00 (

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A stunning The Epic Apocalypse Tour 2020 with APOCALYPTICA and EPICA is coming to BRNO in autumn!

On October 26th, 2020 is coming something really big! BRNO, Vodova Hall will host one stop of the APOCALYPTICA and EPICA bands that join their forces in „The Epic Apocalypse Tour 2020“!  

The Finnish APOCALYPTICA with their great covers from Metallica or Slayer played only on cello with the help of drums have indelibly entered the consciousness and hearts of many metal fans. Thanks to their originality and novelty, they became one of the most popular metal band ever! APOCALYPTICA released its ninth studio album „Cell-0“, few days ago. The first purely instrumental album in 17 years! You won´t really hear the singing there, but you will fully immerse yourself in the colorful tones of their beautifully scary sound of instruments and fully enjoy their unique cello-metal. Eicca Toppinen comments the album: „We realized that after many vocal collaborations and variuos producers we want to dive deeper into the core of APOCALYPTICA and the best way is to do it ourselves, without any help from outside.“ So drill deep into the roots from which APOCALYPTICA has grown up.

Dutch symphonic metal band EPICA with the beautiful Femme Fatale Simone Simons in front, reached the top of the international metal scene, during 18 years of their existence. Hundreds thousands of fans all over the world love them, as evidenced by stastical figures. Their FB profile has more than 2,2 million viewers and their „Cry For The Moon“ video has over 37,5 million views on Youtube! Their albums are regularly placed at the top of album charts over the world, playing at the world´s largest festivals, filling the most prestigious clubs and halls. At the end of last year they even published a book entitled „The Essence of Epica“. Written with love, full of rare photos and honest personal stories told by the band. A new album is planned for the fall of 2020, as well as a megatour with APOCALYPTICA!

A special guest of the tour is the young Finnish progressive metal band WHEEL, which released their debut album „Moving Backwards“ last year, which has recieved very positive feedback. Talented musicians are not affraid of anything in their work and embark on controversial topics such as the Syrian refugee crisis. All this is wrapped in a heavy orchestral garb with a touch of dark Surrealism.

You can look forward lots of news in very impressive production full of special effects and pyro on a new, beautiful stage design.

What to add? The Epic Apocalypse Tour 2020 will be something very special, something you shouldn´t miss!

APOCALYPTICA, EPICA and WHEEL will play on October 26th in BRNO, Vodova Hall!

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