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Swedish metal icon HAMMERFALL has released a new video! Live in October, a special guest of POWERWOLF in PRAGUE!

POWERWOLF, HAMMERFALL, Wind Rose - Wolfsnächte Tour 2024 – 26.10.2024 – PRAGUE, Fortuna sports hall

The Swedish heavy-metal hammer has struck again! HAMMERFALL are excited to announce the release of their electrifying new single 'The End Justify'. This classic HAMMERFALL anthem is the second single from their highly-anticipated upcoming album 'Avenge The Fallen', due out on August 9th and the band will be touring Europe in October, as special guest of strong metallers POWERWOLF!

'The End Justify' captures the essence of HAMMERFALL's signature sound, combining powerful riffs, soaring vocals and a relentless beat that fans have come to love. The accompanying video, filmed in the band's rehearsal room, delivers an intense visual experience that matches the driving energy of the song. Fast camera movements and raw, unfiltered shots showcase the band's passion and dedication, creating an immersive experience for the audience.

Live will be different again, otherwise intense! POWERWOLF, HAMMERFALL, WIND ROSE – 26/10/2024 – PRAGUE, Fortuna sports hall! Be there!

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