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ELECTRIC CALLBOY, one of the stars of this year's MASTERS OF ROCK, loaded their

...metal-core colts with sharp BABYMETAL bullets from Japan!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2024 – 11. – 14. 7. 2024 –R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICE

Alarm clock!!! It's Thursday, a working day, and we decided to start you off with a hot new release from ELECTRIC CALLBOY, in which they join forces with the popular pretty ladies of BABYMETAL! "Ratatata" will give you a good kick and maybe even more start looking forward to this year's jubilee, 20th edition of the "Masters" in Vizovice, where the fresh ELECTRIC CALLBOY will overwhelm you with its electro-metal-core madness!

ELECTRIC CALLBOY enthusiastically comment on the song: "Working with BABYMETAL was a blast. We joined forces and delivered something in the finale that is a combination of the best of both our worlds.”
“Unrivaled!” says Japanese kawaii metallers BABYMETAL "Let's Fu Fu together with RATATATA."

With ELECTRIC CALLBOY we are expecting a nice disco-massacre this year at the "Masters", get ready for it!

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