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APOCALYPTICA unveils a special guest for fall tour! British band THE RAVEN AGE!

APOCALYPTICA, The Raven Age – Plays Metallica Vol. 2 Tour 2024 – 11/10/2024 – PRAGUE, O2 universum

Masters of beautiful, 4-stringed instruments, the well-known Finnish cello band APOCALYPTICA is preparing its autumn, spectacular tour for its new, already 9th album, "Apocalyptica plays Metallica vol 2". The tour "Apocapyltica - Plays Metallica Vil 2 Tour 2024" will stop in PRAGUE, O2 universum already on October 11th, 2024!

Now the band announces their special tour guest! They are British metallers THE RAVEN AGE!

The Ravens are back! Along with the blood moon era, they are here and they are absolutely ecstatic to introduce you all to their new, most determined and best record yet, 'Blood Omen'!
The record "Blood Omen" is made for big arenas and with APOCALYPTICA it will happen. Even on this purely metal record there are string arrangements. They were created by well-known cellist Audrey Riley, who has previously collaborated with bands such as Foo Fighters and Coldplay. "Blood Omen" is a very powerful, focused and extremely ambitious work from one of Britain's fastest growing rock band.

"I can't listen to the previous stuff I've done, but just this album, I still listen to it, all the time," says frontman Matt James. “It's truly the best work that we, as a group, and as individuals, have ever done. I really feel like it's something special for us as a band. I hope people feel the same way. I'm very, very excited about it."

Now are "The Ravens" embarking on the journey together with APOCALYPTICA, and it is slowly approaching an absolutely extraordinary musical event that you should definitely not miss on October 11th in PRAGUE

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