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WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 is here this Saturday! There is a small change in the program!

WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – Saturday, 2.12.2022 – 11:30 a.m. - ZLÍN, Hall Datart

The 18th edition of the one-day version of the popular MASTERS OF ROCK festival, WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK, will start in ZLÍN, in the Datart hall, this week, on Saturday 2nd of December at 11:30! The hall, the cloakroom in the hall, the large-capacity tent where the festival shop and the exhibition of winning photos from the summer "Masters" will be located, the surrounding stands with refreshments will be open already at 11 a.m.! The ticket offices will open for you at 10:00 a.m. already! It´s going to be a truly sensational day full of great, rock-metal music, a relaxed atmosphere and many great, unforgettable experiences that you will share with friends.

The main star of WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK is the famous CAVALERA´s brothers in the unique project "Morbid Devastation", thanks to which they will take you back to the days of their wildest beginnings in the band Sepultura and play you again live their first two, iconic records "MORBID VISIONS & BESTIAL DEVASTATION". Look forward to the big all-star band THE DEAD DAISIES, industrial-death-glam rockers DEATHSTARS, symphonic metal star XANDRIA, mysterious sci-fi-gothic band PRIEST, young German metal band ENEMY INSIDE and other interesting bands! Due to travel problems, the band PHENOMY won't arrive, but a young metal-core band from nearby “Valmez” jumps in their place - NEWSPEAK!
The whole Saturday belongs to the WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK festival in ZLÍN! Here is the program, come in time!

11:00 doors open
11:30-12:00 - Skarlett Riot
12:15-12:55 - Phantom Elite
13:10-13:50 - Newspeak
14:10-14:50 - Dark Sky
15:10-15:50 - Liv Sin
16:10-17:00 - Priest
17:25-18:15 - Enemy Inside
18:45-19:45 - Xandria
20:15-21:25 - Deathstars
21:55-23:10 - The Dead Daisies
23:40-01:00 - Cavalera - Morbid Devastation
The program may change!

An part of the WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK program is the announcement of ALL confirmed bands playing on Ronnie James Dio Stage of the 20th edition of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2024 festival and the start of festival ticket sales at the best introductory price, valid only on this day! The sale of a limited number of new VIP tickets to the new festival stands will also be launched there! There will be two ticket offices open in front of the hall! ATTENTION! Payment here will ONLY be possible in cash (CZK)!

Friends, December 2nd will belong in ZLÍN to you, great music, good mood, meeting friends and maybe even Christmas shopping in the festival shop, where for example the brand new DVD MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 will be prepared for you at a super introductory price of 350,- CZK, which will be valid only on this day and its premiere projection, sale of the first annual MASTERS OF ROCK t-shirts and hoodies – 20 years together, limited edition of packages of excellent festival coffees and many other festival souvenirs.

Be sure to come, we are very much looking forward to seeing you all!

Tickets for the WINTER "Masters" are still available at this website or in the Ticketportal network. They will also be sold at the ticket office in front of the hall.

The tickets can be purchased at the following resellers: