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GLORYHAMMER fighters released a new album! Live already in August at the ROCK CASTLE!

ROCK CASTLE 2023 - castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV – 17. – 19.8.2023

Mighty warriors of the Dundaxian Wasteland! GLORYHAMMER released their new album "Return to the Kingdom of Fife" last week! Enjoy their new video released to celebrate the release of the new record, experience the power of the Hoots in the one and only "Wasteland Warrior Hoots Patrol".
You can order the new album >>HERE<<

GLORYHAMMER state: "Alright you bunch of nuclear goblins, LISTEN UP! The Hootsman is coming to town, and he's gonna cyber-detonate your brains to death with his hootatronic battle-saxophone! HOOTS!"

Power-metal heroes GLORYHAMMER hereby invite you to a new adventure! Join them in full force and live! In mid-August, at the 3rd edition of the international rock-metal festival ROCK CASTLE in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV!

Festival tickets, at a great price, valid until the end of June, can be ordered at this website or in the Ticketportal, Ticketmaster, Ticketstream or GoOut networks.

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