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A new trio of bands for the SECOND STAGE of the MASTERS OF ROCK festival!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13. – 16. 7. 2023, VIZOVICE, R. Jelínek´s distillery – SECOND STAGE

The list of bands for this year's SECOND STAGE of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 festival is very rich and varied. Today we are adding 3 more bands and we are nearing the end of introducing the bands that will play there this year. Today we add 3 more confirmed bands to this list: THE REVOLT, SCABBARD, MANUAL

THE REVOLT - The band was formed in December 2007 and from the beginning was based on the spontaneity of live performances. In terms of genre, it is on the border between MetalCore/DeathCore/CrossOver. Their work is based on a combination of hard riffs, growls, screams, melodic passages and singing. They love concerts and the energy they have, they give through their shows to the people who come to see them. The most important thing for them is always to perform so brilliantly and at their best that you, the fans, believe in them!

SCABBARD – the band has performed countless concerts not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but also in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Fans could see them alongside legends like Cannibal Corpse and Sinister, on tour they joined the cult Vader or Destruction. Last year they released a new record "Lidské loutky" and they will come to crush it with their death/thrash style at "Masters".

MANUAL – is a band from Hradec Králové and the surrounding area. Currently, they play vocals, two, sometimes even three guitars, bass and drums. They invented their own style called hard'n'roll. In their work, they combine a harder, heavier and darker position with an airier, more melodic, and catchy note. They are a little hard and a little roll. They have six studio albums and one jubilee album, for the band's tenth anniversary. The last one is from 2021, it's called "Válka Bohů" and it will probably be the cornerstone of their festival set as well.

The SECOND STAGE program of the MASTERS OF ROCK festival will be sensational this year, be sure to go there, and above all have fun, 4 festival days in VIZOVICE are here for you!

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