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SEPULTURA is saying goodbye with a spectacular tour! Last live in November in PRAGUE!

You should be there!

SEPULTURA, Jinjer, Obituary, Jesus Piece – 23.11.2024 – PRAGUE, O2 universum – SOLD OUT!SEPULTURA, Jinjer, Obituary, Jesus Piece – 24/11/2024 – PRAGUE, O2 universum – DATE ADDED!Brazilian metal icon SEPULTURA have reached the end of their journey and have decided to retire through a conscious, planned death. But it won't be a silent sadness! It will be a huge celebration! Celebration as it should be, with everything everywhere and all over the world! SEP...

Metalheads ATTENTION! A message for all MASTERS OF ROCK visitors who bought tickets the PLATINUM stand, where you will receive, among other things, annual personalized t-shirt as a gift.

We close the order for personalized t-shirts at midnight today!!!This year's jubilee, 20th edition of the 4-day international metal festival MASTERS OF ROCK will start in VIZOVICE, on the grounds of the R. Jelínek´s distillery, in a month! Festival and one-day tickets are on sale, at a favorable price, valid until the end of June, as well as this year's novelty – ...

Max and Igor CAVALERA release "From The Past Comes The Storms" from the re-recorded

...album "Schizophrenia"! Live in a month at MASTERS OF ROCK in VIZOVICE!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2024 – 11. – 14. 7. 2024 – R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICECAVALERA, a group with ex-SEPULTURA members Max and Igor "Iggor" Cavalera, has become synonymous with an extreme take on metal. It's a name that still holds the highest esteem today, a family legacy built on decades of musical aggression. In 2023, Max and Igor have achieved something that some would say is impossible. They r...

Swedish metal icon HAMMERFALL has released a new video! Live in October, a special guest of POWERWOLF in PRAGUE!

POWERWOLF, HAMMERFALL, Wind Rose - Wolfsnächte Tour 2024 – 26.10.2024 – PRAGUE, Fortuna sports hallThe Swedish heavy-metal hammer has struck again! HAMMERFALL are excited to announce the release of their electrifying new single 'The End Justify'. This classic HAMMERFALL anthem is the second single from their highly-anticipated upcoming album 'Avenge The Fallen', due out on August 9th and the band will be touring Europe...

KORPIKLAANI are sending a new video and are looking forward to this year's ROCK CASTLE

...festival in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV!

ROCK CASTLE 2024 – 15th – 17th of August 2024, castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOVFinnish folk-metal clan KORPIKLAANI have released the music video for the song 'Harhainen höyhen' from their latest album 'Rankarumpu'.KORPIKLAANI's twelfth studio album "Rankarumpu" is classic folk metal - fast, energetic and dynamic, in short the top of its field. However, the song 'Harhainen höyhen' is slightly different from the rest of...

One of the stars of this year's ROCK CASTLE festival, AXEL RUDI PELL, released a new single

... and video! Live in August in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV!

ROCK CASTLE 2024 – 15th – 17th of August 2024, castle park, MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOVGerman guitar wizard AXEL RUDI PELL sends "Darkest Hour", a new digital single and video. The song is taken from the upcoming studio album "Risen Symbol", which will be released in a week, on Friday 14.6.! Album pre-orders are running >>HERE<<


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