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Heavy-metal band POWER 5 is confirmed for the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival!

The reverberations of this year's incredibly intense 16th edition of WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK festival are still felt. The whole music event was really successful. Shortly after Saturday´s noon, the heavy-metal band from Brumov-Bylnice, POWER 5, took bravely the task of starting the festival and they did it more than with dignity. The hall was filled during their energetic show, during which they completely introduced and played their brand new and very successful album "Adrenalin". The ...

Italian power-metal band DRAGONHAMMER confirmed at the ROCK CASTLE 2022 festival!

DRAGONHAMMER are not any newcomers to the world´s metal field. The band was originally formed as a fantasy power-metal band in 1999, but after a number of changes and disagreements in the band, they fell into silent for a long time. A big comeback was in 2012 with a new, stronger line-up. The band released the highly rated album "The X Experiment" (2013) and successfully played all over the world,  with bands such as PRIMAL FEAR, EKTOMORF, ELVENKING, FREEDOM CAL or RHAPSODY of FIR...

International metal band THE UNITY confirmed for the festival ROCK CASTLE 2022!

Who could not attend last Saturday's WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK lost a lot, because what was happening in the Datart sports hall in ZLÍN was so strong that it is difficult to find words to describe it. The rock-metal souls of all present joined, and the heartbeat tuned into one, identical rhythm. The "The Fellowship of Metal" was created with the sole purpose of at least throwing worries, forgetting them and enjoying a gift called music. This task was fulfilled excellently and considerable credit...

British rock legend URIAH HEEP will celebrate 50th Anniversary in the Czech Republic!

 A magnificent celebration will take place in December 2022 in PRAGUE!

It seems incredible, but it is so! The legendary British band URIAH HEEP has been celebrating their 50th Anniversary on the world rock scene! The planned celebrations were thwarted by the Covid-19 virus, so still active "Uriahs" postponed their magnificent celebration to the next year, to the December 2022, when the world is hopefully finally healed, okay, and most importantly full of enthusiasm and joy from liv...

Dear friends...

this time it was just. Fortunately, the total destruction of our six-months work did not happen, even though we were decently cut off in terms of capacity and thus profitability. But if we could make at least a thousand rockers happy, it warms our hearts.

We are at a time when nothing is taken for granted and the field of culture has no certainty and events can be banned overnight. And that's really awful. So we appreciate that you are not afraid to buy a ticket yet. You are the big...

The Epic Apocalypse Tour featuring EPICA and APOCALYPTICA postponed to 2023.

Once again, symphonic metal titans EPICA are forced to reschedule their co-headline tour with APOCALYPTICA due to the still ongoing restrictions in various countries that make it impossible to plan a 2- month-long tour run across Europe and 17 countries. To ensure the safety of their fans in the crowd, "The Epic Apocalypse Tour" is now postponed to January, February and March of 2023.

A new date for the Czech Republic, BRNO,Vodova Hal lis confirmed! It´s March 24th, 2023!


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