About Festival

About festival


venue: R. Jelinek Distillery Area, Razov 472, Vizovice
date: 07.-10.07.2022


The capital of the "Wallachian Kingdom" is situated 14 km east from Zlín and 30 km from the Slovak borders in the picturesque area of the Vizovice hills (296 m a.s.l.). The town has roughly 4 800 citizens and is famous mainly for its distilling tradition (Wallachian slivovitz among others) and the Vizovice pastries.

Safety has always green even at MASTERS OF ROCK 2023!

Dear fans, to enjoy the festival as much as possible, take care of your health and safety. We have some practical advices for you here and if you do face any difficulties, you can find help in the BEZPEČNOST MÁ ZELENOU tent, which you will find next to bungee jumping!


  1. No money refund is possible once the ticket is paid, it is not possible to exchange the ticket on site. Four-day and one-day tickets are available.
  2. Organizers take no responsibility for any health / personal belongings damages caused during the festival.
  3. Children older than 3 need their own ticket.
    Children under 12 years of age are allowed into the area only when accompanied by an adult.
  4. It is strictly forbidden to bring drinks, food, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, own drinks (even in a returnable cups), as well as any weapons, knives, scissors, flag poles, umbrelas and other things classified by staff as dangerous! The organizer reserves the right to personal security check in a manner permissible by law - at any time! A person refusing to consent to such check will be refused entry or escorted out.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to bring tape recorders or video cameras to the area! Violation of this rule could be classified as a crime!
  6. Taking photos is allowed only on compact cameras without additional lenses. Only accredited photographers and journalists are allowed to bring professional cameras onto the premises!
  7. Organizer and artists reserve the right to film, video and TV recording of concert shows and festival atmosphere. Visitor recorded for the document may also be published without further notice with no financial compensation.
  8. Ticket forgery is illegal and punished according to the law!
  9. Ticket = wristband. With it, you can leave and re-enter the festival area at any anytime. Once you take it off or lose it, you will not be able to re-enter the festival site! All persons without a wristband on hand will be immediately taken out!
  10. The accommodation is FREE during the festival in designated camping areas.
  11. The only currency accepted in the festival area is CZK. Exchange is available at the cash desk by the festival entrance, only EUR - CZK, not the other way around!
  12. The beer is tapped into reusable cups with eyelet for attachment. Cups are exchanged within the purchase of another beer or could be returned at two buyout marked points. Note - in addition to cups with brewery logo there is also limited edition of Metalfest promotional cups. Those are souvenirs and are not intended for a buy-out. Before you purchase your beer, please decide from which cup you want to enjoy it. Promotional cups will be also available in the festival shop. But for hygiene reasons you don't receive beer into this cups which you bought in the festival shop.
  13. No dogs or other animals are allowed in the festival area!
  14. Visitors must respect the instructions of the organizers and security services!
  15. Distribution and placement of any promotional and advertising materials without written permission of the organizer is prohibited!
  16. The organiser reserves the right to give instructions to the festival participants in order to maintain the safety and smooth running of the festival, to change the conditions stated with immediate effect if necessary, to change the programme and its content, including the performers, in the event of unforeseen events such as weather conditions, accidents, health conditions of the performers, etc.
  17. Strict ban on entering the stage or backstage.
  18. Camping is allowed only on defined and marked area. You can find defined spaces for camping at The organizers are not responsible for the stored items in the camp or in the public campsites.
  19. Parking is possible in defined places only while respecting traffic signs and regulations. Carefully study the map with reserved parking places on the website Cars standing on bans and in areas that are not designated for this purpose will be towed by the towing service and their owners will be fined.
  20. Use the sanitary facilities and equipment only provided for this purpose.
  21. Throwing cups with liquid content between visitors or on the stage will be considered a serious violation of festival rules and a person caught in such an act will be expelled from the festival without the possibility of return, as in other offenses against the festival rules.
  22. The Organiser may order the evacuation of the venue (area) in case of suspected danger to the health of the participants or the Organiser's property, such as natural disaster, terrorist attack, without any compensation for damage or loss of profit to the participant


Pragokoncert Agency 00420 577 432 420
NON-STOP HEALTH SERVICES during festival 00420 723 377 962
Bus and trains - Public Transport Coordinator ZLIN 00420 573 775 410
Railway station ČD - Vizovice 00420 577 452 209
Czech Railway ČD - Zlín - info office 00420 577 572 482
Post office - Vizovice 00420 577 452 401
Police station - Zlín 00420 577 600 111
Vizovice 00420 577 452 333
Town information and tourist center - Zlín       00420 577 630 270

Tickets for wristbands exchange

12.07.2023 12:00 21:00 *
13.07.2023 09:00 24:00 *
14.07.2023 09:00 24:00 *
15.07.2023 10:00 23:00 *
16.07.2023 10:00 22:00 *
* both entrance. E-tickets exchange is possible only at entrance no. 2 (near train station)

Festival areal

13.07.2023 11:00 03:00
14.07.2023 09:00 03:00
15.07.2023 09:00 03:00
16.07.2023 09:00 02:00

Public campsites and parking

12.07.2023 12:00 24:00
13.07.2023 00:00 24:00
14.07.2023 00:00 24:00
15.07.2023 00:00 24:00
16.07.2023 00:00 24:00
17.07.2023 00:00 10:00

Ticket office - EUR-CZK exchange

13.07.2023 10:00 24:00
14.07.2023 09:00 24:00
15.07.2023 09:00 24:00
16.07.2023 09:00 22:00

Merchandise shop

13.07.2023 11:00 02:00
14.07.2023 09:00 02:00
15.07.2023 09:00 02:00
16.07.2023 09:00 24:00

Masters of Rock Café

13.07.2023 11:00 03:00
14.07.2023 09:00 03:00
15.07.2023 09:00 03:00
16.07.2023 09:00 02:00

Luggage storage

12.07.2023 20:00 24:00
13.07.2023 00:00 24:00
14.07.2023 00:00 24:00
15.07.2023 00:00 24:00
16.07.2023 00:00 24:00
17.07.2023 00:00 10:00


13.07.2023 11:00 24:00
14.07.2023 00:00 24:00
15.07.2023 00:00 24:00
16.07.2023 00:00 24:00
17.07.2023 00:00 02:00


13.07.2023 11:00 03:00
14.07.2023 09:00 03:00
15.07.2023 09:00 03:00
16.07.2023 09:00 24:00

Beer cups buy-out

13.07.2023 11:00 03:00
14.07.2023 09:00 03:00
15.07.2023 09:00 03:00
16.07.2023 09:00 02:00

ATM machine

13.07.2023 10:00 24:00
14.07.2023 00:00 24:00
15.07.2023 00:00 24:00
16.07.2023 00:00 24:00

Objevte Více Muziky

13.07.2023 11:00 03:00
14.07.2023 09:00 03:00
15.07.2023 09:00 03:00
16.07.2023 09:00 24:00

Coca Cola Relax Zone

13.07.2023 13:00 21:00
14.07.2023 13:00 21:00
15.07.2023 13:00 21:00
16.07.2023 13:00 21:00


Railway: Line no. 331 Otrokovice – Zlín – Vizovice
Bus: from Zlín (16 Km)
from Vsetín (20 Km)
from Luhačovice (20 Km)
from Valašské Klobouky (33 Km)
Road: first-class road I/49 Zlín – Valašská Polanka
Zlín – Vsetín
For train and bus times see:


There are many restaurants offering a wide choice of dishes as well as an array of stalls in the festival village where you can have meals during the festival.


The accommodation is FREE during the festival in designated areas (see this map) next to the festival area of Jelínek distillery. Camping outside these marked zones is strictly prohibited!


Parking – large unguarded parking area

Only 500m from the festival area. GPS coordinates: 49.2134144N, 17.8289717E
ATTENTION Only available capacity that will not be sold through the online reservation system will be released for sale on site.
OPENING HOURS: 12.07.2023 from 12:00 – 17.07.2023 until 12:00
PARKING DAY: from 07:00am to 06:59am the following day
On-line reservation -

Parking - H+M comapny

Zlínská 1292, Vizovice (above the SOKO company, above the main road from Zlín, turn right in front of Autocat Autobazar)
- from Wednesday 12.07.2023 12:00 to Monday 17.07.2023 until 07:00.
- price only parking 200 CZK/car/day, price of sleeping in the car: 100 CZK/car/day + 200 CZK/person/day
- capacity about 200 cars

Guarded fenced SPECTRA parking lot with showers and toilets

Guarded parking in a fenced meadow at Zlínská Street 1155, Vizovice, close to the site, for the entire duration of the festival. Price 400 CZK/day.
Shower and toilets available.
Contact: Ing. Jan Smiřicky, +420 725 794 206,

Hotels and camps

Hotel HARMONIE - Luhačovice

The festival participants can use a 10% discount on accommodation in the Harmonie hotel upon their verification of the festival tickets. The transport from Luhačovice to Vizovice is easy by public transport or by hotel Taxi for larger groups.
You can book your stay online, by phone on +420 577 117 222/882 or by e-mail at
We look forward to you!

Parking and Camp Dřevosklad; by the 2nd entrance

It is the nearest campsite with services - just 200m from entrance No. 2 to the festival area. 10m from the ČD railway station, 250m from the nearest grocery store. The campsite is lit and monitored non-stop (also by the Police of the Czech Republic), and has 4 entrances to/from the camp area.
Camp is open from Tuesday 11.07.2023 from 06:00 to Monday 17.07.2023 13:00. The camp office will be open on Tuesday from 06:00 to 10:00 p.m., Wednesday from 06:00 to 10:00. The office will be closed after the capacity is full.
Faceboook. Full info [PDF]

Camp football stadium - Vizovice

As in previous years, a camp will be available for festival visitors in the area of the football stadium SK Vizovice, which is the operator of this camp. The camp will be open from 12.-17.07.2023.
It is a nice, closed, guarded area with a capacity of 300 people /130 cars/ with complete services(showers, toilets, refreshments).
Send orders to or call: 724 805 768, 602 445 192.
This venue is not operated by Pragokoncert. Fees are collected by SK Vizovice.

Camp Sokolova - Vizovice

Accommodation in own tents, caravans or cars in the area of the Sokolovna and in the area of the school.
Accommodation from Tuesday 11.07.2023 10:00 until Monday 17.07.2023 10:00 (accommodation is possible daily from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m.).
Reservation here: (always state the date from-to, number of people, tents and cars.)

The Těchlov field

Free camping area.

Rybárna camp and restaurant

Circa 15 minutes walk from the festival area.

Hotel Vyhlídka - Luhačovice

A possibility of a discount for bigger groups.

Residence Park-In Apartments in the Zlín city centre.

Renovated double rooms with a private bathroom and kitchenette. Capacity is 200 beds. There is internet in the building and parking space. For more info and booking call 602 587 955 or visit

Activitypark Hotel VŠEMINA

Hotel situated 12km from Vizovice. More info here.

Sports complex and hostel Zelené

Nearby the I/49 and ČD Podvesná stop, circa 18 minutes by train. 50 beds available in 2 or 3-bed rooms with toilets and WiFi. The area has a wheelchair access and an elevator next to the swimming pool Zelené.
Price: 360 CZK person/night
For More info go to, or call 777 736 766.

The Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín dormitories

Location Štefánikova 150 or Antonínova 4379 a nám. TGM 3050. More info here.

Other accomodation options

SOŠ a SOU služeb Vizovice, tel. 577 599 333
Valašský šenk Vizovice, tel. 577 452 652

Pension Karolína, Trnava u Zlína, tel. 577 453 383, 603 215 621
Hotel Sole Zlín, tel. 577 210 458

Previous years: