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Winter Masters of Rock

03.12.2022 12:00

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WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2022 - 3.12.2022, ZLÍN, Datart hall

One-day WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK festival takes place in ZLÍN, Datart sports hall! This year it will take place for the 17th time. It´s going to be again a challenging day, packed with super interesting bands. Therefore, make a significant note in your diaries – Saturday, 3.12.2022, ZLÍN, sports hall Datart - WINTER MASTERS OF ROCK 2022!

The confirmed bands are:

HAMMERFALL - No matter how much everything changes in the culture and the world, heavy metal still holds up. Strong, powerful and successful. And one of its main and most constant flagships is the metal hammer HAMMERFALL, which has been forging metal since 1993. Like everyone else in the world, HAMMERFALL as a band and as individuals faced the great challenge of the global coronavirus pandemic. Their tours ended early and of course they were forced into lockdowns. Faced with uncertainty, band leader Oscar Dronjak began the songwriting process that led to the 12th studio album "Hammer Of Dawn" (2022). The band has come together even tighter than ever to release this outstanding album, which is hailed by fans around the world as one of the best of the year and the very best the band has released to date! HAMMERFALL once again proved that they are great not only as one of the most important bands in the history of heavy metal, but also as one of the most important bands in today's modern metal scene. And after the past two years of involuntary inactivity, we have to say, that HAMMERFALL are back and stronger than ever!

GUANO APES is a star without which the end of the 90s cannot be imagined. Their music was heard everywhere and literally shook the whole world and even though the band broke up for a short time, they are now back and everything is back to the good old days. GUANO APES are full of power and energy, more relaxed and pop, but still they are a band that can get everyone to move! We had the honor to see them last weekend at the ROCK CASTLE festival in MORAVSKÝ KRUMLOV, where GUANO APES proved by their energy and their great show that they absolutely do not age and can have fun whether the sun is shining or it's pouring! And those who missed this year's "Krumlov" are now getting a second chance to attend GUANO APES like a youngster…and under the roof


11:30    doors open
12:30 – 13:15    OYD
13:35 – 14:25    Fortress Under Siege
14:45 – 15:45    Magical Heart
16:05 – 17:05    Seven Thorns
17:30 – 18:30    Dalriada
18:55 – 19:55    Serious Black
20:20 – 21:30    Chris BAY
21:55 – 23:15    GUANO APES
23:40 – 01:00    HAMMERFALL
Program may change!

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  • Kid under 12 is allowed into area only when accompanied by an adult.
  • Organizers take no responsibility for any health / personal belongings damages caused during show.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring drinks, plastic bottles, glass bottles, cans, seats, chairs, various footpads including polystyrene or wooden "cubes", as well as any weapons, knives, scissors, flag poles, umbrelas and other things classified by staff as dangerous! The organizer reserves the right to personal security check in a manner permissible by law at any time! Person refusing to consent to such check will be refused entry or escorted out.
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring tape recorders or video cameras to the area! Violation of this rule could be classified as a crime!
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  • Organizer and artists reserve the right to film, video and TV recording of concert shows and event atmosphere. Visitor recorded for the document may also be published without further notice with no financial compensation.
  • The beer is tapped into reusable cups with eyelet for attachment. A refundable deposit is 50 CZK. Cups are exchanged within purchase of another beer or could be returned. Promotional cups can be also available in the event shop. But for hygiene reasons you don't receive beer into this cups which you bought in event shop.
  • The only currency valid within the event area is CZK (Czech Crown). No dogs or other animals are allowed in event area!
  • All visitors must respect these rules and instructions as well as those given out by organizers and security services!
  • Ban of bringing beverages to the VIP balcony (if is availible). Except for beverages in sealable PET bottles. Please, lock your bags and coats up (if is availible).
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  • The organiser reserves the right to give instructions to the event participants in order to maintain the safety and smooth running of the event, to change the conditions stated with immediate effect if necessary, to change the programme and its content, including the performers, in the event of unforeseen events such as weather conditions, accidents, health conditions of the performers, etc.
  • The Organiser may order the evacuation of the venue (area) in case of suspected danger to the health of the participants or the Organiser's property, such as natural disaster, terrorist attack, without any compensation for damage or loss of profit to the participant