About Festival

2024 - Rock Castle - kemp V.I.P.

Camp/parking - terms and Conditions

  • 1 person + 1 tent = max area for tent 3x3 meters
  • 2 people + 1 tent = max area for tent 3x3 meters
  • 3 people + 1 tent = max area for tent 4x3 metres
  • 4 people + 1 tent = max area for tent 4x3 metres
  • Visitors to the campsite are obliged to put their rubbish in the bins and containers provided.
  • Only visitors wearing a band from the respective campsite are allowed to enter the campsite, i.e. visitors without a band or with a band from another campsite will not be allowed to enter the campsite.
  • Visitors to the campsite are obliged to observe the night-time quiet from: half an hour after the end of the event production, until: 8:00.
  • You are obliged to respect the prohibition of lighting fires and handling open fires in the entire event area and in the campsites and respect the smoking ban.
  • The organisers are not responsible for items left at the campsite or in the car parks.
  • Please remember that your car is not a safe.
  • Camping is only allowed in designated and marked campsites.
  • You cannot have a tent pitched next to your car/caravan.
  • Forgery of tickets is not allowed and is punishable by law!
  • You are obliged to respect the instructions of the organizers and the order service!
  • It is forbidden to bring dogs or other animals into the camping area.
  • Ticket = wristband with which you can move freely outside the premises and will serve as a return ticket to the premises. If the wristband is lost, it will no longer be allowed to enter the premises. In the event that a person without an armband is on the premises, the person will be escorted off the premises! It is necessary to wear this arm band at all times during the event!
  • No glass bottles, weapons, knives, scissors, flag poles or any other items that may be deemed dangerous by the organizer are allowed on the premises. The organizer reserves the right to personal safety checks!
  • Children over the age of three need their own ticket. Persons under the age of 12 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by an adult.
  • The organiser accepts no liability for injury to visitors or damage to their belongings.
  • The organizer and the artists reserve the right to film, video and television the concert and the atmosphere of the event. The visitor recorded on the documentary may be further published without further notice or financial compensation.
  • The organizer reserves the right to give instructions to the participants of the event in order to maintain the safe and smooth running of the event, to modify the stated conditions if necessary with immediate effect, to change the program and its content including the performers in case of sudden events such as weather conditions, accidents, health condition of the performers, etc.
  • The organizer may order the evacuation of the venue in case of suspected threat to the health of the participants or the organizer's property, such as natural disaster, terrorist attack, without any compensation for damages or lost profits of the participant.