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We present bands of the "Second Stage" of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2022 festival! Last part 6.

Today we are ending our mini series of bands playing at the "Second Stage" of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2022 festival. The program there will be very interesting, diverse and long. Get on this challenging ride! Introducing the last bands, part 6: VANAHEIM, VANGUARD, FIVE WAYS TO NOWHERE, HAND GRENADE, NATŘIJE, SHAARK, SOLAR SYSTEM, POWER 5, SALAMANDRA, REVOLVO, FREE FALL.

VANAHEIM - a band from Chlumec nad Cidlinou, which plays melodic viking metal, with a Viking show and lyrics. They have been on the scene for 6 years and has released 3 full-length albums and 1 SP album.

VANGUARD - a band from the Moravian metropolis oscillating in various genres around death metal with its beginnings in 2015. It has dozens of club and festival performances in the Czech Republic, including a tour with visits to Poland or Slovakia. During their existence, they had the opportunity to perform with bands such as Vader or Katalepsy. They have a pair of CDs and four music videos, the latest single is "Purgatorial Abbatoir" from the currently being prepared EP.

FIVE WAYS TO NOWHERE (IT) - a powerful mix of loud guitars, aggressive and groovy riffs, a scratchy voice with catchy melodies, all driven by a deadly rhythm section. They play a mix of hard rock and metal, which creates an explosive and melodic atmosphere, sounding similar to Halestorm, Guano Apes or Papa Roach. Get ready for a packed rock´N´Roll with a cheeky punk approach.

HAND GRENADE - They date back to 2008 and to this day they have played more than 600 concerts throughout the Czech Republic and repeated participation in the largest Czech festivals. They have 3 album records and in April 2021 the band completed a unique project of trilogy clips. They recently released the new single "Dým a prach" and the band rocks on - look forward to a fresh, maximum amount of energy.

NATŘIJE - pop-punk band from Chlumec nad Cidlinou. The band released their debut album entitled "Natěrač" and was followed by the EP "Jaderná Fyzička", "3G and LTE" and the last most successful EP "Figurky", which Spotify included in several Czech playlists.

SHAARK - Moravian thrash-metal legend with a rich concert history is returning to the stages and is preparing a new record for next year! Come and support them!

SOLAR SYSTEM - Ota Gajdoš and his heavy-power metal team are looking forward to seeing you at the Masters of Rock, on the 2nd stage! The band has been planing since 2010 and is one of the most successful in the Czech metal field. The album "Synchronicity" (2020) garnered many positive reactions. They are currently preparing a brand new CD that will come out soon.

POWER 5 - almost local power-metal friends can´t miss the Masters of Rock. They will introduce you their last year's very successful and catchy novelty "Adrenaline" and it will be a very energetic dose of metal adrenaline!

SALAMANDRA – Ostrava´s power – metal band released the album "Opus Bohemica" on April 1st, 2022 after 8 long years. There are 12 tracks ready for the fans ... The CD contains both classic power songs and the more progressive ones, there is also a ballad ... Don´t miss them at Masters of Rock!

REVOLVO (NL) - Whiskey and kerosene blaze up at the sound of this gang! Mix Motörhead with Anthrax and a little bit Iron Maiden in a glass of whiskey. Mix it up with a little S.O.D and Billy Idol and a lot of talent and you have a rock sensation called Revölvo. This veteran quartet has added its own unique sound and now they are ready to shake your world!

FREE FALL - a well-known and still active band of the czech music scene, which has played countless concerts with such stars as TARJA, WITHIN TEMPTATION, WALTARI, LORDI or URIAH HEEP. The style of their music is constantly evolving and lately they are most attracted to modern, industrial metal music, with raw guitar riffs, complemented by interesting electronics. FREE FALL with its news, but also the biggest hits, this year on the 2nd stage of Masters of Rock!

Complete program of the "Second Stage" online this evening, stay tuned!

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