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PRIMAL FEAR released a first single from the new album!

PRIMAL FEAR recently finished the recording of their highly anticipated 13th studio album, set to be titled „Metal Commando“ and will be released on July 24th. The title of the album speaks for itself - „Metal Commando“ contains 110 % PRIMAL FEAR and is full to the brim with their signature power and energy. Last friday, the band released the first single „Along Came The Devil“.
Bassist and producer Mat Sinner comments: "Along Came The Devil“ is an assurance for our fans all over the world, that there are no unnecessary experiments or negative surprises on the new PRIMAL FEAR album "Metal Commando", and that they'll get exactly what they've been waiting for. Sharp PF riffs, strong vocals, groovy drums and a rich production. Due to the current circumstances, the band couldn't come together to make a video, so instead we just made the best of the situation and put our energy into a really elaborate lyric video. We hope that you have fun with our new song and video. Crank it up!
I don't want to throw around superlatives, but each of us went to their utmost limits and we are all very happy with the sound and song material. It's pretty safe to say that this is a top album and maybe even our strongest record to date“, comments bassist and producer Mat Sinner. „It's the perfect mix between our origins and our current style, a perfect balance and all band members did an awesome job playing and recording it. For me, „Metal Commando“ is the right album at the right time!“.

We will see and enjoy PRIMAL FEAR with FREEDOM CALL live 9. 10. in ZLIN, Masters of Rock Café and 10. 10. in PRAGUE, MeetFactory!

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