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BLUES PILLS, a band confirmed at MASTERS OF ROCK 2022, has released the cover

...of The Rolling Stones "Wild Horses"!

Swedish rock band BLUES PILLS made a trip to a timber cabin, hidden in the middle of deep Swedish forests, to record a live video of "Wild Horses" (The Rilling Stones Cover). BLUES PILLS are the best live, so if you have the opportunity, light a fire in the fireplace, pour yourself a mulled wine or something and enjoy this song in the atmosphere it evokes.

The band says: ”Playing live has always been one of the essential part of the band, that’s what we thrive from. We wanted to do it in a simple format, in a cosy space and capture a more intimate way of a performance."

Summer is still far away, winter is here, but this song will warm you up and you can definitely start looking forward to the summer MASTERS OF ROCK festival (R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICE, July 7th – 10th, 2022), where will be this successful song played by BLUES PILLS live!

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