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ANGUS McSIX will conquer VIZOVICE and MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 with his debut album!

MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 – 13th  – 16th of July 2023 –R. Jelínek´s distillery, VIZOVICE

People of planet earth, rejoice! Angus has already conquered Hell and now he is returning to free the entire galaxy from evil! Times have changed and the shadow of a terrible enemy looms on the horizon, more terrifying than anything humans and goblins have ever seen... Are you ready to embark on a quest to gather the most famous warriors in the world and beyond? Or are you ready to face ultimate destruction? Angus has already defeated death and unlocked upgrades! He has become a legendary warrior, he has become ANGUS McSIX and will release his debut album 'Angus McSix and the Sword of Power' on April 7th. Pre-orders are open!

Angus McSix is now challenging "Become Masters of the Universe"! Watch the single "Master of The Universe" ! 

Join the resurrected hero on his journey to gain the power of the Sixcalibur sword, defeat Hell, and return to the world of the living. Together with his powerful battle alliance, there lies a chance for hope to confront the origin of all evil. But that's why you have to level up and become the MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!
Come on friends, let Angus McSix aka Thomas "Tom" Winkler have a complete metal army ready in VIZOVICE, at MASTERS OF ROCK this summer!

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