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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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ELUVEITIE destroyed sold out MeetFactory in Prague yesterday and now they confirm their participation at Metalfest Open Air Pilsen!
ELUVEITIE got by right the award for the best selling national artist at this year’s Swiss Awards. There are impressive 99 live appearances worldwide just this year! And their star is rising on! It is hard to find folk metal band currently more popular than ELUVEITIE. Prague concert in MeetFactory was sold out two weeks in advance. And it was certainly worth it. We have great news for those who couldn’t get in yesterday, or for those who’d like to see this outstanding group again. ELUVEITIE with current album "Origins" will feature as one of the stars of the upcoming Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen!


Legendary U.D.O. will present their new album at Masters of Rock 2015!
Heavy metal masters, outfit around veteran Udo Dirkschneider, is ready to release their next album. It will be called “Decadent” and it’s scheduled for January 23rd next year - two years after great CD “Steelhammer”. U.D.O. continue in tradition of recent years, where they delight their fans every other year. Fifteen studio albums there - that's arsenal, from which very attractive concert setlist could be put together!
Yes, band U.D.O. is heading at the Masters of Rock in July 2015, where it will do exorbitant rumble after a four year break. Don’t miss it and be there as Udo Dirkschneider and his platoon will march onto stage in Vizovice. This will be the only exclusive concert of U.D.O. within a tour for the new album for the Czech Republic!
Secure your festival ticket for the November price of EUR 45.- from this site.


Sale of tickets for the best southern rock band LYNYRD SKYNYRD’s concert, which will take place for the first time in the Czech Republic, starts today!
The dream becomes reality! Long waiting of rock fans for the legendary LYNYRD SKYNYRD is over! We are pleased to announce news which would delight many fans of rock music in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. Legendary American band LYNYRD SKYNYRD will perform in this region for the very first time. Fans here had to wait for it almost 50 years. Foundations of back then student band were laid in Jacksonville, FL in the summer of 1964! The band received attention of the whole world in the 70’s thanks to hits such as "Free Bird" and "Sweet Home Alabama". The song "Free Bird" occupies the third place of the Guitar World magazine list of the world’ best guitar solos. The group was inducted into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. Its songs appeared in "Forrest Gump" movie or "My Name is Earl" series among many others.

Historically the first appearance of the world's most famous southern rock band will take place in Pilsen on May 1st, 2015, thanks to Mr. Tomas Paclik and football club FC Viktoria Pilsen, who came up with this idea, they fund it and donated it to the city of Pilsen as a gift. This presentation is part of Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 project and will launch the Liberation Festival commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the U.S. Army. It will be attended by American veterans of WW2. The concert will take place on Flat Track Speedway in Pilsen on Univerzitni 15 street. This area dispose of sufficient audience capacity for such magnificent open-air concert and it also offers space to accommodate not only the grand stage, video projection, all catering facilities for spectators, but also offers space to showcase historical American Jeeps that 70 years ago came to Pilsen! The area is also in close proximity of Borsky park where presentation program of Liberation Festival will go on throughout the day. Support band LYNYRD SKYNYRD will be the best Czech band of this genre - ZLUTY PES (YELLOW DOG)!

17:30 … Gates open
19:30 - 20:30 … ZLUTY PES
21:00 - 23:00 … LYNYRD SKYNYRD

Ticket sales started on 26. 11. 2014! You can get them on this site and in pre-sales networks TicketPortal, TicketPro, TicketArt, Eventim and Plzenska vstupenka (Pilsner ticket).
Tickets on our website are on sale in the following categories:
- Standing - General admission: EUR 24.-
- Standing below stage: EUR 33.-
- VIP Grandstand seat, incl. parking space: EUR 95.-

The legendary LYNYRD SKYNYRD for the very first time in the Czech Republic - in Pilsen, Flat Track Speedway, on May Day 2015. Be there! More information about the concert will be published on this website as well as on pragokoncert.com, plzen2015.cz and slavnostisvobody.cz.


Megaproject Metal All Stars rescheduled their European tour for the next Spring!
Unfortunately, stellar Project Metal All Stars which filled up the halls and excited fans in South America (Bolivia, Brazil, Chile) will not take place in Prague this December (6. 12. 2014, Forum Karlin). Just as in all of Europe. Last Saturday the report about a dates’ shift of all European concerts for the Spring 2015 was released. Given that the Prague concert was bound to Beatfest event we tried to negotiate with the tour organizers to do at least Prague, even without some musicians. Unfortunately, as emerged from the negotiations it would be very complicated. So Prague along with other cities must also await Metal All Stars until the spring of next year.

The official statement of the tour organizers:
“Due to last minute engagements of a few of the artists in the lineup, the Metal All Stars will be rescheduling all European dates from November 28th - December 23rd to Spring 2015. New tour dates in these cities will be announced shortly. Due to this unfortunate delay, we will be adding additional headline artists to make the new line up even more METAL for 2015! Current ticket holders and purchasers of VIP Meet & Greet packages will have their tickets honored for the new dates. More official information will follow soon.”


ACCEPT headlining Metalfest Open Air 2015 in Pilsen!
After the German legend ACCEPT filled the sports hall in Zlin this October, the time has come to present their great new album „Blind Rage“ also from the festival stage and to move to the west of the country. ACCEPT are getting ready for their show at Pilsen Metalfest next year. And it will be huge! ACCEPT are great during live performances, as the albums they regularly issue every other year following their comeback. Do you know a band in the world, which after a long pause succeeded better and more successfully than ACCEPT did? We don’t. There is excellently summarized review by Vladimír Třískala of their current album which received Record of the moth award from September’s Spark magazine:
“If you want proper heavy metal then go with ACCEPT. Since their rebirth a great album every other year. Even one is wondering where those guys always take such super ideas. Mark Tornillo proves once again that his engagement was not a bet. If you want to hear Udo, you’ve simply got him there, but in many other variations. ACCEPT simply have a recipe that they can completely utilize, whether in melody or in power. The band ages like wine! Did you know it came into existence in 1976? Guitarist Wolf Hoffmann is a demon.”
ACCEPT will rumble Metalfest in Pilsen at the beginning of June! Be there! Your ticket could be ordered through this website.


UFO announced details about new album, which they will deliver to Zlin in March.
The rumors have been doing the rounds for months, now it’s official at last: 23 February 2015 will see the European release of the latest studio recording by British rock legend UFO, their 22nd to date. The album will be called “A Conspiracy of Stars”, and the band consisting of Phil Mogg (vocals), Paul Raymond (keyboards, guitar), Vinnie Moore (guitar), Andy Parker (drums) and Rob De Luca (bass) have recorded almost a dozen fantastic new songs, produced and mixed in the Kentish town of Deal by Chris Tsangarides, renowned for his work with acts such as JUDAS PRIEST, THIN LIZZY and Gary Moore. “A Conspiracy of Stars” will be available as a Digipak (including poster and bonus track), jewel case, vinyl double LP and for download.
The band is already looking forward to the reactions to their latest release: “A Conspiracy Of Stars is another successful combination of those typical UFO elements with fresh, contemporary ideas. We’re confident that not only our longstanding supporters will get their money’s worth, but that younger rock fans will also enjoy the album. We look forward to seeing you on tour!”
Right after album is issued the band will take off to UFO World Tour and one unforgettable concert will play also in the Czech Republic. On Saturday, March 7th, 2015 at Masters of Rock Café in Zlin. Order your ticket for EUR 27.- (price valid until 15. 12. 2014) from here.


LORDI and their horrifying airplane will land at the end of February in Zlin and Prague.
On Halloween we've got a special gift - treat from Finnish monsters LORDI. A year and a half after the previous album they released new studio work "Scare Force One". It is full of excellent hard rock and heavy metal which band would present to us during the winter while travelling around the world. LORDI, founded in Helsinki already 22 years ago and today consisting of Mr. Lordi, Amen, OX, Hella and Mana - have two stops in the Czech Republic in their Tour Force One flight itinerary. They will play concerts on the last weekend in February - on Friday, 27. 2. 2015 at Masters of Rock Café in Zlin and then on Saturday, February 28th in MeetFactory Prague. Come also to see what's up new with LORDI (except brand new costumes) and let yourself scare with the biggest hits from their latest album as well as from the previous six records. Listen to the first single "Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein" and the title track.
Tickets for LORDI show for an introductory price of EUR 27.- (price valid until the end of December) are available from this site or in presale networks.


Hector is back and with him also the good old face of HAMMERFALL! After a sold-out concert in Prague these Swedes confirm their participation at Masters of Rock 2015!
Ninth studio album of HAMMERFALL is great! And the fans responded immediately - their Prague February 2015 concert was sold out very quickly. So much popular Swedes could not have reacted another way. They confirmed their participation in the biggest metal festival in the Czech Republic - at the Masters of Rock! Hector is back, with him also heroic phrases and thunderous choruses! And after two-year break we can feel that the band has a huge appetite to play again. New album "(r)Evolution" is packed with energy and positive vibes literally tear the membranes of loud-speakers. Guitar riffs bite like a mad dog, Joacim Cans is perhaps reincarnated as the Siren, Anders Johansson’s drums sound like a herd of wild horses. There are stories being told, ravenous hard rock storm rages on and HAMMERFALL definitely return back in the light that appertains to their name.
Come and see them "live" at the Masters of Rock 2015!


The newly confirmed bands for the Masters of Rock and Metalfest 2015!
Sixteen newly confirmed performers for summer fests Masters of Rock and Metalfest 2015 were disclosed at the Winter Masters of Rock last Saturday. This week we will introduce all of these bands to you in short articles. Check this website often…


Double-DVD Masters of Rock 2014 can be ordered in the Shop section of this site!
Brand new DVD from this annual Masters went on sale for the first time last weekend at the Winter Masters of Rock for an introductory price. For those who couldn’t arrive in Zlin we are now launching the sale of 2DVD by mail order through this website. Just fill in and send the order form in Shop section. You can also buy it in person at Masters of Rock Café in Zlin and in Prague office of Pragokoncert agency - U Bulhara 3 str., Prague 1. The price of double-DVD is EUR 27.- incl. S&H.

Also this year we made double-DVD - two discs with 3,5 hours of flashback - of great concerts and unique atmosphere of the biggest rock / metal fest in the Czech Republic. On disc 1 you will find 28 tracks from the festival's stars like HELLOWEEN, SABATON, ELUVEITIE, EPICA, KORPIKLAANI, FREEDOM CALL, KATAKLYSM, DIE HAPPY, AXXIS, BONFIRE, TERRANA, CIVIL WAR, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, DOGA etc. The final track on it is the song "Svět patří nám / The World Belongs To Us” - duet by Tanja and Fany (Czechoslovak metal legend CITRON). On disc 2 you could watch very interesting interviews, which music television TV Rebel conducted for us. There are interviews with DREAM THEATER, HELLOWEEN, SABATON, Sebastian Bach, with ARCH ENEMY, AIRBOURNE, ANTHRAX, KORPIKLAANI, AXXIS or Mike Terrana. For the very first time you can see the official music video filmed at the Masters. Thanks ARCH ENEMY for that - we are so proud of it! Then there is also brief set of Golden Record handing over to KREYSON in participation of STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet, evaluation of the photo contest, polls and of course short film about you - fans - capturing the perfect and unique atmosphere of the Masters!
So place your order today! Great Holidays gift is ready for you :o)


TERRANA band on the first tour around Czech Republic will play six concerts, also in company of rock sexy vixen THE AGONY!

Our good old friend - drummer Mike Terrana - made his dream come true this year and put his own rock band together. TERRANA were baptized by fire at the Masters of Rock festival, where they performed their favorite hard rock drawing from 70’s and 80’s classics - in the world premiere.
Mike Terrana, Fabri Kiarelli and Alberto Bollati soon embark on their first tour and their debut album will introduce also to us in our country. Here is tasting of four songs from the upcoming album which should be released this week.

The band TERRANA will do show at following clubs:
2. 12. 2014 - Prague, Nova Chmelnice
3. 12. 2014 - Pilsen, Divadlo Pod Lampou
4. 12. 2014 - Brno, Melodka
6. 12. 2014 - Zlin, Masters of Rock Café
7. 12. 2014 - Pardubice, ABC klub
8. 12. 2014 - Ostrava, Garage Club

Funny invitation from Mike watch here. TERRANA band will travel around Czech Republic with a special guest - Prague all female heavy band consisting of talented sexy vixens fronted by Nikola Kandoussi - THE AGONY. Get your ticket for EUR 20.- from this site or purchase it in presale networks.


Space Police and EDGUY are already preparing for their rehearsal at Euronics Hall in Zlin.

The spectacular show is getting ready! Photo here.


Double-DVD Masters of Rock 2014 tasting - SABATON - Far From The Fame!
DVD of this annual Masters of Rock festival, which you can buy already this Saturday at Winter Masters in Zlin is packed with great stuff. For those who are little curious how we did and how it turned out, we have a little appetizer. You can recall for yourself how elated Joakim Brodén was when he reminded us that he is proud half Czech, showed us his Czech passport, how he remembers rhymes his grandma taught him as a young boy in Prague. Then entire SABATON get started with a hit they composed for you, for Masters of Rock fans. The atmosphere in audience during the song “Far From The Fame” was amazing, one even gets the shivers from the video clip. Judge for yourselves - SABATON - “Far From The Fame” - live at Masters of Rock 2014 enjoy from here.


Double-DVD Masters of Rock 2014 arrived!

That's right, we have just received a brand new this year's Masters of Rock double-DVD. We write purposely double-DVD, because we have again two discs for you - 3,5 hours of flashback - of great concerts and unique atmosphere of the biggest rock / metal fest in the Czech Republic. On disc 1 you will find 28 tracks from the festival's stars like HELLOWEEN, SABATON, ELUVEITIE, EPICA, KORPIKLAANI, FREEDOM CALL, KATAKLYSM, DIE HAPPY, AXXIS, BONFIRE, TERRANA, CIVIL WAR, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS, DOGA etc. The final track on it is the song "Svět patří nám / The World Belongs To Us” - duet by Tanja and Fany (Czechoslovak metal legend CITRON). On disc 2 you could watch very interesting interviews, which music television TV Rebel conducted for us. There are interviews with DREAM THEATER, HELLOWEEN, SABATON, Sebastian Bach, with ARCH ENEMY, AIRBOURNE, ANTHRAX, KORPIKLAANI, AXXIS or Mike Terrana. For the very first time you can see the official music video filmed at the Masters. Thanks ARCH ENEMY for that - we are so proud of it! Then there is also brief set of Golden Record handing over to KREYSON in participation of STRYPER frontman Michael Sweet, evaluation of the photo contest, polls and of course short film about you - fans - capturing the perfect and unique atmosphere of the Masters!

DVD will be on sale for the first time at Winter Masters of Rock in Euronics Sports Hall in Zlin - at the box office, as well as in the festival shop in R. Jelinek Distillery tent just above the hall, and in fest shop inside the hall. As a special Thank You to visitors there will be special price (valid only during Winter Masters) - double-DVD for only CZK 250,-!

We announce AMARANTHE and BLOODBOUND signing sessions’ schedule at Winter Masters of Rock.
Popular Swedish bands AMARANTHE and BLOODBOUND will introduce their new albums during live premiere at Winter Masters in Zlin. In the case of AMARANTHE it will be a European premiere, BLOODBOUND will present in world premiere! Naturally, when BLOODBOUND record will be out a day before Winter Masters of Rock. You will be the first ones (in BLOODBOUND case) who could buy mentioned albums and at the same time you will be able to have them signed by artists. For the very first time in history of the Winter Masters we manage also signing sessions for you! They will take place inside of a R. Jelínek Distillery tent - in front of the Euronics hall (south side). When?
There you go:
BLOODBOUND: 17:30 - 18:30
AMARANTHE: 21:00 - 22:00

Don’t miss one of the original gifts available at the fest. New CD with Scandinavian artists’ signatures are waiting for you :-)


Winter Masters of Rock after-party held again in Masters of Rock Café! Vote for DVD’s which you want to watch in a club.
For those waiting for their transportation or for those full of energy to party after Winter Masters :o) we traditionally organize after-party at the Masters of Rock Café. Again, there will we premiere screening of Masters of Rock 2014 DVD and then we will play DVD’s by your taste. You can vote for them on this site - in the Poll section from now until Saturday morning.

Masters of Rock Café in Zlin - Čepkov (map here) will be open on Saturday, 22nd of November 2014 as follows:
11:00 to 18:00 and then
24:00 to 05:00 for Winter Masters of Rock after-party

2DVD Masters of Rock 2014 for special introductory price of CZK 250.- (price valid only that day) will be on sale also in our club.
We look forward to your visit!


The 10th annual Winter Masters of Rock is approaching! We will announce sixteen bands for Masters and Metalfest 2015 there!

Already this Saturday, November 22nd at 11:30 gates of Euronics Sports Hall in Zlin will be opened for metal fans and twelve-hour music marathon called Winter Masters of Rock will break out at 1pm. The festival program can be found on this website under Winter MOR menu tab. Line-up consists of two U.S. bands, two from Sweden and four bands from Germany led by EDGUY. But you already well know it. So we decided to bring festival information, news and attractions we prepare for you every day until its beginning.
One of the regular bonuses that Winter Masters visitors are awaiting is that they - you - will find out newly confirmed bands for next summer Masters and Metalfest 2015. We don’t want to keep you in suspense, but on that day we will notify you as the first ones about the first two headliners and two co-headliners for each day of the Masters. Also you will learn the name of absolute headliner of Metalfest and name of headliner for the second MOA day. In total we will introduce sixteen confirmed bands for both fests! And it will be huge.
At the same time you can purchase tickets for Masters and Metalfest 2015 for discounted price at Winter Masters of Rock box office, which is already common bonus :) And the prices? Masters of Rock 2015 will be available for EUR 43.- and Metalfest 2015 for EUR 35.-. Check these pages regularly, more news coming soon!

TESTAMENT will do rumble and also will introduce new album at Metalfest Open Air 2015.
Yes, thrash metal legend founded in mid 80's in the blessed area of San Francisco Bay will arrive onto the 6th annual festival in Bohemia. TESTAMENT during those thirty years enriched the world with ten studio records; so far the last one "Dark Roots of Earth" was released in the summer of 2012 and in the US Billboard 200 it reached the highest (12th) rankings of all albums in the band's history. Enjoy "More Than Meets The Eye" and "Native Blood".
Vocalist Chuck Billy, guitarists Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick, bassist Steve DiGiorgio (who re-joined band this January) and drummer Gene Hoglan are completing work on their new album these days. If all goes as planned, it could get into our players in April 2015, just weeks before Metalfest.
TESTAMENT are known for entertaining not only their fans but also themselves during their concerts. We believe that the very same we can expect in the spring in Pilsen, where TESTAMENT will perform alongside ARCH ENEMY, MOONSPELL, OVERKILL, EQUILIBRIUM, UNLEASHED, INSOMNIUM, TANKARD, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS and other metal band. Get your three-day festival ticket for only EUR 37.- (for the price valid until the end of November or while limited stocks last) from this site or thru Metaltix.


Mega show METAL ALL STARS in Prague will be opened by bands CAGE and SUPERFIX.
Just three weeks to go to the moment the brightest stars of metal heaven will land on the podium of Forum Karlin hall. Bombastic project METAL ALL STARS - BEATFEST will be held on Saturday, December 6th 2014 and in Prague will be represented by Zakk Wylde (BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, Ozzy), James LaBrie (DREAM THEATER), Joey Belladonna (ANTHRAX), Geoff Tate (ex-QUEENSRŸCHE), Chuck Billy (TESTAMENT), Cronos (VENOM), Dave Ellefson (MEGADETH), Gus G. (FIREWIND, Ozzy), Vinny Appice (ex-BLACK SABBATH, DIO), Blasko (Ozzy, Rob Zombie), Ross the Boss (ex-MANOWAR, DEATH DEALER), Carmine Appice (KING KOBRA, VANILLA FUDGE) and bonnie Kobra Paige (KOBRA AND THE LOTUS).Before them our eardrums will be massaged by two bands from California - five-pieces CAGE and SUPERFIX. CAGE are on heavy metal scene for 22 years and have huge fan base overseas. Mainly thanks to melodic heavy / power metal production and concert show filled with energy (IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST would not take with them on tour just anybody), as well as the figure of frontman Sean Peck, who is currently also the voice of the group DEATH DEALER.
SUPERFIX is a young band, but its alternative hard rock / metal will catch your ears right from the first notes. The main character of the group is Kalen Chase, who spent several years with the band KORN. The first December Saturday in Prague will belong to monstrous project METAL ALL STARS and its guests - to bands CAGE and SUPERFIX.
Experience the most famous metal musicians of all times in one night on one stage! Tickets for the show from EUR 31.- are available from this site as well as thru the usual ticket offices.
BLOODBOUND - after the first track from the upcoming album introduced the first video clip.
You already know from us that the Swedish metal outfit BLOODBOUND will present its brand new album at upcoming Winter Masters of Rock in worldwide premiere. It will be out just one day before the festival and the band already introduced the first clip. Watch the video for power metal hit full of chorals - for the title track "Stormborn". And be there when BLOODBOUND will play it live on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 in Zlin - for the very first time!


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