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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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Arjen Lucassen and Anneke van Giersbergen in a joint project - soon with a new album, then live at the Masters of Rock 2015!
Dutch guitarist and composer, father of the project AYREON Arjen Lucassen started in spring collaboration with the singer, former THE GATHERING vocalist Anneke van Giersbergen. The result of their joint effort is a new project called THE GENTLE STORM. Duo is completing work on a conceptual double album these days, where we could find both classics meet metal and acoustic folk-rock. Its release is scheduled for early 2015.
Arjen and Anneke already worked together on two AYREON albums - "Into the Electric Castle" (1998) and "01011001" (2008), but this time - an epic which will please many fans of genre is getting born. In addition, we are pleased to announce that Anneke van Giersbergen will introduce tracks of THE GENTLE STORM live at Masters of Rock in Vizovice (9 to 12 July 2015)!
Tickets for the festival are available exclusively through this website.
EPICA premiere new music video from current album.
Dutch metallers EPICA have premiered the official music video for “Victims of Contingency”. For this premiere EPICA partnered up with Metal Hammer UK, Revolver, Rock Hard Germany, Large Benelux, Metalitalia and Radio Metal France.
The video is directed by Remko Tielemans (TEXTURES) and produced by the Kunstoff Kollectiv. The same team who were responsible for the highly acclaimed music video for “Storm the Sorrow”.
Mark Jansen states about the video: “We've picked a heavy and brutal track this time as we wanted to surprise everybody. As “Victims of Contingency” is also a fan-favorite, we are convinced that it is the right choice. The video for “Storm the Sorrow” has been received very well by the fans so we were very happy to work with Remko and his team again. We think the end result for “Victims of Contingency” is astonishing and I am very excited that we can finally share this video with all of you!” 
Victims of Contingency” is taken from the band’s latest album “The Quantum Enigma” which was released in spring 2014 and charted all over the world.
The band will start the second leg of The European Enigma Tour next month in support of the album and will stop in Prague as well - in MeetFactory on January 20th, together with a very special guest DRAGONFORCE. Get your ticket from here.


Just three weeks left until the Winter Masters of Rock festival - here is the program.
Already 10th annual one-day festival - a winter version of the Masters will be held on Saturday, November 22nd in Zlin. Start of the feast for several thousand fans of rock and metal music is scheduled for 1pm in the Euronics Sports Hall. Remember European live premiere of the new AMARANTHE album awaits us, as well as worldwide premiere of the new BLOODBOUND album. Also the first show of LIZZY BORDEN in Czech Republic - the first one in thirty years of the band’s existence will take place there! The main star of the festival EDGUY will present their new album "Space Police" to us during full concert set with all stage decorations and effects.
Get your Winter Masters of Rock ticket - for eight performances - for a great price of EUR 33.- (price valid only until the end of October) from this site or in usual ticket offices.

PROGRAM - 22. 11. 2014:
12:00 … doors open
13:00 - 13:45 … WINTERSTORM
14:00 - 14:50 … HEAVATAR
15:10 - 16:10 … BLOODBOUND
16:30 - 17:40 … LIZZY BORDEN
18:00 - 19:20 … AMARANTHE
19:50 - 21:10 … VAN CANTO
21:40 - 23:00 … MORBID ANGEL
23:30 - 01:00 … EDGUY


Sixth making-of NIGHTWISH 2015 album trailer is online!
Finland-based symphonic metal storytellers NIGHTWISH are currently working on their upcoming new album. The yet-untitled creation will be the first NIGHTWISH studio-record to feature Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen and is set for a release in spring 2015 via Nuclear Blast. Longtime drummer Jukka Nevalainen will sit out on the recording sessions due to health issues; Kai Hahto (WINTERSUN a.o.) will replace him.
The band put up the sixth album trailer. In the new episode vocalist Floor Jansen describes her first impressions after moving from the Netherlands to eastern Finland. Find out what her thoughts on sauna, salmiakki, the new language and her new fellow man is here.


Album Ecliptica - Revisited by SONATA ARCTICA is out today!

Finnish melodic band around Tony Kakko issued their debut album today. But 15 years after we have heard it for the first time and in a brand new re-recorded version called "Ecliptica - Revisited; 15th Anniversary Edition". According to many it is the best of the existing discography of SONATA ARCTICA, so don’t miss the album full of melodic speed / power metal blasts from beginning to end let yourself fascinate with these classics again.
And don’t forget that after long seven years will be SONATA ARCTICA back in Vizovice - they are one of the previously confirmed performers of Masters of Rock festival in 2015, where guys will offer to us a very special anniversary show.
Official "Ecliptica - Revisited" album trailer full of song samples check here. The first single "Kingdom for a Heart" enjoy from here.

Only three days from now - bombastic heavy metal ACCEPT show in Zlin!
Yes, the next stop of the German legend ACCEPT on furious march around the globe will take place this Saturday, Oct. 25th in Euronics Sports Hall in Zlin. The band during its two-hour program will offer there its greatest songs of the current, historically the best-selling album "Blind Rage" as well as more than a dozen others, the notorious hits from older records. We can look forward to an unforgettable evening with ACCEPT, as well as gigs of support bands - Australians DAMNATIONS DAY, playing melodic heavy metal and Czech power metal outfit SALAMANDRA.
Since this will be the only concert for Czech Republic and three other neighboring countries, tickets go quickly - get yours in ticket networks today!

PROGRAM - 25. 10. 2014:
18:30 … doors open
20:00 - 20:40 … SALAMANDRA
20:55 - 21:35 … DAMNATIONS DAY
22:05 - 00:05 … ACCEPT


SABATON at the very start of their tour introduced another clip from the new album!

Last week it bursted out over the ocean - Joakim Brodén, Pär Sundström and their squad SABATON launched The Heroes Tour. There are more than forty concerts ahead of them this year and other thirty gigs just after the start of the new year! SABATON have two terms for Czech Republic ready - on February 7th and 8th, 2015 in Prague and in Zlin - where apart from the most popular hits they will also play highlights from the album "Heroes". It ranked #1 in their homeland Sweden and in Finland, #2 in Germany, #3 in Poland and in Czech Republic it has reached the 4th place of the official sales chart.
From mentioned record we already know (also thanks to video clips) the stories of Czechoslovak RAF Marshal Karel Janousek ("Far from the Fame"), of U.S. Army hero Audie Murphy ("To Hell and Back") or story of the Belgian infantry troops called Chasseurs Ardennais ("Resist and Bite"). Now SABATON have come up with another lyrics video for the upbeat song "Night Witches". It pays tribute to the all female Soviet night bomber regiment formed by pilots aged 17-22 years, which the Germans during WWII called the Night Witches.
SABATON fans - play the clip aloud and then get your concert ticket conveniently today from here or buy it in pre-sales networks.

U.D.O. are working on a new album - should be out in January!
Heavy metal titans U.D.O. prepare their already fifteenth studio album "Decadent". Quintet Dirkschneider - Wienhold - Jovino - Smirnov - Heikkinen is finishing up with new material and brand new record, the successor to last year’s extremely successful "Steelhammer" should be in stores in January 2015. We surely have something to look forward to…!


Masters of Rock 2015 will offer a unique bouzouki rock - band TRI STATE CORNER.
They come from three European countries (Germany, Greece and Poland), have been operating for ten years, have got four albums and play a mix of hard rock, metal, blues and tones of traditional Greek instrument bouzouki - TRI STATE CORNER. Don't worry, this band established in Cologne can do monstrous uproar and its music is very catchy. LORDI, RAGE, H-BLOCKX, AXXIS or NAZARETH concert-goers can confirm it - these rock / metal bands invited international five-piece on their tour and also thanks to that it has gained a strong position in the music scene.
We believe that Vassilios, Ioannis, Christoph, Markuz and Christos would captivate you too in Vizovice and that you will enjoy concert of TRI STATE CORNER at Masters of Rock.
Now try hits "Home" (2014) and "Sleepless" (2013).


Extreme metal fans! Look forward to BEHEMOTH concert in Moravia!

Polish black / death metal institution BEHEMOTH announced the second part of a The European Satanist Tour to support their current, tenth album "The Satanist". Nergal, Orion, Seth and Inferno will play fifteen memorable concerts in ten countries of the continent next year and this time they will not forget about the Czech faithful ones. The only celebration of their art in Czech Republic is scheduled for Friday, April 24th, 2015 at Masters of Rock Café in Zlin! Vocalist and guitarist Nergal commented: "We are already eagerly awaiting our Second Coming to European shores in spring 2015! We are teaming up for this run with one of the most exciting extreme metal acts - Bolzer. A two week trek will cover places and countries we never managed to cover with the first leg of the tour. Expect the best! We've never been in a better shape and we're gonna prove that once again!"
Tickets for hell of a show for the price of EUR 27.- (price valid until the end of December) order from this website or get from usual pre-sales networks.
PS: Look what BEHEMOTH going to release on EP "Xiądz" - vinyl record will be released on November 1st!


Line-up of Winter Masters of Rock festival in Zlin completed with WINTERSTORM gig!
Another band for the anniversary festival Winter Masters of Rock roster are Bavarians celebrating this year sixth anniversary - WINTERSTORM. The band which is characterized by a mix of folk and power metal seasoned with Viking tones have three regular albums - the last one "Cathyron" was released in early February of this year and was greatly accepted not only by the fans - try title song. Be at Winter Masters of Rock already by daylight - do not miss the melodic metal with catchy choruses and strong voice of Alex Schirmer - opener of tenth annual festival - WINTERSTORM!
Your ticket for Saturday, November 22nd in the Euronics Sports Hall for only EUR 33.- (price valid until the end of October) order through this site or get it in usual pre-sales networks.


Speed metal from EVIL INVADERS - another number of Metalfest Pilsen!
Supporters of high speed metal in auditorium will certainly appreciate also young chaps from Belgium EVIL INVADERS. This thrash / speed metal band exists since 2007 and today it consists of Jöe Anus (lead vocals, guitars), Uncle Sam (guitars), Nico Beekwilder (bass) and Senne Jacobs (drums). Output of the band which is these days raging across Europe as support of band DESTRUCTION, could be described as the perfect fusion of several offshoots of metal with lightning riffs, piercing solos and mostly perfect "retro" sound. Or check outright tour video of EVIL INVADERS and you would immediately see what we can expect during the 6th annual Metalfest Open Air.


Canadian band SKULL FIST and its traditional metal confirmed for Metalfest Open Air 2015!
Another bunch that will stand out at next year's Pilsen festival is Canadian band SKULL FIST. Representatives of the so-called New wave of traditional heavy metal from Toronto do mix of very catchy heavy and speed metal for eight years and they recorded it onto two albums. The debut one "Head Öf The Pack" was released in 2011 and it received excellent reviews. Maybe also because of the fact that not so many bands do 80's music anymore (and do it well). Check the title piece. The second, equally packed album "Chasing the Dream" is out since this January and we can find on it also this hit song - "You're Gonna Pay".
SABATON or GRAVE DIGGER knew what they were doing when invited quartet Zach Slaughter, Jonny Nesta, Casey Guest and JJ Tartaglia to their tours. Also you will like SKULL FIST and Metalfest party with them will be outrageous… As well as with to date confirmed ARCH ENEMY, MOONSPELL, OVERKILL, EQUILIBRIUM, UNLEASHED, TANKARD, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS and BATTLE BEAST. Another bands will be announced soon!
Get your ticket to Lochotin Cirque for only EUR 35.- (price valid until the end of October or while the limited stock lasts!) exclusively from here.


Swedes BLOODBOUND will present their brand new album in world premiere at the Winter Masters of Rock!
Increasingly popular heavy / power metallers BLOODBOUND will play premiere show at festival. Just one day before the Winter Masters (November 21st) they will release already sixth studio album titled "Stormborn"! Fans in Zlin will be the first in the world to hear the new album live! Plus the album will be on sale at the festival shop and BLOODBOUND would autograph it for you during their signing session. After the European live premiere of AMARANTHE new album at Winter Masters of Rock it is another band which considers a winter mutation of Masters for an event for new songs from the new album are played for the very first time. Be there! On top of that BLOODBOUND will celebrate their tenth anniversary at Winter Masters of Rock!


Monstrous dosage of melodic death metal at Metalfest 2015 from INSOMNIUM!
The premiere show of Finns INSOMNIUM will take place at the 6th Metalfest in Pilsen! Foursome Niilo Sevänen - vocals, bass / Ville Friman - guitar, clean vocals / Markus Vanhala - guitar / Markus Hirvonen - drums plays melodic death metal since 1997. They have six studio albums in their discography so far. The last one "Shadows of the Dying Sun" was released in late April of this year and there is plenty of notion that it is one of the best melodeath creations of 2014! In addition, many of fans of the band claim that this bunch runs without any fluctuations and excesses - they holds their quality throughout entire existence i.e. already eighteen years. Judge for yourself from the cirque auditorium during the first June weekend. INSOMNIUM live at Metalfest Open Air!
While We Sleep“ (2014), „Unsung“ (2011),
Down With the Sun“ (2009) 


The dream becomes reality! Long waiting of rock fans for the legendary LYNYRD SKYNYRD is over! The best southern rock band will perform next year for the first time in the Czech Republic!

We are pleased to announce news which would please many fans of rock music fans in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe. Legendary American band LYNYRD SKYNYRD will perform in this region for the very first time. Fans here had to wait for it almost 50 years. Fundamentals of back than student bands were laid in Jacksonville, FL in the summer of 1964! The band received attention of the whole world in the 70’s thanks to hits such as "Free Bird" and "Sweet Home Alabama". The song "Free Bird" occupies the third place of the Guitar World magazine list of the world’ best guitar solos. The group was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. Its songs appeared in "Forrest Gump" movie or "My name is Earl" series among others.
Historically the first appearance of the world's most famous southern rock band will take place in Pilsen on May 1st, 2015, thanks to Dr. Tomas Paclik and football club FC Viktoria Pilsen, who came up with this idea, they fund it and give it to the city of Pilsen as a gift. This presentation is part of Pilsen - European Capital of Culture 2015 project and will launch the Festival of Freedom commemorating the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the U.S. Army. It will be attended by American veterans of WW2. The concert venue is currently matter of negotiations - we evaluate the number of sites of Pilsen and it will be announced during this autumn.
Be there - the famous LYNYRD SKYNYRD for the first time in the Czech Republic - on May Day 2015! Info about the venue and tickets will be soon posted on this site as well as on www.pragokoncert.com, www.plzen2015.cz and www.slavnostisvobody.cz.

This Saturday's concert of Uli Jon Roth in Zlin canceled!
We are very sorry, but due to unforeseen logistic problems we are forced to cancel performance of Uli Jon Roth, scheduled to take place this Saturday, October 18th in Masters of Rock Café Zlin. We apologize to all of you fans. Tickets could be refunded where purchased.


Phenomenal Finnish band NIGHTWISH confirmed its first concert for next year - they will be headlining Masters of Rock festival!

We are proud to announce that today's the most popular metal band NIGHTWISH confirmed its participation at the festival Masters of Rock 2015! In these days Finnish bunch of storytellers is finishing up with recording of new, yet unnamed album which should be out next spring. The entire world of rock and metal awaits the release of this album and it could be said that it is one of the most anticipated records today. The reason is simple - it will be the band's first album with the new voice of the singer Floor Jansen. Symphonic metal fans will be pleased after three and a half years - after "Imaginaerum" album release. The band is working on its enterprise in studio in the middle of Finnish forests and it will be already the eighth CD of band which frontman, main composer and keyboardist Tuomas Holopainen founded in 1996. "We are very happy that the Masters of Rock is our first festival confirmed for next year. We always like to play there, looking forward to a great Czech audience! We are also looking forward to the festival unique facilities, meeting with friends. We love sitting in festival backstage surrounded by containers - by other bands' dressing rooms" Tuomas says.

NIGHTWISH with new permanent vocalist Floor Jansen certainly gained something just hard to find. Young, beautiful, attractive and yet experienced and excellent singer. Floor Jansen (b. 1981) - singer and songwriter - became a member of symphonic metal band AFTER FOREVER when she was 16! She created five studio records with them. Then with a gang of progressive metallers REVAMP another two albums. Floor jumped into onto fast express train in October 2012 in Seattle, when she filled in for ill vocalist during Imaginaerum World Tour. Since then she successfully continues the journey forward. The whole rock world was pleasantly surprised last summer when NIGHTWISH have announced that Floor officially became a member of their team. Next year we can look forward to her soprano in conjunction with music of NIGHTWISH which has countless of dedicated fans in the Czech Republic.

Floor is certainly one of the new inspirations for the main NIGHTWISH composer Tuomas. And so the whole music world is waiting how new eighth studio album will sound. All band members spent three months of this summer in camp in the middle of the beautiful Finnish wilderness. In a wooden cabin they created a temporary studio and composed a new song there. NIGHTWISH regularly shares their feelings about this unique and beautiful environment and about process of composing songs with their fans. The band publishes short films from the recording on their pages, they do not contain any music from the upcoming album though. In the last trailer you can find out what Troy Donockley (uilleann pipes, tin whistle, backing vocals) says about environment there: “It’s hard to describe what it’s like - the peace, the stillness, the geology, the biology of the place. It is just teeming, swirling with life... and there’s a glorious lake. It’s wonderous.” And Floor Jansen adds: “I am very sensitive for environment, don’t put me in the middle of the city in a super-shiny fantastic studio and keep me inspired for weeks. A place like this does. I love nature and I love calm. We can work for hours and then you can relax, truly relax. That I think is super important to keep the vibe going.” From all this it is felt that the new NIGHTWISH album is being created in a unique environment and work accompanies an amazing harmony among all musicians.

Masters of Rock fans can be proud. NIGHTWISH chosen this festival as their first one and Theky will perform there not only the old hits, but mainly showcasing their new expected album! You'll be among the first in Europe! NIGHTWISH are:
Floor Jansen – lead vocals
Tuomas Holopainen – keyboards, lead vocals
Marco Hietala – bass, vocals
Emppu Vuorinen – guitars
Troy Donockley – uilleann pipes, tin whistle, backing vocals
Kai Hahto - drums (for ill Jukka Nevalainen)
Foto here.

Get your 4-day ticket for special price of EUR 41.- (price valid until the end of October or while limited stock lasts) from this website.


ACCEPT - Blind Rage Tour selling out around the World!
Since their highly anticipated shows for the 80,000 metal heads in Wacken, Germany and the 750,000 festival fans in Woodstock, Poland in August it can be said, that the European media has picked up on the impressive, convincing, powerful and very energetic performance of ACCEPT. They nailed it and the buzz is out! The band is on a run and they can proudly claim they are going somewhere:  Sold out shows either way before or at the day of the show. Sold out shows on the 2014 Blind Rage World Tour include:
Melbourne (AUS), New York (USA), Copenhagen (DEN), Linköping (SWE), Stockholm (SWE), Tornio (FIN), Tampere (FIN), Pamplona (ESP), Hamburg (GER) and Erfurt (GER).
And more to come! Paris, Munich, Berlin, Cologne and Filderstadt all need to be watched, if you want to go get your tickets NOW!
With their “Blind Rage” album released in August 2014 and chart entries from #1 in Germany and Finland to top 100 in 25 countries around the globe ACCEPT celebrate the most dramatic success of their career. ACCEPT's place as one of the historic bands who have inspired generations of musicians and as one of the well deserved and proven TOP LIVE ACTS in recent times. You can take them to the bank and you can be sure they will not show any signs of slowing down as Wolf Hoffmann and Peter Baltes, crowned by their mighty vocalist Mark Tornillo, are bringing their powerful performance to the max, leaving exhausted, but very happy fans behind and off to the next show.
Get your ticket for the only Czech concert of ACCEPT - on Saturday, October 25th in Euronics Sports Hall in Zlin from here.


NIGHTWISH release fifth -Making of- trailer for new album.

Finland-based symphonic metal storytellers NIGHTWISH have just released their fifth "Making Of" trailer for their as-yet-untitled eighth studio album featuring new Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen. Watch Episode 5, "More Campers", here.
“I am very sensitive for environment," confesses NIGHTWISH’s new Dutch vocalist Floor Jansen. "Don’t put me in the middle of the city in a super-shiny fantastic studio and keep me inspired for weeks. A place like this does. I love nature and I love calm. We can work for hours and then you can relax, truly relax. That I think is super important to keep the vibe going.”
 “It’s hard to describe what it’s like - the peace, the stillness, the geology, the biology of the place,” adds Troy Donockley, the man behind NIGHTWISH’s pipes, flutes, and whistles. “The place is just teeming, swirling with life... and there’s a glorious lake. It’s wonderous”.
Previous episodes could be viewed here - part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4.