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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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American rock legend W.A.S.P. is coming back to the Czech republic. Come celebrate the 25th anniversary of the most successful album »The Crimson Idol« in a special show!
W.A.S.P. is a living legend and next to the famous KISS is one of the iconic bands with which generations of rockers had grown up with and still do.

The band was founded in 1982 as one of the heaviest bands at the time and they shocked the American audience with their extreme image, lyrics and especially their famous live performances. The founder and frontman Blackie Lawless was already well-known rocker at the time when he founded W.A.S.P.  The band stunned the audience with their live shows where Lawless would tie down almost naked models and would throw pieces of raw meat at the people.

This time the show will be a little bit different. W.A.S.P. is celebrating 25 years since the release of their most famous album and is going on a tour called "Re-idolized: The 25th Anniversary of The Crimson Idol“! This record is recognised all over the world and you can hear it from end to end on November 24th in the Sports hall of the city of Hluk.

But that's not all! Next to the  »The Crimson Idol« hits, the band will also perform three never released songs in the first half and their biggest hits in the second part of the concert!

Don't miss out the powerful American cult band!
The guitarist of Nightwish will perform with his band BROTHER FIRETRIBE at Masters of Rock!
BROTHER FIRETRIBE is a hard rock band with one of the co-founders being Emppu Vuorinen of NIGHTWISH. Emppu says that the band started as a mix of fun times and friends with same hobbies. It's reflected in the enjoyable hard rock released by the band throughout the years. BROTHER FIRETRIBE will release a 4th studio album "Sunbound" in March. It's being mixed in the Mikko Karmila studio in Finland (Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children Of Bodom). Don't miss out the performance at Masters of Rock!

Listen here to "For Better On For Worse“ and get ready for the LIVE show!

Buy the festival passes in special offer - 1550 CZK - till the end of this month! Exclusively on mastersofrock.cz!
We add another band to the Metalfest Open Air lineup! Come rock out with the DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME!
Another highlight of the Metalfest will be the energetic rock'n'roll gang DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME, who will perform pieces of their brand new album "We Die For Rock N' Roll" which is coming out on March 17th.
Not familiar with them? Listen to the teaser bellow and get ready for the excellent and energetic show!

Listen to the song "On Top Of Mt. Whateverest"
British legend Saxon will perform on Masters of Rock for the first time!

Lemmy Kilmister favourites and the co-founders of the New Wave British Heavy Metal, the legendary SAXON, will perform on the Masters of Rock! The band released a new album "Battering Ram" in the fall of 2015 which still receives a lot of success. But that's not all what the band prepares for you! The band is currently working on a new album with the world renounced Andy Sneaps, the producer who worked with ACCEPT, ARCH ENEMY, DIMMU BORGIR or KREATOR! The CD should be released this summer so you have something to look forward too. Don't miss this great show by the masters of heavy metal live at Masters of Rock!

ICE AGE will not manage to finish their debut album in time for Metalfest, FRANTIC AMBER are stepping in to replace them!
FRANTIC AMBER is a melodic death metal band lead by a group of young ladies from four different countries (Sweden, Denmark, Japan and Colombia). They lean on the intense sound with heavy riffs and death metal vocals performed by their vocalist Elisabeth. Come check them out on Metalfest!

Tune in here nad watch a video for the single "Ghost".

Almanac will record their show on Masters of Rock for DVD and will introduce us to the new album!
The group around guitarist Viktor Smolski (ex-RAGE) will perform on Masters of Rock this year and this year they are bringing something special! The whole concert will be recorded for their upcoming DVD AND we will have a chance to hear brand new ALMANAC songs from their upcoming album.

The new release of the band under command of Viktor Smolski, with vocals from charismatic Andy B Franck of Brainstorm, David Readman from Pink Cream 69 and with operatic vocals from Jeannette Marchewka from Lingua Mortis Orchestra should come out this fall. Don't miss them out!

See Viktor's personal invitation here...
ZAKK SABBATH have unfortunately cancelled their Masters of Rock performance.
Band's statement: " ZAKK SABBATH will not be able to play at Masters of Rock due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope that the band will be able to come to Europe in the near future."

We are working on finding a compensation for the band.
Hammerfall will present brand new album on Metalfest Open Air, check out the video invitation!
The Swedish powerhouse will honour us with a visit on Metalfest Open Air Festival in Pilsen! In a brand new show, they will introduce us to the latest album "Built to Last" which was released for the band's 20th anniversary in fall last year.

There is no need to discuss that Hammerfall are great musicians and based on their last effort they are not slowing down! On the contrary, we still love their songs which burst with energy.

Hammerfall is looking forward to show you that they still belong among the best of the heavy metal world in their Metalfest performance. So don't miss out!

Watch the invitation for the festival here
Another folk metal band confirmed for Masters of Rock! Get ready for HEIDEVOLK!
Many pagan hearts will start beating a little faster after hearing this news. We are adding another band from the folk camp, the Dutch Vikings HEIDEVOLK! They will show off traditional pagan metal in an explosion of the favourite tunes together with the songs from their latest album Velua. Look forward to the characteristically clear vocals, heavy guitar riffs and thundering drums and don't miss the pagan party at Masters of Rock!

Listen to „Winter Woede“ and get ready for the live show!

Another confirmed band on Metalfest Open Air. You can look forward the Hungarian folk metal star - DALRIADA!
DALRIADA joins the lineup of this year's Metalfest Open Air festival!
Their music closely follows the cultural traditions of Hungary which reflect not only in the lyrics but also in the joyful folk-like melodies.

To keep things fresh, the singer Laura Binder mixes in her brutal growls and adds a bit of death metal atmosphere.

Come rock out to the concert of this popular Hungarian band!

Tune in here and get ready for the live show...

The festival passes are on special offer - 50EUR - till the end of this January! Exclusively on this site!
The first confirmed band for the ROCK FACE STAGE on the Masters of Rock festival is FIVE WAYS TO NOWHERE from Italy!
Heavy riffs, raspy voice and catchy melodies - that's the characteristics of the first confirmed band for the second Masters of Rock stage.

This uncontrollable force will rock out with you and they are looking forward showing you their Halestorm and Papa Roach influenced Hard Rock show!

Don't miss them out!

Tune in here for a preview...
Just confirmed! Edguy will perform on Masters of Rock! The German heavy metal band under the lead of Tobias Sammet will perform a special anniversary “Best of Show“!
Edguy has been supplying us with best quality melodic metal already for a quarter of the century! And this year to celebrate their 25th anniversary the band will delight us with a special concert at Masters of Rock festival!

The show will contain the best of the whole career of the beloved german band.  Don’t miss the selection of the best Edguy songs on Masters of rock!

The festival passes are on special offer – 60 EUR - till the end of this January! Exclusively on mastersofrock.cz!
The sensational reunion of the legendary HELLOWEEN in Prague!
The dream of metal fans is coming true this year! HELLOWEEN have revived the iconic lineup and many call “Pumpkins United” the reunion of the year. The influential ex-band members - the guitar player/singer Kai Hansen and the singer Michael Kiske - will reunite with the current lineup of the HELLOWEEN on one stage!

They will perform in the Prague’s TipSport Arena on November 25th
and you can look forward to almost 3 hours long set composed of both the biggest hits and the songs we have not had a chance to hear often!

The founders of power/speed metal released a book called “Hellbook” in 2015 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the band. Turning a page there, the band started a new chapter. Hansen and Kiske uniting in UNISONIC or the Hellish Rock tours where the HELLOWEEN joined forces with GAMMA RAY could be considered as sneak peaks. Now the past and present meet on one stage to perform a unique show with a gigantic LED screen with historical footage and cuts.

“Playing an original Helloween track with Unisonic was quite a flashback already, but rocking with the original line-up and Andi will be something really special. The time has come!" said Michael Kiske while Kai Hansen added: "We already had an awesome time on the Hellish Rock Part 1 & 2, but this time we'll definitely double down on it". He will also not be performing with the Gamma Ray during the “Pumpkins United” tour.

The vocals will be shared by Michael Kiske and Andi Deris. We suppose that the “Walls of Jericho” songs will be sung by Kai Hansen. Andi Deris stated: "I'm so much looking forward to playing Michi's and my tunes together with him live on stage. It's going to be absolutely exceptional."
Kai Hansen, Michael Weikath a Sascha Gerstner will be on the guitars, Markus Grosskopf on bass and of course Daniel Löble on the drums.

Buy the tickets to one of the most anticipated concerts of 2017 on mastersofrock.cz or any of the pre-sale networks: TicketPortal, TicketPro, TicketArt and TicketStream.
The ticket presale starts THIS Thursday, January 26th!
The tickets will be solved for a special price 750 CZK for standard standing and 850 CZK for seating and standing before stage - till August 31st.

DELAIN to perform a very special show with honored guest Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH on Masters of Rock festival!

DELAIN performed songs from their latest album “Moonbathers” all around Europe last year since its release in August. Now they are bringing someone really special for their show on Masters of Rock festival this summer!
Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH!
Get your ears ready for this music feast and don’t miss it out!

SABATON sold out the biggest show of their European tour two months in advance!

That’s right! The Swedish metal powerhouse enjoys great popularity with the Czech audience! After the singer Joakim Brodén shocked general public by landing 5th place in the Czech rendition of Grammy awards - Český Slavík - we bring more excellent news for you. Two months before their concert in Prague SABATON hopelessly sold out the Tipsport Arena and they are getting ready to unleash some real metal hell on March 4th. Accompany them will the German legend ACCEPT!
Even though you can’t get the tickets for this feast anymore, you can still see them in the Czech Republic!
SABATON will headline this year of the main summer event, the Masters of Rock festival, and they are bringing something really special! Not only they will perform with the famous Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra, they are also preparing a one of a kind setlist with some of the songs we have never heard live before!
This unique show is prepared solely for their concert on Masters of Rock and will be the only concert in Europe where SABATON will perform with a Philharmonic Orchestra.
Don’t miss it out!

Co-founder of the heavy metal band MANOWAR arrives in Zlin! ROSS THE BOSS will play the concert on 30 year anniversary release of MANOWAR debut album »Battle Hymns«!
Guitarist ROSS THE BOSS own name Ross Friedman is one of the founders of the band Manowar, who was born in 1980. With Manowar recorded six albums and in 1988 left the group. Today it is also known from the band The Dictators and Death Dealer. However, this year he prepared for our republic something special, will come to us to play set of favorite songs, which started a musical career of Manowar! Do not miss the perfect set of metal tunes to the accompaniment of guitar riffs from Ross! Live in a friendly club environment March 3 at Masters of Rock Café in Zlin!

See a sample of the concert and tune in to the show ...

Tickets purchase on this site.
SEPULTURA - first track-by-track trailer for »Machine Messiah« launched!
Brazilian heavy metal icons, SEPULTURA, will unleash their upcoming studio album, »Machine Messiah«, on January 13th through Nuclear Blast. Today, the band unveils their first track-by-track trailer, in which they talk about the first five songs. Watch it here via YouTube
History has shown that what arises in Gothenburg, it is worth it. The same is the case with metal band around Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerströma. Energetic concert will not leave you in peace while you also enjoy really high quality and unique music
History has shown that what arises in Gothenburg, it is worth it. The same is the case with metal band around Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerströma. Energetic concert will not leave you in peace while you also enjoy really high quality and unique music from great musicians who play in AVATAR. Their sixth studio work »Feathers & Flesh« was released in 2016 in the spring and already looking forward to presenting it to you at Metalfest! So do not miss!
We announce Lacuna Coil for Masters of Rock!
Metal tip of Italy held its position on the music scene for 23 years, and its development is without doubt still ahead. This year the band released the groundbreaking album »Delirium«, which is probably the hardest ever in the history of this most aggressive "female fronted" band. The main face is an excellent singer Cristina Scabbia, she gives the harcore band already delicate touch. Do not miss their festival show at Masters of Rock!
TARJA first time performing at the festival along with Sharon den Adel!
The exclusive show for the first time at Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen!
Popular singer of rockmetal czech audiences have come together and are planning an exclusive festival show only for Pilsen Metalfest Open Air! Tarja, who recently captivated with his single shows is returning in a new form, accompanied by a great vocalist Sharon den Adel from WITHIN TEMPTATION. Do not miss this sexy metal deuce, you can see it LIVE in beautiful grounds of Amphitheater Lochotin in Pilsen, where thanks to the unique area you will see from any place and you will be able to fully enjoy this breathtaking show both musically and visually.
Three day passes to Metalfest Open Air, which will be held June 2 to 4, buy on this site!