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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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České vinařské závody

Mladá fronta DNES

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We announce the date of the festival Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen 2017!
Fans of heavy music! Already VIII. year of festival Metalfest Open Air will be held from Friday, June 2 to Sunday, June 4, 2017 in the popular Lochotin Amphitheater! Do not miss this three days full of great music!

And what about bands? Of course, we are working hard for it. First confirmed bands will be announced Nov. 19 at the Winter Masters Of Rock in Zlin! And now we can say that is definitely something to look forward !!

Advance tickets for the festival starts precisely on November 19 in the hall Euronics, for a great initial price, valid only and only on this day! Together with tickets also will begin selling DVD of the festival Masters of Rock 2016!
Metal fans! We announce the date of the Masters of Rock 2017!
A lot of you have been wondering when will be held Masters of Rock 2017. Just today we have the answer for you. The upcoming edition of the cult festival Masters of Rock will be held from July 13 to July 16, 2017, traditionally in the area distillery R.Jelinek!

And what about bands? Of course, we are working hard for it. First confirmed bands will be announced Nov. 19 at the Winter Masters Of Rock in Zlin! And now we can say that is definitely something to look forward !!

Advance tickets for the festival starts precisely on November 19 in the hall Euronics, for a great initial price, valid only and only on this day! Together with tickets also will begin selling DVD of the festival Masters of Rock 2016!
FREEDOM CALL preparing a new album which will present at concerts in Prague and Zlin!
Happy metallers FREEDOM CALL preparing for their fans a brand new album. His contagious optimism forwarded to the next, the ninth studio album. Frontman Chris Bay argues that little bit of metal music is in each of us. The truth is that live listening to their works and seeing the positive energetic show definitely you can not get in a bad mood!
German power metal band their brand new catchy songs from the board »Master Of Ligh« present in the tour and, of course, there will be also enthusiastic hits from years past! FREEDOM CALL stopped will stop in CZ twice, on March 17 in New Chmelnice club in Prague and then on March 18 at the Masters Of Rock Cafe in Zlin. Do not miss this optimistic evenings full of quality metal music!

Buy your tickets on this site!

Watch the news on Facebook www.facebook.com/MastersofRock.cz and www.mastersofrock.cz site!
TESTAMENT - official »Brotherhood Of The Snake« browser game released!
Legendary bay area thrash metal giants TESTAMENT have released the official browser game for the band's upcoming 12th album, »Brotherhood Of The Snake«.

Play up to 666 points to prove you're a worthy prospect for the brotherhood and keep on playing to get inducted and claim your spot in the global highscore! Surf to this location to play !

»Brotherhood Of The Snake« will be released on October 28, 2016 via Nuclear Blast.

Concert of TESTAMENT along with AMON AMARTH and GRAND MAGUS will be held on November 25 in hall Forum Karlin! So do not miss!

Tickets at this website!

EPICA - new music video for 'Edge Of The Blade' launched!
EPICA's new masterpiece »The Holographic Principle« will be available in stores in about three weeks' time. In anticipation of this album, a new music video for 'Edge Of The Blade' has been launched today!

Commented Coen Janssen (synths, piano):
"Finally another video! We are very happy with the way it turned out! It gives a glimpse on what to expect from our upcoming live shows, so watch it a few times because I'm expecting to see you sing along with it soon!"

Watch the video here...
SONATA ARCTICA will present new album in Zlin!
After two years of respite prepares popular Finnish fiver SONATA ARCTICA new album. Melodic elements and heavy parts this will be the new album! Novelties album called »The Ninth Hour« will be released in the fall on October 7. Frontman and singer Tony Kakko says about the album:
"Work on the album began in mid-April this year in several home studios throughout Finland. But the recording and mixing was done in a studio in Aveteli Studio57. It works as a center point, and all work eventually end up there. Our goal was to create a more melodic, beautiful and surprising album SONATA ARCTICA! "

New album full of beautiful melodies can be heard live February 21, 2017 in Zlin club Masters Of Rock Cafe. Do not miss!

Tickets can buy on this website!
SABATON - first chart entries announced; first track-by-track trailer launched; more tour dates announced!
Swedish heavy metal heroes, SABATON, released their latest, highly-acclaimed record, »The Last Stand«, on August 19th through Nuclear Blast. Today, the first chart positions can be revealed:

#1 - Czech Republic
#1 - Finland
#1 - Sweden
#2 - Germany
#4 - Belgium
#11 - Netherlands
#11 - Norway
#15 - Hungary
#17 - UK
#29 - Australia
#92 - Ireland
More entries to be announced soon...!

Additionally, the band have revealed the first track-by-track trailer today, telling more about the stories behind the songs. Watch it here...
SONATA ARCTICA announce first trailer for »The Ninth Hour«!
»The Ninth Hour« is approaching and Finnish power metal Titans SONATA ARCTICA are ready to celebrate it with you on October 7th. Today, the band releases the first trailer for their upcoming ninth album that you can check out here...

If you missed the first lyric video, you can watch 'Closer To An Animal' here...
SABATON now issued a new album »The Last Stand«!
Just today, 19. 8. 2016 publishes the popular Swedish band SABATON new album "The Last Stand". This is the already the eighth studio album, which the band recorded from April to May in the renowned Abyss studio. The basic version of the album contains eleven songs that deal with the recent military rebellion. Singer Joakim Brodén along with bandleader Pare Sundstrom prepared this time the battle from a different time period. Thematically, so devoted, for example, the Battle of Thermopylae, first and second world war, the samurai or a dispute between Afghans and Soviets. Musically it is the most diverse SABATON recording.

New album will be presented in mega show which will be held March 14, 2017 in Prague TipSport arena! SABATON will tour together with special guests ACCEPT! So do not miss!
SONATA ARCTICA announce new single!
After announcing the new album »The Ninth Hour«, due on October 7th, the Finnish melodic metal quintet SONATA ARCTICA now presents its first single and lyric video 'Closer To An Animal'.
Watch the lyric video to 'Closer To An Animal' here...
Order the single digitally here...
SABATON - live clip from »The Last Stand« bonus DVD released!
Swedish heavy metal heroes SABATON will release their new studio album, entitled »The Last Stand«, in two weeks through Nuclear Blast. To give their fans a taster of what to expect from the bonus DVD, which is included with the Digibook and Earbook formats, the live clip of 'The Art Of War' (live @ Stereolux, Nantes (France)) has been launched today. Check it out here...
Amaranthe will issue a new album and going on tour with a stop in Prague!
Amaranthe going with a new album and with an exciting new live show on a European tour! After a successful summer festival season coming to 21 cities to present their new album. The six-member group gives in his performance absolutely everything and beautiful vocals of singer Elize together with the second voice of frontman Jake are the icing on the cake of their perfect podium show. Do not miss only one stop of European Tour in Czech Republic, on November 14 in Prague's club MeetFactory, so be there!

Special guests of Amaranthe concert will be Swedish melodic death metal wallop SONIC SYNDICATE! And first band of this evening will be SMASH INTO PIECES. They will demonstrate their unique approach to music and starts the whole concert. Do not miss these three melodic bands in one evening on a great concert!

Tickets on this website!
SONATA ARCTICA announce a new album
Only two years after the release of »Pariah's Child« and a massive world tour, the Finnish Melodic Metal quintet SONATA ARCTICA are already back for more – their ninth masterpiece entitled »The Ninth Hour« will see the light of day on October 7th.
Once again, the album was produced by SONATA ARCTICA themselves and mixed by Pasi Kauppinen, to create a typical yet refreshing sound that defines the spirit of the band in the year 2016.
“The studio work for the new record started seriously in mid-April 2016 in several home studios around Finland," singer Tony Kakko explains. “But the main recording and mixing took place at the Studio57 in Alaveteli, Finland. It functions as a kind of centre point and all work finally ends up there. We aimed to create another melodic, beautiful, surprising SONATA ARCTICA album… Did it turn out that way? I surely think so. But maybe I should leave that for you to decide!”
EPICA release lyric video for their first single 'Universal Death Squad'
Today, Dutch symphonic metal stars EPICA release the lyric video for their first single entitled 'Universal Death Squad'. The song comes from the upcoming album »The Holographic Principle« and is an impressive first demonstration of what fans can expect from EPICA's sound in the year 2016. Do not miss the LIVE performance - 28 January, Prague - hall Forum Karlin!
Watch the clip here...

Download the new single 'Universal Death Squad' here...
Listen in NB Novelties playlist...

"The first song we unleash upon you is "Universal Death Squad"," states guitarist and vocalist Mark Jansen. "This track is representative for "The Holographic Principle", as it's a heavy and melodic album. The lyrics are dealing about advanced robotic legions with a self-determination to kill. We have chosen for a different kind of lyric-video concept in which EPICA plays the track in a rehearsal room. The song is very much fun to play and I expect this one will do very well on stage. Hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did creating it!"
BLUES PILLS - release brand new song 'Little Boy Preacher'
Up and coming multi-national rock act BLUES PILLS have released another brand new song called 'Little Boy Preacher' off their upcoming album, »Lady In Gold« (out August 5). Watch the lyric video by editor extraordinaire Tommy Antonini here...
Support of the ANNIHILATOR concert will be Australian predators MASON!
MASON is hilarious thrash metal band, which this year will visit the Czech Republic as the opening act of the concert ANNIHILATOR! Listen to one of songs and tune in to the concert!

The video clip for the song 'Warhead' here ...

Legendary Canadian thrash / heavy metal band Annihilator last year released their fifteenth studio album »Suicide Society«, which recently after release introduced at the fall tour. Stormy acceptance and positive feedback on the successful album forced the band to go on a European tour "In The Blood" for the second time. This time it stops even in the heart of Europe, on Thursday, November 17th at Prague club Storm!
Tickets on this website!
Support of the Dirkschneider concert will be VICIOUS RUMORS!
VICIOUS RUMORS, this are legendary US metal killers! On this occasion, will present the new album »Concussion Protocol«, which will be release on August 26th!

Listen to the newly released song "Take It Or Leave It " and tune in to the LIVE show!

Do not miss the grand final appearances of hits Accept from Udo Dirkschneider! Dec. 9 in Brno Vodova hall.

EPICA release first trailer for »The Holographic Principle«!
Today, the Dutch symphonic metal stars EPICA grant a little insight into the making of their massive new longplayer »The Holographic Principle« and release a first trailer from the studio. In this brandnew clip, the band explains their songwriting process and even comes up with some musical surprises:

Watch the trailer here...

"Halfway through 2015, Epica started a new journey: writing and recording the 7th studio album »The Holographic Principle«", explains guitarist Isaac Delahaye. "In between touring we spent our time in the Sandlane Recording Facilities with producer Joost van den Broek and here's the first part of our studio documentary! It gives you a little insight into the creation of what we see as our most complete album ever. You'll hear rough snippets of new music, and you'll see how we built things up. Enjoy!"

EPICA are set to release their newest masterpiece »The Holographic Principle« via Nuclear Blast on September 30th
APOCALYPTICA celebrates 20 years since the release of the album
After a stunning performance at the Masters of Rock, goes this grouping playing with the cellos into two large concert halls.APOCALYPTICA remains until the end of 2016 in touring of their latest album »Shadowmaker« with concerts in the US, Europe, Australia and South America.
In 2017, the band returns with special anniversary concert to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of album »Plays Metallica by Four Cellos«.

Two special show for the Czech Republic can be viewed on February 11 in Prague's Karlin Hall Forum on Feb. 19 at the Congress Center in Zlin. So do not miss! Waiting for you an intense and thrilling experience!
AMON AMARTH by Facebook likes and readership is one of the most successful bands of this year's Masters of Rock and again going to the Czech Republic! Viking thunder you will hear in Prague with supports TESTAMENT and GRAND MAGUS!
After three years vikings AMON AMARTH released a new album »Jomsviking« whose part of the audience showed at Masters of Rock with an incredible ovation. At this time we can again expect a great show with special effects and perfect sound on a separate concert - "Jomsviking European Tour"!

For the show Amon Amarth tunes you in advance the American thrash metal legends TESTAMENT, which prepares new album »The Brotherhood of the Snake«. The album will be very varied and epic will include perfect thrash riffs and rhythms in the style of TESTAMENT, its release is planned for October 28th! Live performances of this news waiting for you before concert of Amon Amarth.

The first opening band of the evening will be the Swedes GRAND MAGUS! Heavy doom metal trio performs extremely intense heavy metal in bringing new album »Sword Songs«, which was released this spring. Honest heavy metal lovers will certainly come into their own!

Concert of AMON AMARTH along with TESTAMENT and GRAND MAGUS will be held on November 25 in hall Forum Karlin! So do not miss!