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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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České vinařské závody

Mladá fronta DNES

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DELAIN to perform a very special show with honored guest Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH on Masters of Rock festival!

DELAIN performed songs from their latest album “Moonbathers” all around Europe last year since its release in August. Now they are bringing someone really special for their show on Masters of Rock festival this summer!
Marco Hietala of NIGHTWISH!
Get your ears ready for this music feast and don’t miss it out!

SABATON sold out the biggest show of their European tour two months in advance!

That’s right! The Swedish metal powerhouse enjoys great popularity with the Czech audience! After the singer Joakim Brodén shocked general public by landing 5th place in the Czech rendition of Grammy awards - Český Slavík - we bring more excellent news for you. Two months before their concert in Prague SABATON hopelessly sold out the Tipsport Arena and they are getting ready to unleash some real metal hell on March 4th. Accompany them will the German legend ACCEPT!
Even though you can’t get the tickets for this feast anymore, you can still see them in the Czech Republic!
SABATON will headline this year of the main summer event, the Masters of Rock festival, and they are bringing something really special! Not only they will perform with the famous Bohuslav Martinů Philharmonic Orchestra, they are also preparing a one of a kind setlist with some of the songs we have never heard live before!
This unique show is prepared solely for their concert on Masters of Rock and will be the only concert in Europe where SABATON will perform with a Philharmonic Orchestra.
Don’t miss it out!

Co-founder of the heavy metal band MANOWAR arrives in Zlin! ROSS THE BOSS will play the concert on 30 year anniversary release of MANOWAR debut album »Battle Hymns«!
Guitarist ROSS THE BOSS own name Ross Friedman is one of the founders of the band Manowar, who was born in 1980. With Manowar recorded six albums and in 1988 left the group. Today it is also known from the band The Dictators and Death Dealer. However, this year he prepared for our republic something special, will come to us to play set of favorite songs, which started a musical career of Manowar! Do not miss the perfect set of metal tunes to the accompaniment of guitar riffs from Ross! Live in a friendly club environment March 3 at Masters of Rock Café in Zlin!

See a sample of the concert and tune in to the show ...

Tickets purchase on this site.
SEPULTURA - first track-by-track trailer for »Machine Messiah« launched!
Brazilian heavy metal icons, SEPULTURA, will unleash their upcoming studio album, »Machine Messiah«, on January 13th through Nuclear Blast. Today, the band unveils their first track-by-track trailer, in which they talk about the first five songs. Watch it here via YouTube
History has shown that what arises in Gothenburg, it is worth it. The same is the case with metal band around Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerströma. Energetic concert will not leave you in peace while you also enjoy really high quality and unique music
History has shown that what arises in Gothenburg, it is worth it. The same is the case with metal band around Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerströma. Energetic concert will not leave you in peace while you also enjoy really high quality and unique music from great musicians who play in AVATAR. Their sixth studio work »Feathers & Flesh« was released in 2016 in the spring and already looking forward to presenting it to you at Metalfest! So do not miss!
We announce Lacuna Coil for Masters of Rock!
Metal tip of Italy held its position on the music scene for 23 years, and its development is without doubt still ahead. This year the band released the groundbreaking album »Delirium«, which is probably the hardest ever in the history of this most aggressive "female fronted" band. The main face is an excellent singer Cristina Scabbia, she gives the harcore band already delicate touch. Do not miss their festival show at Masters of Rock!
TARJA first time performing at the festival along with Sharon den Adel!
The exclusive show for the first time at Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen!
Popular singer of rockmetal czech audiences have come together and are planning an exclusive festival show only for Pilsen Metalfest Open Air! Tarja, who recently captivated with his single shows is returning in a new form, accompanied by a great vocalist Sharon den Adel from WITHIN TEMPTATION. Do not miss this sexy metal deuce, you can see it LIVE in beautiful grounds of Amphitheater Lochotin in Pilsen, where thanks to the unique area you will see from any place and you will be able to fully enjoy this breathtaking show both musically and visually.
Three day passes to Metalfest Open Air, which will be held June 2 to 4, buy on this site!
Headlining the Masters of Rock festival will be SABATON with Philharmonic Orchestra Bohuslav Martinu from Zlin! It will be a totally exclusive and only one SABATON performance accompanied by an orchestra throughout Europe in 2017!
Increasingly popular Swedes in the world will soon come forward with a new album  "The Last Stand" in Prague TipSport Arena, which will be filled to the last seat, but subsequent performance at the Masters of Rock will be from a musical point of view completely different show! Joakim Brodén wants probably with a special show thank you for your votes in the czech poll Český slavík, which earned him the beautiful fifth place in the category of singer and caused quite a decent fuss :-). For the full SABATON and Joakim you are probably entirely a matter of heart. And so arose the idea about preparing something new, about making special versions for selected tracks SABATON with Philharmonic, and in a single show for the whole of Europe, and perhaps even for the entire world to showcase this show right at Masters of Rock festival! The selection of songs will do SABATON with his orchestral arranger Christofer Johnsson of THERION band and now we can already say that there will be also included a number of songs, which SABATON never played live. This will be a unique and spectacular show, subtitled "Only one SABATON Orchestra Show in Europe in 2017"! Personal invitation vocalist Joakim Broden this show can be seen here ...
ENSIFERUM officially added to the roster of bands at Metalfest Open Air Pilsen!
Would you believe that the Finnish band occupies the metal scene for over twenty years? They are always on the go, which is promoting last year's album »One Man Army« and gradually heading towards new things. Until that time comes, will pass in 2017 several European festivals and we are delighted that one of them will METALFEST in Pilsen.
Heavy metallers BLOODBOUND are working on the new album! They will come in March to Zlin!

Since its first album »Nosferatu« are BLOODBOUND a favorite band of many heavy metal fans. They vocal and melodic diversity are in the metal music industry still very popular.

And for next year they preparing a big surprise in the form of a seventh studio album! Novelty album called »War Of Dragons«. We can expect its exclusive performances also here in CZ within headline tour„Dragons And Witches“. BLOODBOUND visit us on March 31 at the club Masters Of Rock Cafe, but that's not all! As an accompaniment take along a witch's band CRYSTAL VIPER and former SABATON guitarist Thobbe Englund with the new line up and a brand new album »Sold My Soul«!

Fredrik Bergh comments: "In the past we have toured a lot as a support act to bands like Sabaton, HammerFall and U.D.O.. We felt that the time was right to do our own tour now so we can give the fans a full concert, not just a short support set. We wanted to have a great package of bands, so we invited our awesome label mates Crystal Viper to join us as co-headliners and as a very special guest we will bring our friend Thobbe Englund and his brand new killer band! Thobbe will also join us as 2nd guitarist on this tour since Henrik Olsson is unable to perform."

Tickets buy on this site!
Legendary New Jersey thrashers, OVERKILL, have recently announced their upcoming eighteenth album, »The Grinding Wheel«, which will be released on February 10th, 2017 via Nuclear Blast. Today, the band have revealed the first video trailer in which they are talking about the album title and the cover artwork.

Watch it here via YouTube
Another band for Metalfest Open Air Pilsen will be Swedish female gang ICE AGE!
Attractive thrash metal supplement for festival Metalfest will form the Swedish band ICE AGE, which is composed of the greater part of the fragile female! According to the focus of their music on a very technical thrash However, the girls probably will not fragile. Really hard metal in Filing debut album, which has to come out in April next year, they will show you in Pilsen Metalfest. Do you have something to look forward!
ALMANAC confirmed show in the Czech Republic. After the New Year will play an exclusive concert at Prague's club Nova Chmelnice!
Almanac is a new and unique project of guitarist Victor Smolski (exRAGE). Why unique? Viktor invited to this powermetal project other great musicians from other bands. The voices are charismatic singer Andy B. Franck from Brainstorm, David Readman from Pink Cream 69 and opera singer Jeannette Marchewka of Lingua Mortis Orchestra, the symphonic accompaniment can be heard on their debut album »Tsar«, which the band released in 2016.

Do not miss the excellent project of guitarist Victor Smolski accompanied by great vocals from the bands Brainstorm and Pink Cream 69! You can hear this live on February 9 in Nova Chmelnice club in Prague! Special guest of the evening will be the German power metal band GLORYFUL and the opener will be LICHTGESTALT!

Tickets buy on this site!
BLUES PILLS going to tour with stop in Prague! Their energetic show you can see after the new year at Prague's Rock Cafe!
Blues rock retro quartet BLUES PILLS coming to us to imagine new successfull album »Lady in Gold«. This album released in August this year, the board artwork comes from the dutch artist Marijke Koger-Dunham, which of his time also worked with THE BEATLES! This tuned blues band played already at the Masters Of Rock where get a warmly ovation. Now you can listen they finally in a friendly club environment! Blues Pills concert will be held on March 5 at the club Rock Café in Prague! Do not miss!

Tickets buy on this site!
Guano Apes - one of the most successful German bands going on tour with stop in Prague!
Their specific alternative rock play for 20 years, so now just on this occasion this grunde band embarks on tour called "Proud Like A God Tour 2017". Their first single, "Open Your Eyes" released in 1996 and another catchy songs were not long in coming. Shortly thereafter, the band released their debut album »Proud like a god« and have experienced great success. Right now it is already 20 years and Guano Apes have decided to play for their fans the best of his music career!
Look forward to next year, GUANO APES celebrate their 20th Anniversary on October 27 at the club MeetFactory in Prague! Do not miss!

Listen to the first single and tune in to the live show ...

Tickets can be purchased on this site!
Joakim Brodén is among the six nominees for the Český slavík Singer of the Year Award!!! Thank you, metalheads!

Recently, when the Masters of Rock webpage and our Facebook profile posted that it is possible to support Joakim and send him a vote, it reached far more fans than expected. Only on the Masters of Rock Facebook profile, unbelievable 178 000 people read it. And, as it seems, many of you have risen to the challenge and sent Joakim a vote. A huge thank you is in order!

Whether the vote will end up for better or worse on Saturday, we and you, metal lovers, made it clear that Joakim deserves to be among the six best Czech singers. He may be, as he admits, only a half Czech who loves ice-hockey matches between the Czech Republic and Sweden because his country always wins , but he has done more for our national pride than many “full” Czechs. With the song “Far from the Fame” about the only Czechoslovakian Air Marshal Karel Janoušek, he made sure that the Czech history books once again speak of “true national heroes” decorated by the highest Czech order, The Order of the White Lion, by the Czech president. The regulars of Masters of Rock, for whom Joakim wrote the song, and anyone who has ever seen a Sabaton show, know how electrifying the atmosphere can get when the band starts playing “Far from the Fame” and the crowd waves Czech flags for the whole time. A sight you can’t see on any other concert in the Czech Republic. So, have “one more beer,” as Joakim’s favourite Czech sentence says, and tune in on Saturday 20:00 to TV Nova for the live broadcast of the award ceremony from Hudební divadlo Karlín.

PS: Don’t look for Joakim in the theatre. Although the organisers were keen on having him at the ceremony, Sabaton is due to be at the biggest computer festival DreamHack. Joakim said he would rather be in Prague, but, understandably, he is bound by a contract. He sends you all his thanks for your votes and support and can’t wait to see you all 4th March in Tipsport Arena in Prague! There is no doubt that the concert will be sold out and become the biggest solo concert of Sabaton in the Czech Republic.

We announce first confirmed bands for Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen!
First bands for the coming year is here!

Brief descriptions for individual artists can be found on these pages ...

In addition to the bands for you, of course, we also have tickets! You can buy it exclusively on this web for a special introductory price valid until the end of the month or until sold out limited edition.

We look forward to welcoming you in the beautiful surroundings of the renovated Amphitheater Lochotin! Performers you will have at your fingertips Smile.
We announce the first confirmed bands for MASTERS OF ROCK 2017 and launching ticket sales!
One of the most anticipated bands of the squads for the summer festival of heavy music is here! Also you were impatient?

So here are the first stars, that will entertain you from 13th to 16th July in Vizovice:

Brief descriptions for individual artists, see on section "band " on these page...

Outside the first confirmed bands we've got other great news! Today they go on sale the festival 4daypasses! You can buy it exclusively on this web.

See you at the biggest show of hard rock!
American rockmetal giant DREAM THEATER go on a European tour
Ingenious perfect recordings and concerts, totally professional and technically tuned production, this is the american band DREAM THEATER! During his history sold more than 6 million albums worldwide! Today, the All Stars band turned to the past to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the commercially most successful album »Images and Words" released in 1992. The album was in the order second album of the famous American progressivmetal band DREAM THEATER, which laid the foundation of all music direction and is considered to be absolutely crucial in the development of progressive metal,.

formed technically very proficient players who are recognized worldwide and ranks among the best rock and metal musicians. Most major core of the band consists of well-known duo John Myung and John Petrucci. Guitarist John Petrucci has been repeatedly included in the famous trio G3 tour, which also includes artists such as Steve Vai and Joe Satriani and bassist John Myung is another indispensable article of this group. Let us also not forget the rest of the great assembly, singer James LaBrie, keyboardist Jordan Rudess who worked with David Bowie and drummer Mike Mangini, who once accompanied Steve Vai.

Do not miss LIVE monstrous Indoor concert DREAM THEATER on February 6 in hall Forum Karlin in PRAGUE!

Tickets buy on this site!
here comes the sensation for all HELLOWEEN fans: PUMPKINS UNITED World Tour 2017 / 2018 !!!
#Deris #Kiske #Weikath #Hansen #Gerstner #Grosskopf #Löble #pumpkinsunited #worldtour

READ MORE here...
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