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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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The new album Saltatio MORTIS humbled German Longplay Charts! You can hear this great band live on Winter Masters Of Rock!
German folk metal band SALTATIO MORTIS got on top of the official German chart! With his new album "Zirkus Zeitgeist", which released only last week. The same success came two years ago, also the last album "Das Schwarze Einmaleins".

Czech fans will have the opportunity to hear this successful album live on November 15 for a show during the Winter Masters Of Rock.

Tickets here!
Hear also a song from the new album! Watch here!
American rock legend have a single concert in the Czech Republic - W.A.S.P.!
W.A.S.P. is a living legend! It is among alongside the famous KISS and other cult bands on which it grew, and still grow a generation of rockers. This spirit of classic rock will never die!
W.A.S.P. originated in 1982 as one of the heaviest bands at that time on the American metal scene. Have shocking image, lyrics and fantastic live performances. Founder and frontman Blackie Lawless was already a rock veteran when founded W.A.S.P. The band soon presented his furious live shows. W.A.S.P. are true and what is almost unbelievable, still active cult!

W.A.S.P. heading to Ostrava, where in the framework of the tour "The Bloody Road To Golgotha", will play a concert for the new album. So remember, on November 8 must be everyone in the Garage club!

Tickets here!
NIGHTWISH issued a limited package of CD and DVD - see also the last episode about making a new album!

Just before the start of the European tour "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" finnish metal band publishes special limited CD with a bonus DVD. But it is not any re-release!
The bonus DVD contains all 21 episodes of the creation of the album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", two new clips and more than 400 photos. It is therefore a very comprehensive document. Piece of this you can see in the latest trailer. Watch here!

British legend SWEET come to say goodbye! - Meet and greet ticket to sale!
Prague this year will host the British glam hard rock stars and every fan SWEET must buy a special VIP TOUR package! Because this opportunity will never be repeated! SWEET go to last tour!

VIP ticket includes

★ personal meeting with the band, pictures and autographs
★ preferential entry to the club
★ concert ticket

In addition, fans will also receive exclusive merchandising (T-shirts, posters, CDs, etc.)!
VIP packages are limited!

In Prague club Meet Factory SWEET will stop in Oct. 19 with the global FINALE - The Tour 2015. As the name implies, you should not miss! It is farewell with their long musical career!

Tickets here!
EPICA launch official 'The Essence Of Silence' live video!
Dutch metallers EPICA have launched the official live video for 'The Essence of Silence', which was recorded live earlier this year during the European »Enigma« tour at their sold-out show at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels, Belgium.

The video was shot and edited by Jens de Vos and his team at Panda Productions. The show was recorded by Ace Zec and mixed by EPICA producer Joost van der Broek.
The video can be viewed here!

EPICA and ELUVEITIE will be to promote his latest album "Quantum Enigma" and "Origins" in October 30 in Zlin, Hall Euronics. Opening band of the evening will be the Swedish melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry. This spectacular metal event do not to miss! Tickets for the introductory price of 31 EUR valid until 31 August buy here!
Exclusive interview with DORO - metal queen was talking about the new album!

DORO just a few days ago celebrated a quarter century on the same stage with bassist Nick Douglas. Metal magazine SPARK caught her in the special concert at Markneukirchen in Germany. In the showroom musical instrument manufacturer Warwick & Framus created an exclusive interview. Watch here! 

DORO will return to the Prague's MeetFactory on December 18! You can look forward to some new pieces from the upcoming board. How do DORO mentioned in the interview, preparing a special DVD. It should appear at the turn of the year!

Tarja published a video for the new album - look forward to Advent concert in Olomouc !
Check out the video, which made metal queen for her new solo album "Ave Maria - En Plein Air". This album will born about the 11th of September. And you will have the unique opportunity to hear these songs live on Advent concert, which takes place on 4th and 5th December in the Church of Our Lady of the Snows in Olomouc!
Watch here!
Legendary HELLOWEEN bring new album-on the way to Czech towns are issued in conjunction with the Swiss hard rock phenomenon GOTTHARD!
Another eagerly anticipated albums of the year was "My God - Given Right" from Helloween. Their fifteenth studio work released on May 29 and now with this album we achieved the best worldwide sales ranking IFPI. At the beginning of the new year, expect the official presentation!

And that's not all! Along with Helloween will bring their latest album rock group Gotthard. This band has sold over 2 million records worldwide!
This wonderful pair, along with  support Crimes of Passion will come sweeten just two cold February evening, do not miss them!

19.2.2016 - ZLIN, Hall Euronics
20.2.2016 - PRAGUE, Forum Karlin

Tickets here!
New Kataklysm album reaping the first successes !
Freshly released album KATAKLYSM still did not manage to warm up in the player and already has its first great ratings! Metal Hammer described the new album "Of Ghosts and Gods" as the best album of the month! See with your own ears on January 22 in Prague, MeetFactory .
Here you also want to see a new video for the song "The World Is A Dying Insect" ...
We announce support for the concert GAMMA RAY - with Kai and SERIOUS BLACK also come DRAGON!
Dragony is a symphonic power metal band from Vienna. This year, precisely on 18 September, is about to release a new album titled "Shadowplay". Do not miss this performance in the context of concerts GAMMA RAY!

Concerts will take place on 4 November in Prague, MeetFactory and 6 November in Brno, KC Semilasso. Tickets here!
STRATOVARIUS publish the release date of the new album - check it on new video!
As we have already announced symphonic band STRATOVARIUS is preparing to release novelty album. Launch is scheduled for September 11th.

Prepare in to their performances at the Winter Masters Of Rock along with a lyric video of the song "Shine In The Dark" from the new album, "Eternal".

Video here!

Tracklist from the new album:
1. My Eternal Dream
2. Shine In The Dark
3. Rise Above It
4. Lost Without A Trace
5. Feeding The Fire
6. In My Line Of Work
7. Man In The Mirror
8. Few Are Those
9. Fire In Your Eyes
10. Lost Saga
Finnish crossover metal band WALTARI bring current album -

Last year WALTARI expanded to a number of seven members, and six years later they released a new album. Finnish band mixing many metal styles, constantly surprises, and this fall will be no different. Come and listen to the latest songs from the workshop of the thirteenth album "You Are Waltari".

Watch this favorite songs from the new album!

„Only The Truth“   
„Diggin The Alien“  

Do not miss the energetic show and alternative speech frontman Kartsy Hatakka along with their insane family WALTARI on 20 October in Futurum club in Prague!

Tickets for the price of 24 EUR, valid until September 1, buy here!
U.D.O. announces special BACK TO THE ROOTS TOUR 2016! Last time you will hear from him legendary hits Accept! After this tour, it will never ever sing!

The band U.D.O. It is now a legend, like its founder Udo Dirkschneider. However, they are still very strong and energetic band. Anyone who attended the last concert at the Masters Of Rock, certainly can not deny that the performance U.D.O. it was phenomenal!

But what is really special in a tour for 2016?

Origin dates back to the deep past of frontman Udo Dirkschneider . Every good metalhead knows that Udo is the founder of ACCEPT. He made this legend of heavy metal, which at that time to determine the direction a lot of other bands. After the disintegration of the band a frontman formed his band called UDO and transferred to the newly established formation his charisma, style of music and art and fans of Accept.

Since then U.D.O. plays on each concert the biggest hits from the history of the band Accept. But the tour in 2016 will have a thick line! Udo Dirkschneider definitely wants to close the chapter on behalf of ACCEPT. He revealed that next year is preparing a special tour. Here he gives farewell hits such as "Balls to the Wall", "Metal Heart" and "Princess Of The Dawn".

"I still enjoy singing the songs, they are still an important part of my work and I still fit, but it is time to close this chapter. About ACCEPT so much of talk that I want to say its last word and give the fans one last chance to see me as one during the concert to sing only those songs," says Udo.

After this special tour with Udo Dirkschneider wants to play only the formation of the band UDO.  Last time, come and listen hits of the era Accept in the most original submissions, because throughout this concert will sound just their songs!
This is a unique and last chance, never to be repeated. Do not miss the last show with hits Accept March 27 in Prague, MeetFactory March 26 in Zlin, Masters Of Rock Cafe and 25 March at Ostrava club Garage. Special guests are commonplace!

Tickets for the price of 30 EUR valid until 1 November, you can buy here!
Winter Masters of Rock has another metallic note - Freedom Call !
German power metal from FREEDOM CALL - their style of music is unmistakable fact. Rhythmic drums, fast guitar riffs, hymnal melodies and typical color of the voice of the singer and founder Chris Bay, these are the unique elements of FREEDOM CALL! Come to hear not only their last studio album "Beyond", which was successful in a lot of metal hearts. This evening will belong to best set of hits that appeared on the new double album "Eternity", released in April of this year!

Listen to the single from album "Beyond" and set the mood for an evening full of metal stars!

We announce another bands on Winter Masters Of Rock !
As is customary everywhere, performers are added gradually. Today we have decided that we will introduce the other bands that will take part already XI. Winter Masters Of Rock.

Look forward to powermetal fantasy band Gloryhammer under the direction of Christopher Bowes of Alestorm. At this moment they are working on a new album which will release in September. We'll have the opportunity to hear live their new album "Space 1992: The Rise Of The Chaos Wizards".

Another band will be DIVINE ASCENSION . Australian progressive power metal with vocalist Jennifer Borg will surely sit up.

Buy tickets here!
The first video of stellar assembly Operation: Mindcrime !
During the preparations for the new album "The Key" have the band for you a new video clip. Operation: Mindcrime called in to prepare a great filmmaker and documentary filmmaker Jamie Burton Chamberlin. Check out the video creation, which the band performs , of course, along with Queensrÿche hits on Winter Masters Of Rock in Zlin !

Watch here !
Powerwolf traveling through Europe !
Over the weekend, the band conquered Wacken, at the end of October, you will see them in Prague !

Foto from WACKEN here !
STRATOVARIUS preparing album and going on a world tour - they will make a stop at the Winter Masters Of Rock !
Finnish band STRATOVARIUS can call it a legend. Right now completing a novelty album "Eterna", which will released 11 September . At the Winter Masters Of Rock you will be able to hear it live in ETERNAL WORLD TOUR 2015 ! This opportunity can not miss!

STRATOVARIUS await you on 15 November for the winter version of rock metal festival Masters Of Rock in the sports hall Euronics in Zlín
LEAVES' EYES announces support acts for the upcoming tour!
We are very happy to announce two great support acts for our upcoming "King of Kings" tour in Europe: DIABULUS IN MUSICA and MELTED SPACE!
The first band to join us are our Spanish friends of the female fronted symphonic metal band DIABULUS IN MUSICA! Frontlady Zuberoa who joined us at our 10th anniversary show last year, states: "We cannot wait to join our dear friends of Leaves’ Eyes on tour! We have shared stage several times so far and got to know them enough to see how lovely, kind and talented they are. It is always a pleasure to play with them and we are very grateful that they invited us on their European tour. Get ready for a kick-ass tour team!"

Masters of gothic metal gearing up to end of summer release of a new album . The roots of this epic news can be found in Norse mythology. Album " King Of Kings " was recorded in several countries in Europe and its hosting choir took LONDON VOICES , who is known for his voice in films Lord of the Rings , The Hobbit and Harry Potter. At the first concert of this album with us, you can enjoy 29 October 2015 in Prague , New Chmelnice. Beauty Liv Kristine with her angelic voice you definitely do not miss!

Tickets for the introductory price 26 EUR valid until September 1 can be ordered through this site.
Winter Masters Of Rock - exQUEENSRŸCHE Geoff Tate and his OPERATION: MINDCRIME! First time in Czech Republic! All Stars Band!
In 2012, they parted ways with frontman Geoff Tate and the remaining members of  Queensrÿche. Since then, no one had heard of him. But autumn is about to release his debut album Stars Band OPERATION:MINDCRIME. CD will be called " The Key" and exclusive performances can only be seen at the festival Winter Masters Of Rock !

This will be the first part of the trilogy album . Progmetal founder Geoff Tate has had a great fondness for writing music stories. The name of the band came from the legendary original works of Queensryche from 1988.

Composition of the band:
Simon Wright Drums (ex AC/DC)
John Moyer Bass (Disturbed)
Kelly Gray Guitar (Queensryche)
Randy Gane Keyboard (Queensryche, Rage for Order)
Scott Moughton Guitar (Geoff Tate solo band)
Geoff Tate Original singer of Queensryche

And that's not all ! Soon we will introduce other large groups that will participate in the Winter variation of the iconic Masters Of Rock festival!

Tickets here! 

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