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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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Fans love the new HAMMERFALL album. It leads several sales’ charts!
"Thank you so much for the support, the Templars of Steel have spoken and the world will have no choice but to listen!". These are the words of Oscar Dronjak describing joy of HAMMERFALL band because of the fact that their new album "(r)Evolution" has registered fantastic first-week chart positions. In some countries even the highest one of all nine to date issued studio albums of these Swedish metal pioneers. The album became a chart leader in their home country as well as in the American Billboard Heatseekers, in the Czech Republic and in Germany it entered the IFPI Top 100 in fourth place, in Switzerland in 5th place, in Finland in tenth spot. Simply first-class power metal... Congratulations!
Recall the current record with videoclip for "Hector's Hymn", the previous CD with "One More Time" and remember the mentioned "Templars of Steel" as well. And let’s meet HAMMERFALL on February 6th, 2015 during their exclusive concert in Czech Republic - in MeetFactory in Prague. Also ORDEN OGAN and SERIOUS BLACK will be there…


Danes MERCENARY will deliver melodic death metal to Masters of Rock!

Stage of the upcoming festival will welcome many metal fans' icon - foursome MERCENARY. Their history is already 23 years long and in that time guys released seven albums. The latest one last summer, entitled "Through Our Darkest Days". Remind it for yourself with videoclip for "Welcome The Sickness". At the end of the past decade MERCENARY went through the private revolution, when one of the most successful bands of the Nordic melodic death metal scene essentially changed and reduced its team by one third. But we can still rely on them! As evidence could be served the success of band's last two studio albums and with no doubt a crowded R. Jelinek Distillery in Vizovice next summer. For the 13th annual Masters of Rock are apart from MERCENARY also confirmed POWERWOLF, SONATA ARCTICA, GOTTHARD, KAMELOT, KROKUS, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, BLUES PILLS, CREMATORY and SEPTICFLESH. Another huge name on Friday!


Thrash metal veterans and beer aficionados - TANKARD - in Metalfest premiere!

Gerre, Andi, Frank and Olaf are together since 1982, are part of The Big Teutonic Four and every other year issue new album. And they do know a lot about the beer (and about the music which belongs to it)... German band TANKARD does quick, energetic music that pays tribute to the demon of alcohol. However, in addition to fun, entertainment and relaxation, it is after all about aggressive thrash metal full of melodies and captivating riffs, precise drums and charismatic vocals. That is what are TANKARD known for and what they recorded onto already sixteen albums. The last one named (as always funny named) "R.I.B." (Rest in Beer) came out in the middle of the summer and pleases many beer and old-school thrash metal fans! TANKARD once said they like to play where the beer flows in backstage. For free. Therefore we believe they will love it in hometown of Pilsner Urquell and Gambrinus - in Pilsen during Metalfest Open Air 2015!
Give it a try:
R.I.B.“ (2014), „A Girl Called Cerveza“ (2012), „Stay Thirsty“ (2008).


Thrash metal from the phenomenal LEGION OF THE DAMNED will resound during The Masters of Rock!

List of the next festival line-up is growing with the ninth name. Huge name of metal scene - LEGION OF THE DAMNED. This Dutch quartet (which makes in five on stage) always belonged to reliable sources of high-grade thrash metal and we could confirm it in Vizovice while enjoying its set packed with hits from band's six albums. The last one "Ravenous Plague" was released at the beginning of this year and it is full of aggressive but melodic metal - as "Doom Priest" or "Mountain Wolves Under a Crescent Moon". Look forward to a brutal party with LEGION OF THE DAMNED at Masters of Rock 2015! Limited edition tickets for the September price of EUR 38.- go quickly - order yours today from this site.


Hard rock veterans KROKUS for the first time at Masters of Rock!
During the last year's festival we were looking forward to the second appearance of this Swiss legend in the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, due to bassist's injury, whom the doctor on the day of the beginning of the Masters ordered complete quiet until the end of July, they didn't arrive. We promised that we will do everything we can to bring KROKUS to XIII. annual festival and we keep our word. A band that rocks already 40th season will arrive to Vizovice! No other Swiss act visited the whole world and sold so many albums (more than 14 million) around the world - so many platinum and golden albums! Maltese Marc Storace will sing with his rugged three-octave voice in Moravia and accompanied will be by his team members - Chris von Rohr, bassist and founder of the band, guitarists Fernando von Arb, Mark Kohler and another "found" Mandy Meyer, which we familiarly know from GOTTHARD or UNISONIC. Young Flavio Mezzodi is asset as a drummer. Classic hard rockers KROKUS enhance the line-up of so far confirmed names for the upcoming Masters of Rock - POWERWOLF, SONATA ARCTICA, GOTTHARD, KAMELOT, BLUES PILLS, CREMATORY a SEPTICFLESH and are another reason to purchase your ticket today - from this site. Enjoy:
Dög Song“ (2013), „Dirty Dynamite“ (2013), „Hellraiser“ (2006).
One of the most successful Swiss bands in the history - GOTTHARD - will show up at Masters of Rock!
Two years ago GOTTHARD together with us celebrated their world comeback in Vizovice and they are back with new album! We will relish again emotional, direct, classic hard rock performed by masters of the field at the Masters of Rock, which the band endows the world for already 22 years. GOTTHARD - it's quintet, whose all records have reached the highest spot of domestic (Swiss) album chart - including last year's "Bang!". The choice of the new singer - Nic Maeder - announced on 11/11/11 confirmed as completely correct.
GOTTHARD already released singles "Feel What I Feel" and the football one "Bang!" from the actual record, apart from them we will enjoy also tidbits from ten previous albums. Don't miss melodic rock of GOTTHARD nor other so far confirmed acts - POWERWOLF, SONATA ARCTICA, KAMELOT, BLUES PILLS, CREMATORY nebo SEPTICFLESH.
Tickets are already on sale - for a great introductory price of EUR 37.- (price valid only until the end of September or while limited stock lasts) - on this website only.


Symphonic power metal from VISIONS OF ATLANTIS will peal from MOA stage!
So far we announced representatives of death, thrash, heavy and folk metal genres for the upcoming festival and now something for those who take pleasure in symphonic metal. Program of the 6th Metalfest in Pilsen will garnish Austrian six-piece band VISIONS OF ATLANTIS. The group, which builds on the fact it transmits among its fans two perfectly complementary voices (last year it strengthened Clémentine Delauney of SERENITY and Siegfried Samer) has five records out and is working on another one. So at the beginning of next June in a newly renovated amphitheatre of Metalfest we can enjoy well known hits - "New Dawn" (2011), "At The Back of Beyond" (2007) and "Lost" (2004), as well as new stuff.
Besides VISIONS OF ATLANTIS we will party in Lochotin Cirque also with ARCH ENEMY, OVERKILL, EQUILIBRIUM, UNLEASHED and BATTLE BEAST. Other names pretty soon…
Tickets to the MOA for the introductory price of only EUR 32.- (price valid until the end of September or while the limited stocks last!) order from this page.


POWERWOLF plan unique show for Masters of Rock! They will introduce new album in a world premiere!
After Sweden's SABATON composed the song for Masters of Rock festival (by the way, as the only festival in the world!), there is another band that experiences huge rise of popularity in all countries and which prepares totally unique "album release show" for Masters of Rock.
Increasingly popular POWERWOLF are now working on a new album. Its release is timed to come out just prior the Masters of Rock and band have chosen right this festival for new album’s world premiere.
Yes, all POWERWOLF fans from around the world would be able to hear the new songs live for the first time right on Masters! The album will be most likely released the day before the POWERWOLF show and the fans should be able to buy it directly in the festival shop. Then POWERWOLF could write a personal dedication and sign that still "hot" CD during their extra long signing session! Of course musical media and journalists from around the world will be invited to attend live introduction of new album. Now watch out - POWERWOLF prepare the biggest stage show in the history of the band ever for Masters! The concert will be recorded and will be released worldwide on DVD! POWERWOLF have chosen Masters of Rock as the festival where they will present their new studio album and a spectacular new show to the world. And we've chosen POWERWOLF as a headliner of the Saturday evening program. Be there!
Tickets are available since today through this website in Tickets section, also in Masters of Rock Café in Zlin and in the Pragokoncert Prague office, U Bulhara 3.
Introductory price of the four festival days’ ticket is EUR 37.- and is valid until the end of September or while limited stocks last!


Another female fronted band on Metalfest - we will hail to BATTLE BEAST!
Energetic heavy metal full of crushing riffs, perfect solos and strong choruses - this is music that makes for the tenth year the band BATTLE BEAST. On top of that voice you couldn’t overhear - high sexy scream of charismatic Noora Louhimo (* 1988). Metalfest Open Air will greet a six-member band from Finland that enriches traditional old-school heavy metal with modern elements of the 21st century and always (even in Pilsen) captivate and entertain the whole pit! BATTLE BEAST, who years ago won the Wacken Metal Battle Contest, are next to ARCH ENEMY (and their Alissa) another band we could enjoy also with our eyes :o) Check out introduction of Noora to the band, then the video for the hit "Black Ninja" . In addition to these two bands we have already confirmed OVERKILL, EQUILIBRIUM and UNLEASHED. On Friday we will come up with another name for the 6th annual festival, as well as the sale of tickets will begin!


Real metal will thunder in the summer in Vizovice - SEPTICFLESH are confirmed for Masters of Rock 2015!
Number of visitors of 13. annual festival will be pleased by the fact that festivals’ program would be enriched by more extreme metal bands. Greeks SEPTICFLESH, dark metal quartet, whose their new album „Titan“ amazed fans in June (recorded again in Prague with local philharmonic and children choir) will kick us from Ronnie James Dio Stage.
Seth and his company have been playing the highest quality symphonic death metal for already 25 years and they have numbers of fans all over the world and of course in the Czech Republic too. Let’s look forward for what SEPTICFLESH would prepare for their gig in July next year.
Tickets for Masters of Rock, which will run from 9th to 12th July 2015 - for superb introductory price are available from this web in Tickets section.
Prototype” (2014), “Pyramid God” (2011).


Another Metalfest Open Air premiere - Swedes UNLEASHED will play in Pilsen!
Fans of death metal mastery, rejoice ... Battle cry of powerful Northerners UNLEASHED who will bring with them the spirit of their Viking ancestors will resonate during next annual Metalfest in Lochotin Cirque. Many metalheads will agree that bunch which singer and bassist Johnny Hedlund  founded 25 years ago and which has a discography of eleven albums is one of the top extreme bands on the planet. Proof? "Black Horizon" (2008), "The One Insane" (1993) or "Before the Creation of Time" (1991). Pilsen Valhalla will open its gates - except brutal UNLEASHED - for ARCH ENEMY, OVERKILL and EQUILIBRIUM. Other names for Metalfest 2015 will be announced very soon and the tickets are on sale since this Friday!


American band KAMELOT will present new album at Masters of Rock!
KAMELOT is another great band which we managed to confirm for next annual Masters. The band around Thomas Youngblood, the main composer and brains of this symphonic metal band is now in recording studio. Composing and recording of new album is running at full throttle at this moment and it would be released in the beginning of April 2015. Then popular KAMELOT will launch their 18-months long world tour and as the only exclusive stop in the Czech Republic for album introduction they have chosen Masters of Rock festival! Be there!
Order your tickets from this page.


Another primacy of your favorite festival - Masters of Rock - dominated internet search in the summer!
Summer and music festivals are truly inseparable. Only in July and August more than 140 of them take place in the Czech Republic. Search engine Seznam.cz (major Czech portal) gave the eye which of them Czech users searched for and it seems that people like to listen to hard rock, especially the one being performed at festival in Vizovice. Masters of Rock unambiguously won and gained twice as much hits as the second one :o) Second place also belongs to rock genre - to 20th annual Rock for People festival. Third occupies 22nd annual Boskovice festival. Additional data could be found in these charts. Article taken from AC&C Public Relations - Marketa Kaclova.
Metal 4ever!


Next Metalfest's program will be refined with folk metal from EQUILIBRIUM!

Yes, during the first weekend of June 2015 - at Metalfest Open Air - spectators in the Lochotin Cirque will also enjoy performance of German five-piece EQUILIBRIUM. They have its own specific cocktail and mixes symphonic black metal with folk for already 14 years which they served us last year on the record named "Erdentempel". Vocalist Robse and his gang likes to discusses the ancient epic tales of Germania and Scandinavia and we believe that there will be lot of their followers the pit in Pilsen. Of Metalfest visitors - descendants of mighty Vikings - of EQUILIBRIUM fans.
We will announce more bands for the 6th MOA very soon on this website, as well as we will start tickets presale.
"Wirtshaus Gaudi" (2014)


One of the most significant gothic metal bands - CREMATORY - for the first time at Masters of Rock!
Today, 303 days before the start of the festival we are happy to announce that next year we will welcome in Vizovice also industrial band CREMATORY.
After twenty years of its existence this German quintet belongs among the longest playing European gothic metal bands. Band around Felix (Gerhard Stasse), which has since this spring new already the 12th masterpiece "Antiserum" is unmistakable, also thanks to strong synthesizers is safely known after the first tones. Melodic gothic metal from CREMATORY will surely please many fans on the 13th annual Masters of Rock festival!
Your ticket to the festival (9. - 12. 7. 2015) can be conveniently ordered thru this page or purchased in person at Pragokoncert offices in Zlin or in Prague.
Let's enjoy: "Shadowmaker" (2014) and "Greed" (2004).
Masters of Rock Festival 2015 will offer special show of SONATA ARCTICA - Ecliptica-15th Anniversary!
Phenomenal Finns who left an indelible mark in the history of this festival are returning to the scene after seven long years.
Do you remember the moment when the singer Tony together with you didn't give up even in the total torrential downpour, when the power went out all over the stage and only after connecting the microphone to the extension line stretched from the distillery building, without any instrumental accompaniment, he began to sing with you? Lots of other artists would leave the stage in such a situation, but on the podium stood SONATA ARCTICA!
The group around  Tony Kakko makes good name of power metal - already this year the twentieth year. And the next year will be live also in our country - SONATA ARCTICA, the second confirmed band for Masters of Rock 2015.
It is half of year what SONATA ARCTICA came with the eighth masterpiece "Pariah's Child" and soon, by the end of October, will again offer (according to many) to the best of their previous discography. Their debut album "Ecliptica" from beginning to end full of melodic speed / power metal track, which the band will release after 15 years the new version under the name "Ecliptica - Revisited; 15th Anniversary Edition ".
We can look forward to it, as well as a very special show of SONATA ARCTICA, exclusively on Masters of Rock 2015!
Rock music of many genres holiday keeps tradition - it will take place again during the second holiday weekend (9. - 12. 7. 2015) in the area of ​​R. Jelinek distillery in Vizovice.


Metalfest Open Air 2015 in Pilsen will be great - also thanks to OVERKILL!
After the announcement of death metal icon ARCH ENEMY participation we are pleased to announce another great name of metal genre. Veterans OVERKILL will arrive from the shores of New Jersey! Bobby Blitz Ellsworth and his pals, this year playing the 35th year have released album "White Devil Armory" during the summer holidays which scored a huge success in U.S. Billboard - 31st place (so far the highest rankings of all 17 records) and showed that thrash metal outlive all trends. In addition to their own genre OVERKILL made bold to record also heavy metal, hard rock and even punk stuff onto band's fresh novelty which only confirms their strength.
Come to Lochotin Cirque too for a dose of thrash metal energy - be there when OVERKILL will bedazzle 6th annual Metalfest! And enhance your day with delicatessen "Armorist" (2014), "Electric Rattlesnake" (2012) or "Skull and Bones" (2007).
Metalfest Open Air will take place during the first weekend in June - 5th to 7th, 2015 and tickets will be available from our websites already this week!


Metalfest Open Air Pilsen - We announce the first star of its program!
Of course, Metalfest will take place during the next year too - its visitors, fans of many metal genres, will be welcomed for the sixth time. It will be held as usual in Lochotin Cirque the first weekend in June. Make a note for yourself - between June 5th and 7th, 2015 in the newly renovated premises! By tradition we will have the opportunity to see and hear nearly thirty favorite artists during three days of the upcoming festival. And to monstrously party with them!
As the first name for Metalfest we confirm death metal legend, a band around Michael Amott and Alissa White-Gluz - ARCH ENEMY! With this damn hard, but melodic band we could celebrate its 20th birthday as well as the first anniversary of great album "War Eternal" release, which was a huge milestone for the band. As confirmed also by the response of fans, hugely successful milestone. Remind it for yourself with videos for "No More Regrets", "You Will Know My Name" or the title one "War Eternal".
Other performers of the 6th annual Metalfest Open Air Pilsen 2015 will be introduced soon on these pages! Visit them regularly, as well as the official FB profile. Tickets presale we plan to start already next week - exclusively through this web site, as well as in the club Masters of Rock Café in Zlin and at Pragokoncert headquarters in Prague.
Metal Forever!
Blues rock sensation BLUES PILLS is the first confirmed band for Masters of Rock festival 2015.
Just 310 days :o) separates us from the beginning of next year's Masters of Rock. That will take place traditionally in R. Jelinek Distillery in Vizovice between 9th and 12th July, 2015. Also upcoming festival will take place on two stages, where over 70 bands will perform in four days. The first one whose attendance we announce today is Swedish-American-French quartet BLUES PILLS - musical sensation of contemporary rock scene. Elin Larsson, Dorian Sorriaux, Cory Berry and Zack Anderson, playing together since 2011, released their debut album shortly after Masters of Rock 2014. Prestigious musical magazines’ critics totally praised album which stunned many of genuine rock fans all around the globe. It is also represented by actual sales charts’ placement around the world - CD got into Top 10 in the UK, Germany, Switzerland or Sweden! You can listen to entire album here.


T-Shirt from the Masters? Will be available soon…
Attention! Only six days left to pre-order your t-shirt or other merchandise from the Masters of Rock festival 2014. We will have made them after August 20th and you got it! So if you desire for limited Masters merch make sure to place your pre-order in time! The entire stuff can be found on this website in the Shop section.


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