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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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Mladá fronta DNES


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Another reason why to attend Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen - it is named HEIDEVOLK!
Pagan / folk metal fans will be pleased with news about participation of another master of these styles at MOA 2015. It will be three years since the Vikings from Holland lifted Pilsen fans’ mood for the first and so far the last time, so it's time to invite them back. Six representatives of the "heaths people" will arrive with modified line-up and will introduce their new vocalist Lars Vogel to us. A few days ago - as is customary in the band - he got nickname Lars Vellenknotscher - translated as a night owl, but surely with another meaning as well :o) But mostly, HEIDEVOLK will bring a brand new album. Its recording was done in late November. The fifth studio album should be released in March 2015 and if it would sound as good as "Batavi" it will be outrageous.
Next to band EQUILIBRIUM, HEIDEVOLK is another reason for fans of folk metal to participate at Metalfest during the first June weekend.
Let’s pay tribute to their goddess named "Nehalennia"!


Pilsner amphitheater will change into the battlefield - warriors MAJESTY will attend Metalfest 2015.
An incredible energy during the sixth annual festival will be given away by bunch of warmen MAJESTY, which is connected with Czech fans by firm bond. It sounds incredible, but this band from Germany, which is famous for great guitar riffs, bass and drum rhythms harmony, heroic themed lyrics and mainly for distinctive frontman and composer Tarek, has been out there for already eighteen years. During that time, thanks to the catchy heavy metal anthems, they have found a lot of devoted fans who will surely create noisy rumble at Metalfest Pilsen. Thus MAJESTY ranks alongside ACCEPT, ARCH ENEMY, EDGUY, ELUVEITIE, MOONSPELL, AMARANTHE, OVERKILL, TESTAMENT (and many others), for which it is worth to buy a ticket to Lochotin Cirque. Until the end of December for only EUR 38.- !


Metal legends live - METAL ALL STARS - announces new date of Prague show!
European tour of stellar project METAL ALL STARS, due to last minute engagements of a few of the artists in the lineup rescheduled to spring 2015, confirms its first new term. The term of concert in Prague, which is the first gig confirmed in the new schedule! The three-hour rumble of the biggest names of the world’s metal scene will take place on Friday, April 24th, 2015 in the new hall Forum Karlin Prague.

Undoubtedly the biggest attractions of project are voice and guitar of Zakk Wylde. He will play BLACK LABEL SOCIETY hits and maybe even some stuff from years spent with Ozzy Osbourne. The greatest hits of DREAM THEATER will sing their vocalist James LaBrie. Joey Belladonna of ANTHRAX will perform not only hits of his home band but also those of BLACK SABBATH and RAINBOW. Cronos - frontman of English VENOM - will play and roar as well. Many will be delighted by the presence of former longtime frontman of prog-metal legends QUEENSRŸCHE - Geoff Tate will sing to us. Dave Ellefson - cofounder and member of MEGADETH - will torture his bass guitar. Thrash metal and art of band TESTAMENT will be represented by Chuck Billy. As a newly confirmed member of star squad was added former voice of IRON MAIDEN Paul Di'Anno. Leading figure of DEATH DEALER Ross the Boss will recall years spent (not only) with MANOWAR. Also brothers Vinny Appice and Carmine Appice, who left their artistic creation on many BLACK SABBATH, DIO, VANILLA FUDGE or CACTUS albums will arrive. The guest of the only METAL ALL STARS show in the Czech Republic will also be talented guitarist Gus G., known mainly as a member of FIREWIND as well as the colleague of Mr. Osbourne. From Ozzy's band is also coming Rob Blasko Nicholson, who spent long years with Rob Zombie. And as it happens, a female vocal can’t be missing on these monstrous projects. It will represented by Kobra Paige of KOBRA AND THE LOTUS band. Her setlist is more than a colorful and in addition to her hits she will offer those of IRON MAIDEN, BLACK SABBATH, MOTÖRHEAD and MANOWAR!

Before them our eardrums will be massaged by two bands from California - five-pieces CAGE and SUPERFIX. CAGE have been on heavy metal scene for 22 years and have huge fan base overseas. Mainly thanks to melodic heavy / power metal production and concert show filled with energy (IRON MAIDEN or JUDAS PRIEST would not take with them on tour just anybody), as well as the figure of frontman Sean Peck, who is currently also the voice of the group DEATH DEALER.
SUPERFIX is a young band, but its alternative hard rock / metal will catch your ears right from the first notes. The main character of the group is Kalen Chase, who spent several years with the band KORN.

Tickets for the show of world’s metal scene on Friday April 24, 2015, available from this web or thru the usual presale offices cost EUR 31.- (general admission), EUR 38.- (standing below stage) and EUR 52.- (balcony seating). In addition to concert ticket you can also purchase ticket for a personal meeting with all METAL ALL STARS before the show (photo shooting session, signing session, tour-shirt and poster) - it costs EUR 60.-.
Previously purchased tickets (for the original date) remain valid. If new date is not convenient for you, your ticket could be returned where purchased. However, please no later than January 31st, 2015 - after this deadline it will no longer be possible to return it!


Another premiere at Metalfest - Swedish seven CIVIL WAR is going to play for the first time in Pilsen!
The band comprised of former members of SABATON led by singer Nils Patrik Johansson received excellent reviews of debut album "The Killer Angels", which was released last spring. The band CIVIL WAR is getting ready edition of the album for April / May 2015 and if guys will keep the line and are going to play same pretty good mixture of power and heavy metal, it will be a blast.
Like their show at Metalfest Open Air 2015, where they will come the very first time in the history of the festival. If all goes well we would hear hits from the brand new album as one of the first ones. We can look forward to old-school high-pitched voice of Nils Patrik, to talented Magnificent Seven, to melodic metal of CIVIL WAR in Pilsen! Skål!
Do you know? "I Will Rule the Universe".


NIGHTWISH brings details regarding the first single from forthcoming album today.
Floor, Tuomas, Marco & Co. - Finland based band NIGHTWISH came today with information that heralds the arrival of its new record. The first single from the upcoming album will be called “Élan” and we would be able to listen to it on February 13th of next year.
Commented NIGHTWISH keyboardist and songwriter Tuomas Holopainen: “The underlying theme of the song is nothing less than the meaning of life, which can be something different for all of us. It’s important to surrender yourself to the occasional “free fall” and not to fear the path less travelled by.
We can look forward to a great song from the new album of NIGHTWISH, as well as the previous seven CD’s, at the festival Masters of Rock 2015!


BLIND GUARDIAN - in May live in Zlin, in January with a new album, already now with the first single.
Today metal’s most epic storytellers, BLIND GUARDIAN, will release their long-awaited new concept album “Beyond the Red Mirror” in the end of January 2015. As a sequel to “Imaginations from the Other Side” released twenty years earlier it will be out after the longest creative break in the history of the band.
In addition to the melodic, always innovative and groovy power metal on the tenth studio album of the German quartet there could be found also three classical choirs (from Prague, Budapest and Boston) plus two grand orchestras - each featuring ninety musicians. As always it will be great...
BLIND GUARDIAN has offered the first taste of the record - they released the single “Twilight of the Gods”, which is accompanied with the lyrics video. Listen to it from here and don’t miss the only BLIND GUARDIAN concert for the Czech Republic - on May 24th, 2015 in Masters of Rock Café Zlin.
Order your ticket for the introductory price of EUR 25.- (price valid until mid-December) from this website or buy it in pre-sales networks.


NIGHTWISH working on new album - Eighth making-of clip posted online.
Finland based symphonic metallers NIGHTWISH, festival Masters of Rock 2015 headliner, have released the eighth in a series of video clips featuring footage from the making of the band's new studio album, due in the spring of 2015. In this episode, the band is visiting the rainy city of London to record the choir, orchestral parts and percussion for the new CD at Angel Studios. Check it out here. Symphonic metal fans, now just look forward to the spring, to certainly superior album and then to the summer, to party with Floor Jansen and NIGHTWISH at Masters!
Another boost from overseas for Masters of Rock - metal veterans ANVIL will perform there for the very first time!
For the 13th annual festival we proudly confirm a band which has at home - on the North American continent - a huge name, great reputation and a large fan base. ANVIL - Canadian band playing heavy / power / thrash metal, was founded in Toronto in 1978 and its most loyal metalheads have got already its fifteen studio albums. In the beginning they were hair metal pionners, then their music got tougher and today all „The Big Four“ members - METALLICA, MEGADETH, ANTHRAX and SLAYER - unanimously name them as an inspiration. If Lady Luck would stand a little bit closer to man of genius Steve „Lips“ Kudlow - founder, guitarist and vocalist of ANVIL - we could talk for years about The Big Five.
Even so, a band that has an anvil in its logo makes fantastic music and its metal show in Vizovice will impress you! Anyway, listen how ANVIL  played earlier - „Metal on Metal“ (1982), and see how they crush it today - „Eat Your Words“ (2013).


Third time lucky? THE EXPLOITED confirmed their participation at the Masters of Rock 2015.
Leading figure of the Scottish THE EXPLOITED Wattie Buchan (*1956) got betrayed by his knees last year just before the Masters and he underwent an operation immediately. Not even for the second time they couldn’t arrive to the Czech Republic - in February this year Wattie danced on stage in Lisbon so wild, he had suffered a heart attack and the band had to cancel all events at least until autumn 2014. Also recording of the new album got rescheduled - and it was supposed be new CD after 10+ years from "Fuck the System".
But punks have a huge appetite to play premiere gig at the Masters of Rock and to pay off debt to many of their fans. Therefore we are so pleased that we can confirm today their 13. annual festival participation and then roister in Vizovice together with the wild bunch Wattie, Wullie, Irish Rob and Matt. Hopefully health and happiness will be on the right side and we will be third time lucky - to see THE EXPLOITED live at the Masters! Punks Not Dead!


Modern concept metal? That is AMARANTHE, who will perform at Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen!
When Swedes AMARANTHE recently filled up Sports Hall in Zlin during the Winter Masters of Rock, the fans were recounting comments: "Modern metal sounds exactly like this". And we have to agree with them. AMARANTHE, which was founded just six years ago, played live in the European premiere its brand new album there. The band combines several musical styles, uses three completely different vocals and its work is extremely catchy and thrilling. Its star rises steeply and demand for its concerts is constantly increasing. So get ready - beautiful Elize, Jake, Henrik and Company will stop in the Czech Republic next year and will throw the only performance there - at Metalfest in Pilsen! Be there! AMARANTHE music will get everyone!


BEHEMOTH introduced live video for one of the best songs of new album!
Polish black / death metal overlords BEHEMOTH have released the official live video for the song „Ora pro nobis Lucifer“ (Pray for us, Lucifer) from their uber successful latest album, „Satanist“. This marks the first ever official live video for the band, which on April 24th, 2015 certainly will fill up the Masters of Rock Café in Zlin. If you belong to those for whom the black sun never sets, be there!
Slavs, get ready! Pagans ARKONA are preparing for feast at Masters!
Moscow based band, which belongs among the aces of folk metal for several years, will please many fans of that style also at the Masters of Rock 2015. Maria Arkhipova and Druids around her released pretty good album „Jav“ in April of this year, which expands ARKONA’s discography to seven excellent studio pieces. This album was presented live with big splendor in late November in Prague, where band stopped during joint tour with colleagues ELUVEITIE.
Upcoming Masters will be about female vocals a lot, but also the pleasure for our eyes - Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH), Sharon den Adel (WITHIN TEMPTATION), Charlotte Wessels (DELAIN), Elin Larsson (BLUES PILLS), THE GENTLE STORM with Anneke van Giersbergen, ladies from XANDRIA and CRUCIFIED BARBARA... and also Masha Scream and her APKOHA. Good-bye, Brothers  ;o)


Megaproject Metal All Stars will announce its European tour’s dates next week!
We have already informed you about the fact that the entire European tour of Metal All Stars - Beatfest is being rescheduled for spring 2015. Prague concert was originally supposed to take place this Saturday, December 6th at Karlin Forum Hall. Show production is currently rearranging schedule of European tour and Prague mega show could take place in April of next year. The exact date will be announced during the next week. Tickets already purchased remain valid for April's performance.
Increasingly popular EDGUY will rumble at Metalfest in Pilsen - for the first time there!
Their fans know them already with familiarity, also thanks to eleven studio albums full of melodic metal. And guys on the other hand know well that every time they play in the Czech Republic they always receive a warm welcome from local fans. But after all - at Metalfest Open Air 2015 they will play for the very first time! EDGUY - the band which was founded in German Hesse region when a lot of festival visitors were not even born - will create great show in Pilsen. Yes, EDGUY have been playing their style - sometimes heavy metal, power metal, sometimes hard rock for 22 years, and in the past 15 years without any lineup alteration! Rest assured that quintet Sammet - Ludwig - Sauer - Exxel - Bohnke will deliver to Pilsen its greatest metal hits, including hits from the new album „Space Police: Defenders of the Crown“ - CD which returns it to more heavy beginnings of band’s career and which guys introduced the week before last with a huge success in the crowded Zlin Sports Hall during the Winter Masters of Rock festival. Don’t miss Tobi & Co. in the beginning of next June! Get your MOA ticket for December price of EUR 38.- exclusively thru this website or from Metaltix.


Legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde and his BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will perform for the first time at the Masters of Rock!
It was not easy at all, but finally it worked out! After four years of efforts we've got lucky that BLACK LABEL SOCIETY are on European tour during Masters of Rock season. So ladies and gentlemen, look forward... At the Masters we will welcome for the very first time the great guitarist Zakk Wylde who played with Ozzy Osbourne for long years. After his departure from band he was replaced by Gus G. and we will see both guitarists live at the Masters - even in one day :-) Zakk is not only a phenomenal guitarist, very good singer, but also a huge celebrity who regularly plays the US national anthem on guitar before NFL, NBA and NHL matches - as in Madison Square Garden before the NY Rangers vs. NY Islanders game, or before Los Angeles Kings home games (video available here). At the Masters of Rock Zakk and his band BLACK LABEL SOCIETY will be headlining Friday night in the 90-minute concert set, where apart from well known hits they will perform songs from this year’s „Catacombs of the Black Vatican“ album.
Check out the video for the song „My Dying Time“ and get ready for a wild ride at Masters with Zakk Wylde and his BLACK LABEL SOCIETY!


Fixed star AXXIS and its guest TRI STATE CORNER - in mid-March 2015 live in Ostrava!
Fans of melodic hard rock / power metal look forward! German legend AXXIS will arrive to Parnik Club located in Ostrava’s city center. Guys will throw party full of their hits on March 15th, 2015.
Today the five-member band AXXIS was established in 1988 on the initiative of Bernhard Weiss, who is very well known as entertaining showman with a unique vocal expression. Their specific rock'n'roll was yet released on thirteen studio albums. The last one, anniversary one "Kingdom of the Night II" was released earlier this year.
Who already attended the concert of so popular AXXIS knows what to expect - die-hard, catchy rock of many forms, captivating melodies, super mood and... playful Bernie at the very edge of the stage. Remind yourself of their most famous hits „Living in a World“ and „Kingdom of the Night“.
As the guest of the evening a unique rock band TRI STATE CORNER will perform. They've been playing a very interesting mix of hard rock, metal, blues tones with traditional Greek plucked string instrument bouzouki for ten years. Check their current hit „Home“.

Come and have great fun too - on 15. 3. 2015 in Parnik Club in Ostrava, on Sokolska Trida avenue! Show of AXXIS is brought to you by Pragokoncert and P-Promotion. Tickets for the introductory price of CZK 500.- (price valid until the end of December) are on sale exclusively at this page.


The Best Live Band of 2014 will perform at Masters of Rock! Get ready for WITHIN TEMPTATION!

In September Berlin hosted Metal Hammer awards and naturally we were exciting about the results. Announcing the winners made us incredibly happy but we´ve postponed “our announcement” for the right time. And the time has come! Metal Hammer Music Award in “The best live band” category won the Dutch WITHIN TEMPTATION! Sharon was enjoying the prize as well as an after party and she was hot as usually. Check it in detail.
A huge musical production, spectacular animation and the world´s best symphonic metal band called WITHIN TEMPTATION! Let´s count down the days till the Masters of Rock 2015 begins!

For March 2015 concert of Finns ENSIFERUM inviting us also their countrymen - INSOMNIUM and OMNIUM GATHERUM!
Warriors from Helsinki, the band ENSIFERUM, decided to celebrate their 20th anniversary with the new album. It will be released late next February and will be named “One Man Army”. Same as the spring tour, which has also one concert in the Czech Republic on its schedule. ENSIFERUM will play in Zlin, in Masters of Rock Café on Saturday March 14th, 2015.
As special guests two more melodic death metal bands from Finland will arrive - INSOMNIUM and OMNIUM GATHERUM. We deliberately don’t present them as support acts, rather as guests because these groups have huge fan base in Moravia who will be very glad to hear them live.
So many UM’s at once... Get your ticket for the meeting with the Vikings ENSIFERUM, INSOMNIUM and OMNIUM GATHERUM in Zlin for an introductory price of EUR 25.- (price valid only until December 15th) from here or in pre-sales networks.


ELUVEITIE destroyed sold out MeetFactory in Prague yesterday and now they confirm their participation at Metalfest Open Air Pilsen!
ELUVEITIE got by right the award for the best selling national artist at this year’s Swiss Awards. There are impressive 99 live appearances worldwide just this year! And their star is rising on! It is hard to find folk metal band currently more popular than ELUVEITIE. Prague concert in MeetFactory was sold out two weeks in advance. And it was certainly worth it. We have great news for those who couldn’t get in yesterday, or for those who’d like to see this outstanding group again. ELUVEITIE with current album "Origins" will feature as one of the stars of the upcoming Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen!


Legendary U.D.O. will present their new album at Masters of Rock 2015!
Heavy metal masters, outfit around veteran Udo Dirkschneider, is ready to release their next album. It will be called “Decadent” and it’s scheduled for January 23rd next year - two years after great CD “Steelhammer”. U.D.O. continue in tradition of recent years, where they delight their fans every other year. Fifteen studio albums there - that's arsenal, from which very attractive concert setlist could be put together!
Yes, band U.D.O. is heading at the Masters of Rock in July 2015, where it will do exorbitant rumble after a four year break. Don’t miss it and be there as Udo Dirkschneider and his platoon will march onto stage in Vizovice. This will be the only exclusive concert of U.D.O. within a tour for the new album for the Czech Republic!
Secure your festival ticket for the November price of EUR 45.- from this site.