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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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České vinařské závody

Mladá fronta DNES


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Complete Masters of Rock festival program just revealed - check Ronnie James Dio Stage schedule in PROGRAM Menu section!
EDGUY with new album - first confirmed act of Winter Masters of Rock!
Tobias Sammet and his melodic metal crew with steady line-up got their tenth album done. It will be out on 18th of April and will be named "Space Police - Defenders Of The Crown". EDGUY during recent interview revealed that it will be the most heavy album in their 22-year history, so let's look forward to it! As a preliminary sample of the new record was chosen song "Sabre & Torch" supported with a lyrics video, the first single is "Love Tyger".
EDGUY with new CD and monstrous production will go on a world tour during this autumn. The only stop in the Czech Republic will be city of Zlin. Yes, EDGUY with their full stage production are the first confirmed performers of the 10th annual Winter Masters of Rock festival! They will play there the entire set, very same as on all other places within the tour.
Winter Masters of Rock will be held on Saturday 22nd November in Zlin, in the Euronics Sports Hall. Tickets for the one-day festival marathon, whose main runners include EDGUY are available for a super introductory price of EUR 32.- on this site or get them from pre-sales networks!
DREAM THEATER confirmed for Masters of Rock as this year’s headliner!
Yes, we proudly announce that the group of brilliant musicians and the best prog metal band in the world - DREAM THEATER - will be performing at the Masters of Rock for the very first time!
Last night DREAM THEATER added two great news on their website - guitarist John Petrucci had been nominated for best guitarist in Revolver's 2014 Golden Gods Awards and the band had confirmed its appearance at the prestigious Masters of Rock festival in Vizovice! More info on DreamTheater.net.
Order your ticket for a discounted price through this website or buy it from usual pre-sale offices.
One-day Metalfest tickets again this year!
Last year, one-day tickets have proved well so we issue limited amount of them for hard & heavy feast - for the 5th annual Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen - again this year. You can order your single-day ticket for an introductory price of EUR 32.- (price valid only through our websites, until the end of March) from here or buy it at pre-sale networks Ticketportal, Eventim and Metaltix.
Of course there are still also 3-day passes available - currently for the price of EUR 44.-.
Tarja Turunen is back! And at the end of this summer will introduce her new album in the Czech Republic!

A lyric soprano comes back to Czech Republic to cheer her fans up. Exactly a year after the release of her latest album "Colours in the Dark" - undoubtedly the most successful solo album in her career. After the opening show of Colours in the Road Tour last year in Olomouc Tarja will returns to Bohemia - to ČEZ Arena in Pardubice - on September 7th.
Few days ago Tarja announced forthcoming (spring) release of new version of the album “Colours in the Dark” which will be called "Left in the Dark". You’ll find remixed, rerecorded songs there; most of them will be performed in ČEZ Arena.

We’ve got a big surprise for visitors of the concert! You’d be able to get a new CD “Left in the Dark” for a special price before it is out! Just buy a special ticket edition (including CD) for only EUR 6.- more. There will be an extra corridor for the owners of the special ticket edition with CD at the arena entrance where you’ll get a new CD. So the choice is yours… just a concert ticket or a special ticket including CD "Left in the Dark".

Attention! There are four types of tickets for an introductory price (valid until 31 May):
- Standing below stage - € 34.-
- Standing below stage + CD "Left in the Dark” - € 40.-
- Standing - general admission - € 30.-
- Standing - general admission + CD "Left in the Dark” - € 36.-

Order your ticket through this site or from usual pre-sale officers.


TIAMAT is going to perform at 5th annual Metalfest!
In the second half of the 80's, they belonged among the main forces of the Swedish death metal. However, as time went by, a group around Johan Edlund has developed a style - simply and modestly called - TIAMAT. Strong baritone (quite similar to the voices of Andrew, Peter or Fernando - bands' SISTERS OF MERCY, MOONSPELL or TYPE O NEGATIVE) packed in emotional, gloomy music - it is very simple but clear description of the band playing the 28th year.
TIAMAT recently recorded their original combination of gothic metal and psychedelic rock on the album "The Scarred People" which is their tenth CD.
TIAMAT - another greetings from cold Scandinavia for this year's (without a doubt) sunny Pilsen : o)

Check this...
"The Scarred People" (2012)
"Cain" (2003)
"Whatever That Hurts" (1994)

CIVIL WAR confirmed for the Masters of Rock 2014!
Yesterday, after the Prague show, the Swedish sextet CIVIL WAR (which brilliantly mixes heavy / power metal with old-school hard rock) has confirmed participation at this year's Masters of Rock festival. Former members of SABATON band (Rikard Sundén, Oskar Montelius, Daniel Mÿhr, Daniel Mullback) with bassist Stefan Eriksson and great energetic vocalist Patrik Johansson are working on their sophomore album. The debut "The Killer Angels" was released last June. Music by the CIVIL WAR is pretty close to our favorite SABATON, on the other hand is also quite different - especially voice of the singer and less space for keys. But both gangs have one common character - they do an excellent show on the stage. The XII. Masters of Rock this July won't be an exception!
New WITHIN TEMPTATION album - Number One in Czech album chart!
Pragokoncert Agency spent entire Monday, Feb. 10th with managing of radio and press interviews and live acoustic playing in TV Rebel studios with famous Dutch band WITHIN TEMPTATION. They arrived in the Czech Republic within the frame of promo tour for the new album "Hydra". The band will soon set off on a world tour and the only Czech stop would be Prague - Incheba Arena on February 11th. Especially for Sharon den Adel it was not an easy day - her first interview for Radio Beat began at 8 am and the last for Spark Magazine after 6 pm. But Sharon made it all with a pleasant smile, enthusiasm and willingness of her own. It was so incredible when we realize that she and her crew travel for almost three weeks from country to country to introduce the new album to media and hence to you! We are very pleased that this promo tour also included the Czech Republic. From our side it's almost a rarity that a foreign artist on European promo tour for its new album visits our country. During quite a long time we are in business WITHIN TEMPTATION is only the second act after SABATON (they love Czech fans!) who came to our place despite the fact record sales are not sky high these days.
During a few days “Hydra” album sales have conquered a number of important markets - it is number 2 in Finland, number 5 in the UK and… Number one in the Czech Republic! Those of you who bought a new WITHIN TEMPTATION album have thanked this way Sharon & Co. for the fact that they haven’t forgot about us in CZ  :-)
Get your ticket from here while it is still available!
To see and be seen - our new festival collections. Choose for yourself…
It does not seem so, but our two festivals - Metalfest Open Air (from May 30) and Masters of Rock (from July 10) - are approaching. Therefore we finishing up with the plenty of novelties for you and one of them is our new line of merchandise. Let's start with sunglasses - you can definitely use them...
Select one of each pair and let us know your preference - vote in the poll - on lower right side of the main page which ones you liked the most. We will offer them to you in the official festival stalls for very nice price and success with girls / boys / women / men (pick applicable target) is guaranteed! Thanks for two of your votes…

Metalfest 01 Metalfest 02 Metalfest 03 Metalfest 04 Metalfest 05.
Masters 01  Masters 02  Masters 03  Masters 04  Masters 05.

LEGION OF THE DAMNED canceled their Metalfest gig.
We regret to pass along the information to all the fans of thrash metal and LEGION OF THE DAMNED we recently received from Holland. Due to "personal reasons" the band was forced to cancel one of their scheduled gigs of the summer season - Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen. The band would like to very thank you for your understanding!
At least fans will not miss LOTD’s concert on the 16th of February, when guys will play alongside legends like SEPULTURA and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM in Zlin - Masters of Rock Café. Tickets still available from here or thru the pre-sales networks.
ABORTED will rough up the program!
The roughest death metal which the band located in Belgium around the "singer" Sven de Caluwé does since 1995 is called ABORTED. In their words they try to make brutal metal different from that overly edited, sterile recordings of today. ABORTED recently confirmed it exactly two years ago on the album "Global Flatline". And that's not it - at the end of January the gang moved into studio in Denmark, where it is finishing the eighth album "The Necrotic Manifesto". It should come out in the first half of this year, so we will be able to enjoy it live. A lot of death metal followers and especially ABORTED fans would agree that the band never disappoints, as it has confirmed on concert stages - in recent years as the company of giants CANNIBAL CORPSE, KATAKLYSM, VADER and BEHEMOTH. And we would be able to confirm it during the fifth Metalfest Open Air festival in Pilsen - Lochotin (30 May - 1 June). Do not miss the ABORTED and secure yourself a ticket in advance - thru this site or in the pre-sales networks.
SEBASTIAN BACH is going to raise hell!
Former SKID ROW leader Sebastian Bach has mentioned on his Facebook, that he feels like the luckiest man on earth. The reason? He's just heard the final version of his new solo album "Give 'Em Hell". We have to wait till March, when the album will be released on the Frontiers Records label.
Tom Baker's mastering is totally perfect. “The result is exactly that I wanted you to hear, when you press the play button" says Bach on social networks. We also have to mention the second man participated in the finalized sound of the album - Bob Marlette - who's collaborated with Bach on the previous „Kicking & Screaming" album (2011). The guitarist John 5 (they teamed up for the song "TunnelVision" three years ago) and Steve Stevens (known for his performances with Billy Idol) has also joined the team of collaborators. Others are - guitarist Johnny Chromatic, drummer Bobby Jarzombek (been hooked up with Bach since 2005), guitarist Devin Bronson (known for his live performances with Avril Lavigne, Pink, etc.) and finally bassist Duff McKagan. Their friendship looks back to the times of GUNS N' ROSES (McKagan pays back the singer's appearance on his solo "Believe in Me" from 1993).
It's a piece of rock and roll magic. It's an amazing feeling. If you like my musical career, you'll enjoy it! I can't stop listening to the album and that was the intention. I can proudly say that the record contains all possible ranges and styles of singing - for which I'm famous for - from beautiful ballads straight to hellish screams!" promises Bach.
We can find out if it works live too - in July at Masters of Rock 2014!
(Spark Magazine, 02/2014)

The reminiscence of SKID ROW :
"18 and Life"
"I Remember You"
"Youth Gone Wild"
New WITHIN TEMPTATION album Hydra out today!

Indeed! Starting today you can buy the new album of the Dutch symphonic metallers WITHIN TEMPTATION named “Hydra” at your local record store. As a little hors-d'oeuvre, we’ve picked two fine videos for you:

Within Temptation & Dave Pirner - “Whole World is Watching
Within Temptation & Tarja - “Paradise (What About Us?)

We have good news for the fans of the band and charming Sharon. The new February issue of Spark magazine has been released and Sharon den Adel is on front cover. Also you’ll find an extensive Cover Story inside.

Moreover, Sharon and her crew will be promoting their new album in the Czech Republic soon. The listeners of Radio Beat, Radio RockMax and Čas Rock as well as the television viewers of Rebel, Relax and Polar TV will be delighted by band’s acoustic sets. The information about where and when you can see / listen to the Dutch diva you’ll find on this site.
Don’t hesitate with the purchase of your ticket for the Prague concert of WITHIN TEMPTATION (on 11th of March)! Certainly it’s gonna be sold out!

ZODIAC - another Metalfest line-up addition.

Great news for LED ZEPPELIN and THIN LIZZY fans!  A German band ZODIAC whose style is a very similar to those legends (in a contemporary way of course) will perform at this year's Metalfest Open Air in Pilsen. The group of four young musicians has been playing a finest hard rock / blues rock just for five years, but so skillfully its debut album "A Bit of Devil" was labeled as -the best German retro rock record in years- by American monthly Guitar World. A German magazine Metal Hammer has chosen a current album "A Hiding Place" as -one of the five best hard rock records of 2013-.
Don’t miss the ZODIAC’s gig and let’s find out why bands such as MONSTER MAGNET and SPIRITUAL BEGGARS have picked them as a support for their tours! Buy your three-day festival ticket for a special price of EUR 42.- (price valid only until the end of January) thru this website. And check out the new site - MetalfestOpenAir.cz!

Check out: "A Bit of Devil" (2012)

DARK GAMBALLE will raise hell on Metalfest stage.

The young Czech / Moravian band around the vocalist De Sed - DARK GAMBALLE - has been playing already for 25 years and needs no introduction at least to domestic fans. The variety and imagination, perfect skills of all musicians, great vocal and precise sound - these are the main features of this crossover band from Vyškov. And of course the wild show that stirs up fun during every concert and festival. Metalfest won’t be an exception! DARK GAMBALLE will introduce their last year's album "Zatim dobry (So Far So Good)" in Pilsen. Thanks to singles “Svet za dekou”, “Netopyr” and “Bon Pari” the album has received excellent reviews.
Metalfest Open Air starts in just four months - on May 30th.
You gotta be there!

Just confirmed! Legendary thrash metal band ANTHRAX will play a very special set at Masters of Rock - for the first time!
Certainly it will! One amongst the most famous thrash metal bands ever - METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX - is heading to the Masters of Rock 2014! Ladies and gentlemen, we’re very pleased to announce the performance of the legendary ANTHRAX at Master of Rock open air festival in Vizovice this summer!
Four-days tickets for the introductory price of EUR 46.- (price valid only until the end of January) are available exclusively from the Pragokoncert agency - at HQ at Prague, in Masters of Rock Café in Zlin and by post from here.
Yo, worship music: "The Devil You Know" (2011), "Only" (1993), "Indians" (1987).
Photo report from the RockSymphony - Marta Jandova & Honza Touzimsky with the Zlin Philharmonic Orchestra - twice sold out!
In the middle of this month two consecutive gigs at Zlin Congress Center were immediately sold out. Marta Jandova (DIE HAPPY) and Jan Touzimsky (ARAKAIN) accompanied with the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra Zlin introduced the project called “RockSymphony”. Probably, you haven’t seen any advertisement of those two gigs. Yes, both concerts were sold out within a few days.
Crowded venue resonated with the rock music - great hits and ballads by the artists such as LED ZEPPELIN, BLACK SABBATH, DEEP PURPLE, URIAH HEEP, AC/DC, SCORPIONS, NAZARETH, IRON MAIDEN, HELLOWEEN, METALLICA and other rock giants! Almost everybody in the Congress Center recognized (mainly) metal anthems and satisfaction and happiness of the audience was obvious!
We hope that you will be at least similarly satisfied at the 12th Masters of Rock festival in July, where the “RockSymphony” project (also with the Bohuslav Martinu Philharmonic Orchestra from Zlin) will be exclusively performed.
Check out photos from the show (from FBM archive) - Photo 1, Photo 2, Photo 3, Photo 4.
New METALFEST Pilsen website available in English too.
Last weekend we’ve launched a brand new website for heavy music and Metalfest fans. It could be found at MetalfestOpenAir.cz.
Starting today (January 22nd) the website is also available in English version for our foreign fans. Get to know about this news to your friends worldwide and arrange yourself a meeting with your pals at the 5th Metalfest in Pilsen - Lochotin. Order your tickets for the price of EUR 42.- (price valid until the end of January) from here.
Dear Friends and Pals,
Today (18. 1. 2014) we are launching a brand new website of Metalfest Pilsen at www.MetalfestOpenAir.cz. It is linked with newly created official festival Facebook profile under the name of “Metalfest Open Air Plzeň - oficialni stranky”!

We hope you’d find all necessary information there; we’ll be regularly informing you about more confirmed bands, about the fest news, etc. The English version of the pages will be launched pretty soon. We’ve also created an extraordinary photo-gallery section, where (apart from standard photo section and festival atmosphere concert pics) you can take a peek to the spaces of the world-famous brewery producing premium Pilsner Urquell beer and you can see the animals at Pilsen Zoo along with the great festival music stars :o) The photos are truly unique (especially those from the Zoo), no other festival around the world can boast about images like that!

One of the charms is also surroundings, where the festival takes place. And for those who haven’t been a part of this true metal feast yet, we could describe the background of the festival like this - you would find yourself in the amphitheater surrounded by nature and Zoo, camping out on the meadow just in front of the cirque and only a mile away from the beautiful historical city center. Also you have a possibility to visit one of the world's most famous breweries. Besides great music, this is Metalfest Pilsen!

Enjoy the new website!
See you at the end of spring…

Sincerely, Pragokoncert  \m/


Alice Cooper - The Godfather of Shock Rock - will frighten us at this year's Metalfest Open Air 2014 festival!

We proudly announce that we´ve just signed the greatest artist in the history of Metalfest Pilsen so far! After last year's monstrous production of King Diamond, the Lochotin amphitheatre, where the festival takes place every year, is ready for another exceptional show!

The greatest attraction of this year's festival is long awaited gig of musician and singer, who has been active in a world of rock, hard rock and heavy metal for over fifty years - the legendary Alice Cooper! He´s been remarkable for almost everyone, due to his incredible repertoire consisting of 26 studio records (at least half of them are golden, many of them platinum) as well as outstanding “theatrical” scene. Alice Cooper is currently very successful and his music is still very popular as proofed by his latest record (sequel to his debut "Welcome to My Nightmare") which is Alice Cooper´s the most successful album since the time of his "Hey Stoopid" (1991) .

Be part of it, when the night falls down in Pilsen and hits such as "School 's Out", "No More Mr. Nice Guy", "Poison" or "I'll Bite Your Face Off“ will sound over the amphitheathre. List of artist of the 5th annual festival has expanded to a huge name of American rock/metal - Alice Cooper - at Metalfest for the very first time! Get your ticket (for only 42.- EUR valid up to the end of January) thru this web.