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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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Another pleasant surprise fall - come to say goodbye British legend SWEET!
Prague will be hosted this year by the British glam / hard rock stars. In the 70s, the band SWEET literally conquered the music world. On the stages but stand still. So far sold 55 million albums and played more than 120 concerts. Their hits "Ballroom Blitz," "Fox on the Run", "Love is Like Oxygen" and "Teenage Rampage" conquered the top of the charts and are known today. In Prague Club Meet Factory is SWEET stop Oct. 19 in the global FINALE - The Tour 2015. As the name suggests, you should not miss these greats, SWEET says farewell to his long musical career.
Tickets for the introductory price of 30 EUR to 1 September purchase on Masters of Rock and at Ticketportal, TicketPro and TicketArt.
Today's concert of BEHEMOTH, BÖLZER and THAW in Zlin is sold out!
Tickets will not be available even before the event at the Masters of Rock Café.
New Wave of British Heavy Metal with us - RAVEN!
Legendary band RAVEN is in heavy metal music a rare thing and really original. NWOBHM from the late 80s of the 20th century, among them the Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, is coming to the end of the year for us to Bohemia! Heavy metalheads RAVEN not age and have more fans. At the end of April this year issued new album "Extermination" from which it currently offers to listen to the song "Destroy All Monsters". After 41 years of artistic creation is just taking off, and his intense energy intend to remind everyone of the 4th of October in Prague, Nová Chmelnice. If you want to experience an incredible podium tight, do not miss RAVEN! And if you are not sure about their performance will surely convince this video!
Tickets for the introductory price of 27 EUR valid until 31 August from now can be ordered through this site section tickets or ticket networks TicketPortal, TicketPro and TicketArt.
EPICA and ELUVEITIE set off on a common European tour!

Symphonic metal EPICA and folk metal ELUVEITIE joined forces to fall off on a unique tour of Europe. As support marry progressive melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry.
EPICA guitarist Isaac Delahay says: "I'm so excited! What better way to round off a world tour with the album "Quantum Enigma" is not. Together with ELUVEITIE this concert deliver two different genres, and his connection will be excellent! Large metal with folk parade frosting, yum! Add to this some excellent riffs from the Switzerland, and you can expect top! If you want to hear the orchestra, violinist and great solos, stop for a concert these three amazing bands. "
ELUVEITIE adds: "From Switzerland to India from Europe to North America, from clubs to festivals, our Origins World Tour is the largest ever tour. But we are still very far from fatigue! Even in better shape to demonstrate the autumn of this year, along with the awesome band EPICA. We are very pleased to be able to share the stage with such talented artists and working to make our joint concert was your strongest experience! We are confident that on this evening to remember! "
EPICA and ELUVEITIE will be issued in support of their latest album "Quantum Enigma" and "Origins" in the autumn of this year. One stop Czech Republic becomes Zlín, October 30 is welcome in the hall Euronics. This spectacular metal's event not to miss! Tickets for the introductory price of 31 EUR valid until 31 August from now can be ordered through this site section tickets or ticket networks TicketPortal, TicketPro and TicketArt.

Announce the program of the festival Metalfest Open Air Pilsen 2015!
Right now, we bring you the official program of the festival Metalfest Open Air, which is after five successful years already an international metal tradition. This year it goes great metal bands from twelve countries of the world! Fans liked this festival not only for his great musical dramaturgy many genres of metal, but also for its unique natural environment in which it takes place. Beautiful amphitheater in Lochotín, where it is nice to see every place on the podium, surrounded by parkland and meadows adjacent to the Pilsen ZOO, all just a short walk from the center of the western metropolis Pilsen. Cirque just finishing a very extensive renovation, so we will be able to welcome this year in newly renovated premises! Three days full of the world's best metal music, entertainment and comfort - it's Metalfest!

VI. year will be held from 5 to 7 June 2015.

12:00 – 12:45 … WARHAWK
13:00 – 13:50 … BATTLE BEAST
14:10 – 15:00 … INSOMNIUM
15:20 – 16:20 … VISIONS OF ATLANTIS
16:40 – 17:40 … GRAVE DIGGER
18:00 – 19:10 … OVERKILL
19:40 – 21:00 … MOONSPELL
21:30 – 23:00 … ARCH ENEMY

Saturday  6. 6.
10:15 – 11:05 … STROY
11:20 – 12:05 … SEVEN
12:20 – 13:10 … ELVENKING
13:25 – 14:15 … MAJESTY
14:30 – 15:20 … CIVIL WAR
15:35 – 16:25 … TANKARD
16:45 – 17:45 … HEIDEVOLK
18:05 – 19:15 … EQUILIBRIUM
19:45 – 21:00 … TESTAMENT
21:30 – 23:00 … EDGUY

Sunday 7. 6.
10:15 – 11:00 … EMBRYO
11:15 – 12:05 … EVERTALE
12:20 – 13:05 … EVIL INVADERS
13:20 – 14:05 … THE VINTAGE CARAVAN
14:20 – 15:10 … SKULL FIST
15:25 – 16:15 … UNLEASHED
16:30 – 17:30 … REFUGE
18:00 – 19:10 … AMARANTHE
19:40 – 21:00 … ELUVEITIE
21:30 – 23:00 … ACCEPT

Three-day passes for 990, - CZK (the price valid until March or while limited editions) are not yet available for delivery through www.mastersofrock.cz or in person at the headquarters Pragokoncert - ul. U Bulhara 3, Praha 1, respectively. Masters of Rock Café, Zlín-Čepkov. Also on tel. 577 432 580, email mikeskova@pragokoncert.com. Tickets are also on sale at Ticketportal networks, TicketPro and TicketArt.

Three days of rock, metal, friendship and fun !

European Metal All Stars tour was canceled!
Now we got a message from the producer to the European tour Metal All Stars, which take place from April 24 to May 17, the whole Russia. This therefore also canceled concert in Prague, which was to take place within Beatfest action this Friday April 24 at Karlin Hall Forum. Everything about this event looked forward to apologize. Producer tour as the reasons stated, the changes in the cast of the project and logistical problems caused by falling out of some cities of the tour. Tickets will be returning from this Friday, April 24, at the location where they were purchased and the way they were paid. If the payment was made to the account, the account returns. If cash returns money where the tickets were purchased. Those who have purchased tickets via cash on delivery Pragokoncert, so send them in an envelope to the address Pragokoncert As Bohemia, Růmy 1598, 76001 Zlín, Put your account number and we'll send you the money back.
Translation of official opinions of the tour organizer Metal All Stars: "Due to the cancellation of key artists in the assembly and logistics matters arising deleting several show, the Metal All Stars, for all European concerts from April 24 to May 17, 2015, transferred to a new term. New dates will be announced soon. Current holders of tickets and VIP Buyer Meet & Greet packages will have their tickets refunded at point of purchase. Other official information will follow and will be available online on the site www.metalallstars.com and ticket sales. "
World premiere of stellar project Almanac! On METAL ALL STARS in Prague!
The star of this caliber, guitarist Victor Smolski played in several bands and projects, yet most fans associated with RAGE, but from which this year went. His unique sound was characteristic for the band and his departure caused a big stir. Victor, however, decided to found something much better than RAGE. Something that all fans will just remain silent amazement. It's a new project Almanac! Some would say that such a guitar legend like Victor Smolski, form a sufficient basis for a new band, but you'll be surprised. Expect much more, because another member of the new band's Almanac singer Andy B. Franck from BRAINSTORM. In the voice of speech it exceedingly encourage other star of this unpublished reports singer David Readman of PINK CREAM 69. And to make matters worse, escort them two female vocals of Philharmonic Orquestra BARCELONA! All of them offer the opportunity to give this project a new musical dimension.Unique project stellar band Almanac, do not miss the world premiere of the 24th of April in Forum Karlin at the event METAL ALL STARS - BeatFest. A careful! Stars band Almanac will also meeting with fans, who have purchased meetings with artists METAL ALL STARS.
Global Domination NIGHTWISH in charts marketability of the new album is incredible!

Just what sustained the album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" leave the studio, already making huge sales statistics in many countries. Also surprising is that one of the most countries furiously attacked the selling points is the Czech Republic. Yes, our nation has just surpassed all expectations Finnish legend, and the plate after two days of sales won gold awards. Quite a few Czechs revealed his enthusiasm for this year's concerts NIGHTWISH in Prague and at the Masters of Rock festival!

Chart Entries »Endless Forms Most Beautiful«
Finland: #1
Czech Republic: #1
Germany: #2
Switzerland: #2
Netherlands: #3
Austria: #4
Sweden: #4
Mexico: #6
Greece: #9
France: #10
Poland: #10
UK: #12
Spain: #13
Canada: #13
Belgium: #14
Australia: #16
Italy: #18
Ireland: #21
New Zealand #32
USA: #34

The new NIGHTWISH album breaks all records! The Czech Republic has been the Gold!
With joy we share with you the fact that the new NIGHTWISH album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful" in three days of sales in the Czech Republic won a Gold Record! Publishing Nuclear Blast is absolutely thrilled! Never before in the Czech Republic NIGHTWISH album did not sell so quickly! Thanks to all the fans for your support. We can look forward to the live show NIGHTWISH on Masters Of Rock festival and then in December in Prague TipSport Arena. Incidentally tickets for the two performances in the Czech Republic NIGHTWISH sold extremely quickly.
Announce the program of the festival Masters of Rock 2015!

From now on, all fans of the biggest metal event in the Czech Republic can start to accurately plan your time in Vizovice. Right now, we bring you the official program of the festival Masters of Rock on the main stage - Ronnie James Dio Stage. The festival is always held as a second holiday weekend July 9 to 12, 2015 in the most traditional Moravian liqueur factory Rudolf Jelinek Vizovice. On the other Alfedus Music Stage is working hard.

Thursday 9. 7.
13:00 - 13:45 … FLERET
13:55 - 14:45 … FREE FALL 
15:00 - 15:50 … XANDRIA
16:10 - 17:10 … MERCENARY
17:30 - 18:40 … THE GENTLE STORM
19:05 - 20:20 … KAMELOT
20:50 - 22:20 … U.D.O.
22:50 - 00:20 … WITHIN TEMPTATION
00:50 - 02:00 … BLOODBOUND

Friday 10. 7.
10:00 - 10:45 … GATE CRASHER
11:00 - 11:50 … TURBO
12:05 - 12:55 … ANVIL
13:10 - 14:10 … AVATAR
14:25 - 15:25 … SERIOUS BLACK
15:45 - 16:45 … GUS G
17:30 - 18:45 … DOG EAT DOG
19:15 - 20:30 … LEGION OF THE DAMNED
21:00 - 22:15 … HAMMERFALL
22:45 - 00:15 … BLACK LABEL SOCIETY 
00:45 - 02:00 … SEPTICFLESH

Saturday 11. 7.
10:00 - 10:40 … THE AGONY
10:50 - 11:35 … REDS COOL
11:50 - 12:40 … DYMYTRY
12:55 - 13:45 … NEONFLY
14:05 - 15:15 … ARAKAIN
15:30 - 16:30 … CRUCIFIED BARBARA
16:45 - 17:45 … BLUES PILLS
18:05 - 19:05 … DELAIN
19:25 - 20:35 … KROKUS
21:05 - 22:20 … GOTTHARD
22:50 - 00:20 … POWERWOLF
00:50 - 02:00 … THE EXPLOITED

Sunday 12. 7.
10:00 - 10:45 … HAND GRENADE
11:05 - 11:55 … DARK GAMBALLE
12:15 - 13:15 … TRI STATE CORNER
13:30 - 14:30 … HARLEJ
16:10 - 17:10 … VOODOO CIRCLE
17:30 - 18:30 … ARKONA
19:00 - 20:15 … SONATA ARCTICA
20:45 - 22:00 … GAMMA RAY
22:30 - 24:00 … NIGHTWISH

Program subject to change!

Four-day passes for 1350 - CZK (the price valid until March or while limited editions) are not yet available for delivery through www.mastersofrock.cz or in person at the headquarters Pragokoncert - ul. U Bulhara 3, Praha 1, respectively. Masters of Rock Café, Zlín-Čepkov. Also on tel. 577 432 580, email mikeskova@pragokoncert.com. Tickets are also on sale at Ticketportal networks, TicketPro and TicketArt.

Four days of rock, metal, friendship and fun - it's Masters of Rock in Vizovice!

SEVEN - this is further confirmation of the name METALFEST OPEN AIR 2015!
Progressive rock outfit around Kirk Běhounek every day gaining new fans as many again meet in London. In May 2011, the instrumental section of Seven has opened for Marty Friedman and it is here that the band learned that the biggest metal company in the world Nuclear Blast confirmed the release of their seventh studio albums. At this point, the band began to work through the higher rungs imaginary metal ladder and began growing their fanbase at home and abroad. Come and judge for yourself how good music make SEVEN, support act and friends of RAGE. Tickets for the festival for a great price is only available until the end of March.
Look forward to December, arrives legend Doro Pesch!
The whole world knows that DORO is truly "Queen of Rock & Metal" and her top career lasted three decades. This year we decided to remind all fans that true metal goddess. For his work in the music showbiz won gold and platinum awards, sold more than ten million records, managed 2,800 live performances in 60 countries worldwide, released 16 studio records and four DVD. Doro Pesch first worked as a graphic designer, but in 1982 decided to start singing and formed a band WARLOCK. In 1989, the band had already a lot of fans, so she decided to leave her and issued only after a solo career. On the mammoth world tour in the USA, South America, China, Japan, Australia and Europe got a huge fan base.
This year will take place DORO vixen with his band and special guests almost forty concerts across Europe and Asia. Among numerous concerts also included Prague was the only city of our country, which this year will perform. Do not miss a single show DORO with us and December 18, 2015 in the club MeetFactory in Prague!
Moonspell - Album of the month in the German magazine Metal Hammer! Listen to the new video and tune in to their show at Metalfest Pilsen!
The brand new studio album Dark Metal pioneers Moonspell called "Extinct", has just been released via Napalm Records! Last week, even directly attacked on the first rung album chart in Portugal. To celebrate the creation of the next album managed Moonspell on tour. Within concert tours also stops here and present board at Metalfest in Pilsen!
Tour Trailer here
The brand new video for the title song "Extinct" here

EUROPE TOUR 2015 Moonspell
with opening act Septicflesh

19.03.15 DE - Munich / Feierwer
20.03.15 CH - Pratteln / Z 7
21.03.15 CH - Vevey / The Rocking Chair
22.03.15 IT - Romagnano Sesia / R'n'R Arena
23.03.15 FR - Lyon / Ninkasi Kao
24.03.15 FR - Toulon / Vox
25.03.15 ES - Barcelona / Razz 2
26.03.15 ES - Madrid / Shoko
27.03.15 PT – Lisbon / Coliseum
28.03.15 PT – Porto / Hard Club
29.03.15 ES - Santiago de Compostela / Capitol
30.03.15 FR - Toulouse / Metronum
31.03.15 FR - Paris / Trabendo
01.04.15 LU - Esch sur Alzette / Kulturfabrik
02.04.15 UK - London / Underworld
04.04.15 DE - Cologne / Die Werkstatt
05.04.15 DE - Osnabrück / Bastard Club
03.06.15 DE – Geiselwind / Out & Loud Festival
07.06.15 CZ - Pilzen / Metal fest
21.07.15 SL - Tolmin / Metal Days
14.08.15 RO - Rasnov / Rockstadt Extreme Fest

NEONFLY show a new video!

The five-member band NEONFLY debuted at the festival in Vizovice in 2012, and even then reaped enormous recognition and acclaim. Not surprisingly, this gang around excellent vocalist Willy Norton has been doing its eighth year melodic power metal, which after a few tones grabs the ear. Hear why another great video and single tune into the Masters of Rock festival 2015!

Phenomenal Finnish band NIGHTWISH confirmed tour and stops also in the Czech Republic! And not alone!

His solo concert at our European tour ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL-EUROPE 2015 to confirm the current most popular metal band NIGHTWISH! Tour for their new album "ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL" before Christmas bear the whole of Europe, where played twenty concerts in eleven countries. Group of Finnish metallers created the first album along with the awesome singer Floor Jansen. NIGHTWISH have always been synonymous with virtuoso perfection. They are able to induce a fantastic feeling and touch you deep inside his spectacular symphonic track. It's no secret that the main songwriter and keyboard player Tuomas Holopainen is a versatile composer who lives for his music, devoted to his art, and it all soaks in every communication of his work. In the album „ENDLESS FORMS MOST BEAUTIFUL“ combine a new era of the band with the past and the influence of the wonderful Finnish nature in a perfect whole. For the first time in the history of the scope of the band worked perfectly unified, motivated, and at the same time in a beautiful natural environment. This permanent presence of members has caused even more formidable impression. The singer Floor Jansen even more catapulted to the maximum voice and this album is essentially its premiere production of this style.

Melodic death metal in the evening represented by ARCH ENEMY legend. Michael Amott and Alissa White-Gluza come to show that the act of exploding passion for music damn hard. Celebrates its twentieth birthday and they can not wait to celebrate with you, along with the first anniversary of the blockbuster album "Eternal War". The largest metal whacking the entire evening promises a young and very talented singer Alissa, which operates in the band since 2014.

Along with NIGHTWISH and ARCH ENEMY arrives we are already very well known and popular AMORPHIS. Great band playing Finnish melancholic dark / rock draws you into the plot of his songs. Their tenth studio album „The Beginning Of Times“ proves, that is unmistakable in natural sounding melodies and deep emotions. Mythological touch new songs gave the central character Väinämöinen, Finnish hero. This album is not only lyrically very extensive and profound, but also catchy and melodic.

Do not miss the rare opportunity to see all these great bands in one night and at one point Prague Advent tuned! This concert will be repeated anytime soon, so come 7. 12. 2015 to Tip Sport Arena!

Ticket sales begin 6. 3. 2015 pages Masters of Rock and at Ticketportal, TicketPro and TicketArt.

790 CZK                   stand ticket
1090 CZK                 standing in front of the stage
1290 CZK, 1500 CZK grandstand seating

May concert of American Lynyrd Skynyrd is approaching!

Prearing to take on the musical event of the year to speed. The organizers of these days starts a special website that is dedicated all those interested in this top rock event.„It is not completely normal, that we were preparing extra sites for individual concerts. It is ustomary rather the larger multi-day events, such as festivals or summer concert tour. In the case of Lynyrd Skynyrd however, it is different,“ says George Daron, director of the organizing agency Pragokoncert.
„Their concert Pilsen has the ambition to register as a musical event of the year, with as many fans of him so. Eastern Bloc waited for almost 50 years. That is why we have prepared a special website for this very anticipated musical events.“
Official website of the concert is located at http://lynyrd-skynyrd-plzen.cz/ and visitors to it not only find practical organizational instructions concerning the concert, but also a broader information about the band and Southern rock.
„The interest is huge concert tickets outside the Czech Republic is also widely sold in neighboring Germany and Austria. It's an event that everyone in the agency Pragokoncert and Petarda Production we live. And everyone is already looking forward to this legend first arrive to us as well„ He adds with a smile Josef Kořenek from the agency Petarda Production.
Pages will be gradually filled with news from the band during the tour and Background preparations. The organizers seek to reach out not only rock fans of this specific musical genre, but through social networks and wider audience. Not only for him, fans can look forward to the concert, which will be held May 1, 2015 in the areaPilsen speedway stadium. Opening act will be another legend, the home band Yellow Dog. Historically Lynyrd Skynyrd first appearance in the Czech Republic is part of the Pilsen 2015 -European Capital of Culture. And the start of the Liberation Festival program on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Pilsen by the US Army.
The concert organized by agency Pragokoncert and Petarda Production, as tickets are available the usual ticket offices.


A runaway post - grunge, it is a STROY!

The band was founded STROY the remains of Prague crossover THE FUSE. Currently, members are drummer and founder of Milos Meier (Dymytry), Jakub Antl (Nightwork) and Michal Skorepa (Jesus Christ Superstar). Sound and philosophy refers to the rawness and authenticity communications alternative bands of the nineties. Jazz and modern classic music gives their distinctive style in harmonic progressions, melody and rhythm. Texts of the tree responds today. The machine name means the opposite of "destroy" and phonetically for the Czech listener indicates the status of modern man and prodding him to return to his primal instincts. The tree will be at this year's Metalfest in Pilsen, get ready to ride!

WARHAWK celebrate at Metalfest in Pilsen 10 years and present current album!
South Bohemia power-metal band WARHAWK celebrates ten years of its existence in the waters metal music. During its existence the band has released three full-length albums: “First Flight”, “Depth Of Your Soul” - Songs from this album could be heard at the Masters Of Rock in 2013, where the band performed for example the famous guitarist Honza "Kirk" Běhunek (SEVEN), singer George Rain from the band SEBASTIEN and more. The latest album is entitled "WAR OF MEMORIES" - and just the latest album MEMORIES OF WAR, which was released at the end of 2014, the band will present at Metalfest Open Air 2015!
A little taste, you can watch the video for the song Battlefield, also from the album WAR OF MEMORIES.
Tickets Metalfest take exclusively on delivery through web www.mastersofrock.cz section tickets, or Pragokoncert offices in Prague and Zlin, in the club or Masters of Rock Café in Zlin.
THE EXPLOITED promise great album, which it presents to the Masters of Rock!
Legendary punk band promised new album, fans will be pleasantly surprised. Frontman Wattie Buchan after heavy attack and THE EXPLOITED recovered after twelve long years, the issue of subsequent plate! The group has said it was not possible without frontman before continuing. But time everything settled and THE EXPLOITED is back in full force! The new album should be released in the summer!
ELVENKING - Real power folk metal!
Just confirmed! Italian band ELVENKING arrives at Pilsen Metalfest his listeners familiar with their most successful album, "The Pagan Manifesto", which released last year. ELVENKING among the iconic roots metallated with active European scene since 1997, rapidly expanding fanbase great albums and successful live performances at major European festivals. Do not miss this fun show of Italian youths ELVENKING just the Pilsen Metalfest!