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www.pragokoncert.comNejvětší mezinárodní rockový open-air festival v ČR, pořádaný ve Vizovicích u Zlína. Na festivalu vystupují především zahraniční rockové a metalové kapely

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České vinařské závody

Mladá fronta DNES


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A runaway post - grunge, it is a STROY!

The band was founded STROY the remains of Prague crossover THE FUSE. Currently, members are drummer and founder of Milos Meier (Dymytry), Jakub Antl (Nightwork) and Michal Skorepa (Jesus Christ Superstar). Sound and philosophy refers to the rawness and authenticity communications alternative bands of the nineties. Jazz and modern classic music gives their distinctive style in harmonic progressions, melody and rhythm. Texts of the tree responds today. The machine name means the opposite of "destroy" and phonetically for the Czech listener indicates the status of modern man and prodding him to return to his primal instincts. The tree will be at this year's Metalfest in Pilsen, get ready to ride!

WARHAWK celebrate at Metalfest in Pilsen 10 years and present current album!
South Bohemia power-metal band WARHAWK celebrates ten years of its existence in the waters metal music. During its existence the band has released three full-length albums: “First Flight”, “Depth Of Your Soul” - Songs from this album could be heard at the Masters Of Rock in 2013, where the band performed for example the famous guitarist Honza "Kirk" Běhunek (SEVEN), singer George Rain from the band SEBASTIEN and more. The latest album is entitled "WAR OF MEMORIES" - and just the latest album MEMORIES OF WAR, which was released at the end of 2014, the band will present at Metalfest Open Air 2015!
A little taste, you can watch the video for the song Battlefield, also from the album WAR OF MEMORIES.
Tickets Metalfest take exclusively on delivery through web www.mastersofrock.cz section tickets, or Pragokoncert offices in Prague and Zlin, in the club or Masters of Rock Café in Zlin.
THE EXPLOITED promise great album, which it presents to the Masters of Rock!
Legendary punk band promised new album, fans will be pleasantly surprised. Frontman Wattie Buchan after heavy attack and THE EXPLOITED recovered after twelve long years, the issue of subsequent plate! The group has said it was not possible without frontman before continuing. But time everything settled and THE EXPLOITED is back in full force! The new album should be released in the summer!
ELVENKING - Real power folk metal!
Just confirmed! Italian band ELVENKING arrives at Pilsen Metalfest his listeners familiar with their most successful album, "The Pagan Manifesto", which released last year. ELVENKING among the iconic roots metallated with active European scene since 1997, rapidly expanding fanbase great albums and successful live performances at major European festivals. Do not miss this fun show of Italian youths ELVENKING just the Pilsen Metalfest!
Just confirmed! HAND GRENADE will present in „Masters“ new album!
HAND GRENADE young czech band formed in 2008. The first was devoted to melodic rock, but over time towards a metalcore. HAND GRENADE already played several concerts at international festivals. This year, the Masters will bring a brand new album to be issued in April this year. This energetic show you just not to miss!
The eleventh episode of the formation of the highly anticipated album NIGHTWISH is here!

NIGHTWISH just officially released the first single Élan, from the upcoming studio album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", which will be released on March 27 in the EU, on March 30 in the UK and 31 in the third USA. Today, you can enjoy the 11th episode of filming on the new CD. In this paper we will give you the opportunity NIGHTWISH look behind the scenes video shoot, and explain what decision led to the single "Élan" is selected as the top song of the album. If you have not missed listen to this song, you can do so using the link below the trailer.

Trailer here 

The movie songs Élan here

THE VINTAGE CARAVAN- Good dose of hard rock from north
Next participation in Metalfest confirmed the young band from Iceland. This group was inspired by Black Sabbath and founded only 12 years old pair of youngsters. So far manage to release their albums “Vintage Caravan” and “Voyage”. Breakthrough of the band came in 2014, when they started performing at successful festivals in Europe. The main draw of these youngsters is a classic hard rock 60. -70. years and energetic stage performance, which will not leave you calm. Due to the great success of the last band you can look forward to a good whacking icy rock, which can only Northerners!
CAVALERA CONSPIRACY after four years returned to the Czech Republic and it now for two concerts!

The base consists of four core Sepultura. Along with them, featuring guitarist Marc Rizzo from Max's home and formation SOULFLY bassist Nate Newton. Max Cavalera immortal, founder of Sepultura and Soulfly and his brother joined Iggorem after ten long years. He built a new group continued in the spirit of thrash metal roots of the original band! Ever since released three albums "Inflikted" (2008), "Blunt Force Trauma" (2011) and the latest "Pandemonium" (2014), which presents concerts together with the largest seeded "Territory", "Roots Bloody Roots", "Inner self "and other repertoire from Sepultura. Come and see the band that formed in 2007, is not just a short-term project Cavalera brothers, but other undying legend thrash metal!Showcasing June 16 at club MeetFactory and a day later on June 17 in Ostrava club Garage.
Tickets are on sale for 30 € on this site and in the usual pre-sales networks.

The original line up of RAGE together again! That's REFUGE!

Fans of the German band RAGE can look forward to rebirth. They put together a project called REFUGE. The singer and only original member of the lingering composition, bass player Peavy Wagner took back guitarist Manni Schmidt and drummer Chris Efthimiadis. First unpublished concert played in his hometown Herne in Germany, where he was a phenomenal success. Fans band RAGE will certainly come into their own and love going to talk about the years 1988-1993 with the first successful hits of the world. This bomb of classic heavy metal, you simply will not miss! The only chance to see REFUGE in CZ is only at Metalfest in Pilsen!
A little taste can be watched on this page.

NIGHTWISH - release new single and reveal its video clip today.

Today is the release of the first single "Élan" out of the new NIGHTWISH album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful", which will be out on March 27th (EU), 30th (UK) and 31st (US). The release is also celebrated with the video clip for "Élan". It was shot in Finland at various locations between September and November 2014, directed by Ville Lipiäinen. Tuomas Holopainen commented: “The long awaited NIGHTWISH music video 'Élan' is finally here. Inspired by the untold stories of abandoned places around Finland, the video was nearly a year in the making and features some of the most loved Finnish actors and actresses. And also the legendary NIGHTWISH symbol, a snowy owl called "Urho" ("Braveheart").“ Video clip watch here.


SABATON sold out well in advance halls in Prague and in Zlin. Both concerts were more than fabulous! We bring you a report by David Havlena from Spark magazine, where you can explore SABATON tank and listen to guy who built it for them and you.

Spark report in here.


The main star of this year's Masters - NIGHTWISH - were in Prague on Tuesday to introduce their new album to the media!

New NIGHTWISH album will be out in March, but single called "Élan" will be released already on February 13th! And it will be a killer! NIGHTWISH played their new album in its entirety this Tuesday at the Hard Rock Café Prague to all major media in the Czech Republic. And it sounded really great!
TV Prima report watch here (from 12:22), TV Nova coverage here (from 23:52) - both in Czech language. In their March issues music magazines Spark and Rock & Pop will publish album reviews as well as extensive interviews with Tuomas, Marco and Floor taken in Prague. So in March off to the newsstand for mags and to shop for a new CD / LP and especially - in July to the Masters of Rock! NIGHTWISH will conclude the festival with spectacular show on Sunday the 12th!


It’s approaching… SABATON, DELAIN and BATTLE BEAST on a double gig in the Czech Republic already this weekend!

To completely sell out the hall in two consecutive days - and pretty in advance - not so many bands can do it. But phenomenal SABATON sure can! The band around Joakim Brodén and Pär Sundström will rumble the Prague's Forum Karlin this Saturday and the Euronics Sports Hall in Zlin on Sunday. Come in early - not just to grab a good place, but also because of symphonic / heavy metal hits of SABATON’s guests!

PROGRAM - February 7th and 8th, 2015:
18:30 … Doors Open
20:00 - 20:30 … BATTLE BEAST
20:45 - 21:30 … DELAIN
22:00 - 23:30 … SABATON



NIGHTWISH album is ready! Check out the new episode of trailer about its creation and get ready for the Masters!
"After eighteen months of hard work the band now have in their hands -"Endless Forms Most Beautiful" - the forthcoming eighty-minute album." These are the first words of the new trailer about creation of eighth studio work of NIGHTWISH. Its name is very distinctive - "Ready!" - and band confesses in it about working on the album with a new member of the team, the singer Floor Jansen. Trailer watch from here and listen to the opinions of Tuomas Holopainen, Marco Hietala and Troy Donockley how (well) NIGHTWISH felt in the Finnish wilderness and in the British capital. Episode also reviews several music journalists, who were lucky to already listen to the long-awaited album.
Also we will live to see and hear - first single "Élan" will be out at the end of next week, then the entire album on March 27. Then in July - at the 13th Masters of Rock festival - we will enjoy the best hits from new record and the most famous hits of NIGHTWISH!
SABATON just sold out also Sports Hall in Zlin!

Popular Swedes SABATON are now on a world tour with current studio album "Heroes". During their tour they will stop twice in the Czech Republic. However tickets to their concerts are not available anymore. Karlin Forum Hall in Prague is sold out already for three weeks and now is also Euronics Sports Hall in Zlin!


American Legend DOG EAT DOG will celebrate its 25th anniversary at Masters of Rock!
A vacant spot following cancellation of CREMATORY performance, will be filled with American gang DOG EAT DOG. John, Dave and Brandon (with Roger) will play their crossover for the very first time in history of our festival. Their bouncy hits like "Who's the King?", "If These Are Good Times" or "Rocky" are well known by several generations of great music fans.
What else? DOG EAT DOG will surely enjoy their Masters of Rock gig, because they will celebrate their 25th anniversary there. And we together with them! We can look forward to XIII. annual festival, to "All Boro Kings"!
Listen to another song from U.D.O.’s upcoming album - it sounds superbly!

Tomorrow - on January 23rd - new album of Udo Dirkschneider and his bande will be released. U.D.O.’s fans and regular visitors on our website know that the fifteenth studio work will be named "Decadent". The first title song from it we have heard already (see video clip here), now the second tasting is out - the brutal assault to our ears called "Pain". Listen to it here.
It looks like the metal machine U.D.O. is in full force. And also will be in July, when it will return after four-year break to Masters of Rock festival!

NIGHTWISH announced tracklist and formats of upcoming studio album.
Naturalist Charles Darwin concluded his book "The Origin of Species" with following words: "There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved." Exactly these words have NIGHTWISH borrowed for the title of such anticipated album "Endless Forms Most Beautiful".

Recording, which will be out on March 27th, will contain 11 tracks:
01. Shudder Before the Beautiful
02. Weak Fantasy
03. Élan
04. Yours Is an Empty Hope
05. Our Decades in the Sun
06. My Walden
07. Endless Forms Most Beautiful
08. Edema Ruh
09. Alpenglow
10. The Eyes of Sharbat Gula
11. The Greatest Show on Earth

Also from us you know that we would be able to evaluate the novelty already on February 13th - by the first single "Élan".
NIGHTWISH fans could choose from several formats. Eighth studio album will come out as a classic jewel CD, double LP, Digibook with two CD’s and 3-CD Earbook.
In just two months it’s here - a new album of Masters of Rock festival headliner, for the first time with the voice of Floor Jansen!


Gothic metallers CREMATORY cancel concerts, also their Masters of Rock participation!
With great regret we inform you that the gothic metal giants CREMATORY canceled also their premiere show at the festival in Vizovice. As a reason they plainly mentioned disagreements within the band, but they believe that they can and will solve them. Next year, when CREMATORY would celebrate their 25th anniversary, they will perform at the Masters of Rock and bring a brand new album there!
Also on behalf of the band we thank you for your understanding and rest assured we are working diligently on festival line-up satisfactory addition.


SERIOUS BLACK introduced the first video clip from their debut album which could be heard live at Masters of Rock!
The new supergroup SERIOUS BLACK featuring Urban breed - vocals (TRAIL OF MURDER, ex-BLOODBOUND, TAD MOROSE), Roland Grapow - guitars (MASTERPLAN, ex-HELLOWEEN), Dominik Sebastian - guitars (EDENBRIDGE), Mario Lochert - bass (EMERGENCY GATE, ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS), Jan Vacik - keys (ex-DREAMSCAPE) and Thomen Stauch - drums (ex-BLIND GUARDIAN, COLDSEED) will release album "As Daylight Breaks" tomorrow. We are pretty convinced that melodic power metal fans will savor this international band’s debut CD. Here is the proof - the first official video clip for the song "High and Low". You would surely agree too…
SERIOUS BLACK will play their premiere gig as a guest during sold-out concert of HAMMERFALL (6. 2. 2015 in Prague) and then we will see them in July at the Masters of Rock. Be there and secure your ticket to Vizovice fest for a discounted price from here or thru Metaltix.