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We present bands of the "Second Stage" of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2022 festival! Part 3.

At the "Second Stage" of the MASTERS OF ROCK 2022 festival you will see many great bands! Introducing another ones, 3rd part: MANUAL, MEAT MINCER, MENHIR, MIDNIGHT MADNESS, PEFR JAM

MANUAL - a band from Hradec Králové and the surrounding area. They currently play two guitars, bass and drums. For the style they play, they have come up with their own name: hard´n´roll, where they combine a harder, heavier, darker sound with a more airy, melodic and catchy feeling. They're just a little hard and a little roll. They have six studio albums and one jubilee album for the tenth anniversary of the band's founding. The last one is from 2021, it is called „Válka Bohů“, which is of course the most played one at events now.

MEAT MINCER - The band Meat Mincer was founded in 2014 after the end of the bands Hard Attack and SBI guitarist Standa Švarc. During the activity, several personnel changes also occurred. The band settled in the group of Standa Švarc, Michal Pugner - guitars, Pavel Masák - vocals, František Souček - bass guitar and Martin Sova - drums. In 2018, the band recorded and released a successful EP, which was mixed by Martin Holly Hollandr. Two years after the recording of this album, the band closes again in the studio so that they can finally release their debut CD "Nechtěné dědictví" (2021).

MENHIR - The South Bohemian band MENHIR is a solid hard rock band, often adding strong heavy metal elements. Every fan of high quality, energetic music will find something on their music. The texts are in the Czech language. Like Zakk Wylde, Pavel Michálek also creates a powerful dense sound through his guitar using the natural distortion of a classic tube amplifier. Just an honest hard metal sound without unnecessary chemistry. Although she´s small and tiny, Aneta Králová will surprise many seasoned musicians and age-old fans with her powerful and energetic drumming. A booming bass guitar and a typical hoarse expression of R.CH. combines this trio into one really compact band as solid as a real stone menhir is.

MIDNIGHT MADNESS - A four-member band from Třebíč, founded in 2014. In terms of genre, they move somewhere on the edge of hard rock and metal. But you will hear it and see live in the moshpit are you looking forward to it?

PEFR JAM - Rock band from Třebíč, which is celebrating 10 years since its founding this year. On that occasion, they released their third album, entitled „Začni žít“ and they are looking forward to presenting it in Vizovice. They send a message to all festival visitors: Let's finally start to live fully again!

To be continued…

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